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7 Uses of Exponential Technology We’re Excited to Watch in 2017

7 Uses of Exponential Technology We’re Excited to Watch in 2017

Source: Singularity…


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How to Eliminate 63% of Your Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities in 90 Days

Cybersecurity vulnerabilities are a concern for every company in every industry. In 2016, 4.2 billion records were stolen during 4,149 reported data breaches. This doesn’t take into account breaches not noted in the public record.

According to a …


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6 Tools Entrepreneurs Must Master

6 Tools Entrepreneurs Must Master…


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HR auditing: Key issues

Since HR auditing is directly related to the most important resource for an organization –its people –a Human resources audit is perhaps the most important of audits that an organization needs to carry out. HR auditing being the mechanism through which an organization assesses its powers and flaws relating to…


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Reviewing the upcoming regulatory landscape and environment as a result of Brexit and Basel IV

Many a blog or article piece on banking risk and regulation have started with the words ‘since the 2007/2008 financial crisis…’. This is as a result of the fundamental regulatory changes that have occurred since. The industry has seen a tsunami of regulations that have swept through the industry…


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How to Make $5 Million a Day in Cybercrime

This post isn’t exactly a “how to” but if your current employment isn’t bringing in the bacon, I’m sure your criminal mind can figure it out. In the biggest digital advertising fraud in the history of the U.S., it was recently found that a group of hackers is bringing in from $3 million to $5 million a day from media companies and brands. That’s some scratch!

White Ops, an online fraud-prevention firm, uncovered this campaign, which they have called “Methbot,” and…


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Organizational culture defines an organization more than its products

Organizational culture is the edifice of an organization.…


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Trump’s Assault on Bank Regulations

Trump Issues Orders to Roll Back Bank Regulations Adopted in the Wake of the 2008 Wall Street Crash…


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Free risk management book

Risk management is ultimately about creating a culture that would facilitate risk discussion when performing business activities or making any strategic, investment or project decision.

In this free book, Alex Sidorenko and Elena Demidenko talk about practical steps risk managers can take to integrate risk management into decision making and core business processes. Based on our research and the interviews, we have summarised fifteen practical…


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Press down on the accelerator, don’t design a new car

This year has started similarly to last with plenty on the airwaves about disruption and the need for innovation and THE strategy before someone else creates a category killer.

The truth is, for every new strategy success story, there is a mountain of non-success stories. Not failures, just failures to come up with THE killer strategy so you become one of those organisations everyone uses as an example of innovation and disruption.

Also, most organisations are not…


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PowerCenter architecture is based on client-server model. It consists of PowerCenter server and PowerCenter client tools. Below is a list of all of the components that are part of the PowerCenter architecture.

Informatica PowerCenter Domain

In its simple terms, Domain can be defined as an environment. You will have a PowerCenter domain for each               environment. For example, if you have Development, Test and Production…


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Consumers Have Given Up on Security

According to a recent study, online security for most people is too bothersome. The US National Institute of Standards and Technology published the study, which shows that most people who use the internet have just given up and don’t follow the advice given to them about online security.

The result of this is that consumers are engaging in risky online behavior, and according to one survey participant, if “something happens, it is going to happen” and “it is not the…


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Research and practice need to go hand in hand

Research and practice are two sides of a coin. Most actions result from thoroughly and well carried out research, but somehow, research has largely been confined to being just an academic activity that is carried out for satisfying the professional urges of the researchers. Translating research into practice, however, is very important, because research in itself does not mean much in the real world if what is obtained from it is not implemented. Likewise, many practical, real world products…


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You Only Have 25,550 Days of Average Life to Live

You Only Have 25,550 Days of Average Life to Live

Published on Jun 24,…


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Why SMEs are better at managing risks than large corporations?

Couple of weeks ago I was very fortunate to get to Malta and host one of the roundtables during the FERMA risk seminar. I am very thankful for the opportunity because the experience of brainstorming for 45 mins with the representatives from various small and medium enterprises (SMEs) really highlighted some major…


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Effective meetings are a means to improved performance

Effective meetings become a very critical means to improving the organization’s performance. Meetings are absolutely indispensable as a vehicle for sharing thoughts and conveying important decisions. Is there any organization that does not conduct meetings? Meetings are the most important…


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Your Hacked Mobile Phone Number is Like Your Social Security Number

If you have a cell phone, and you use it in any way associated with accessing online accounts (and many do), you are putting yourself at risk of getting hacked. With only a phone number and a bit of information, which is easy to get through social engineering, a hacker can break into your personal and financial accounts.

This works by getting information about you, such as your birthday, address, or even the last four digits of your…


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Top trends in management accounting

Top trends in management accounting need to be taken into account by professionals in this area of work. As a field, management accounting has evolved and come a long way in the last few decades. For this reason, professionals in this field need to be aware of the top trends in management accounting if they have to stay ahead of the curve. Disciplines or activities that constitute top trends in management accounting yesterday have become part of standard practice today. Likewise, what people…


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Documenting Employee Discussions –a very important function for HR

Documenting employee discussions is a very tricky and at times painful activity for organizations. While it is crucial for HR for a number of reasons, it is a difficult habit for the other employees to imbibe. Documenting employee discussions is important from a legal perspective,…


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Cyber Wack-a-mole It is not a game - webinar invite

Dear Global Risk Community member

Join us at our new webinar     "Cyber Wack-a-mole It is not a game".

Chasing and fixing cyber threats can be depressing, rather…


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