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Essence of Decision and the Cuban Missile Crisis

Recently I read Essence of Decision – Explaining the Cuban Missile Crisis by Graham Allison and Philip Zelikow. I won’t tell a fib and say it is an easy read. Bits of it are. The…


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An assumption that got me angry

Recently I was staying at a hotel for business on the mid-north coast of NSW. At breakfast, I noticed a group of women golfers sitting near me. They seemed like nice people.

The power of the hotel went out. Heading back to my room I stopped at reception to ask the best way to go. Two of the women were a few…


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Risk-ism and the Commonwealth Bank

Last week I wrote about Face-ism and that it takes us less than 200 milliseconds to form a judgement about someone just by viewing their face. A judgement that is likely to be wrong as our facial…


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Nick Cave and I have something in common. We both fell in love at first sight. In “First…


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Enjoy the ride

What does a reserve bench do for a team in sport? It provides the coach with options, real options, depending on how the game plays out. If a player is injured, a reserve bench provides the coach with a range of players to choose from and that is why the bench is often frequented by great all-round performers,…


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Make sure your garden is intriguing

I am a bit of a gardener. More because I like the physical work than the “creations” that result. Which means all my talk of VEGetables and hard-smart work of late is right up my alley (check out my recent blogs here). …


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Take off the blindfold

Last week I promised more on hard-smart work, the way to defeating our personal biases that create our blind spots. So…


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Energise by Managing your VEGetables

The last few weeks I have been writing about blind spots. The personal biases we all form at the…


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Put Some Source on your VEGetables

Yes, I am keeping with the VEGetable theme which is all about the clarity of your thinking. Clear foresight if you…


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VEGetables underlie clear thinking

You know the saying from your Mum, “You should eat your carrots. They’re good for your eyesight!”.

Carrots are a vegetable and the “VEG” in vegetable is a great acronym for understanding where your …


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Blind Spots are Black Spots

Last week I blogged about 4 wrong questions that I saw organisations trying to answer and wasting opportunity while doing so. Why did they do so? Why do we not always…


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4 Wrong Questions

Last week I blogged about a strategy being nothing but a hypothesis. It quickly became one of my most popular blogs. In it I stated that the biggest single failure of…


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A strategy is but a hypothesis

I have facilitated countless workshops for executive teams. Sometimes we kick goals because the exec team have done their homework and really know their business and the challenges they face. They have done enough of the hard-smart work to know what they need to tackle and now they are working through the options and determining the best path forward.

Then there are the ones that have not done their homework. The formation of strategy appears based on hope or…


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Invite a chicken to lunch

I have always been fascinated by the old question, “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?” According to…


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Support functions and insurance companies: A lot in common?

Last blog I said it was good to be common and pointed you to my latest paper on…


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It's good to be common


Why do I say it’s good to be common? You aren’t common and you know it. Everyone of us is special.

I am a member…


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Experts Need Advocates

No one doubts your expertise. Staff know when they need to come to you. They know they won’t get their budget approved without engaging with finance, recruit without HR, get the final approval without compliance and on the list goes. The problem is their perception of what you do. Here is a list I would love to add to if you have a good one and time to reply:…


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Your sphere of influence should be more pear-shaped

I have been working with an organisation recently helping them to build a tribe amongst a tribe. It has been a joy watching staff self-organise to fulfil a common goal whilst having some fun along the way.

What they are doing, however, isn’t easy. They are trying to influence a much larger tribe as a very small…


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Check your motivation – you might be blocking something out

I was listening to a couple of people on the radio this week in the US talking about their support for the Red or the Blue side of politics. It is a concern how some people want their side to win so badly, they simply don’t care what the other side says and will excuse their side for many misgivings. That reminded me…


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Press down on the accelerator, don’t design a new car

This year has started similarly to last with plenty on the airwaves about disruption and the need for innovation and THE strategy before someone else creates a category killer.

The truth is, for every new strategy success story, there is a mountain of non-success stories. Not failures, just failures to come up with THE killer strategy so you become one of those organisations everyone uses as an example of innovation and disruption.

Also, most organisations are not…


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