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How can IRB models be best developed for low default portfolios?

Ahead of the 3rd Edition IRB Models, the Standardised Approach for Credit Risk, and Capital Floors Conference, we spoke with Gottfried Gruber, Senior Examiner, On-Site Supervision Division at Oesterreichische Nationalbank, about how IRB models can be best developed for low default portfolios.…


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Managing Work Smoothly without getting Ruffled

It is not an exaggeration to say that those in managements have their hands full during almost any working day. Dashing to finish tasks makes it chaotic for managers and other employees to stay focused on their core work. As a result, their work gets delayed or its impact gets diluted. They are forced into a situation where work keeps piling up and their daily routine gets chaotic. This becomes more pronounced in the backdrop of a changing work environment.

The result of being…


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Foolproofing Strategy Implementation

Sorry. You can’t foolproof implementation of your strategy. No matter how good it is. You can however, give it a much better shot whilst battling those underlying intangible…


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The Importance of Getting Succession Planning Right

We all know that change is the only constant in business. Organizations know it, too. Yet, many are hesitant to bring about and embrace change until they are compelled to. This is a fundamental mistake from managements, because organizations that are resistant to change are not likely to flourish in the long run.

Many organizations tend to equate change with the introduction of new, untried products and services. This may be great for the business, but organizational change goes…


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How ERM Could Have Prevented the Uber and United Airlines Pitfalls

In an increasingly transparent world, failures in risk management within the widespread and nearly instantaneous reach of media outlets ranging from Facebook and Twitter to the Wall Street Journal have had destructive effects on companies like Uber. What started as an evidently ignored employee’s ‘incident report’…


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Changing One’s Leadership Style is Essential for Growth

Growth is a need for everyone. We all have the urge to grow, because we have our unique abilities. We all have enormous potential. Some of it may be obvious, and others may have to be dug up from the rubble, so to speak. Many of us are good at what we do, and are aware of it and give our best in any situation. Others may have the same ability, but could allow their doubt, insecurity or confusion to get the better of them. Both these kinds of people can improve. Everyone has the potential to…


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The use of the “Beforehand” Technique for Optimizing Time

As professionals, many of us find it hard to manage our time. One of the constant thoughts in the back or front of our minds is about how to complete tasks within the given timeframe. If there is one resource we seem to be eternally short of; it is time. We are among millions of professionals who have a very difficult time managing their time. Yet, some people seem to be at ease with this element. They seem to have a great knack of managing time better and more efficiently.



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Machinery Loans And What You Must Know About Them

The small and medium scale enterprises are considered to be the major factors that drive any developing economy. In other words, these SMEs and MSMEs are actually as an asset for the country. In this scenario, the new age digital lending platforms have come up with diverse products which are all aimed at SMEs and MSMEs to help with their development. Equipment…


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It takes Tact and Patience to Deal with Difficult People

Difficult people being what they are; any colleague has a tough time dealing with them. Difficult people can come in many forms, shapes and sizes. Some people find it difficult to socialize with colleague. Others make a mess out of working relationships, and yet others may be highly uncooperative and could throw tantrums at the slightest provocation, or even without one.

Whatever their different forms; it is a fact that difficult people are a fact of life at the workplace. Difficult…


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Battling underlying organisational forces

Last week I wrote about corporate high performance units. Today I write about their biggest challenge: Battling the underlying intangible forces that dictate an…


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Creating a Work Environment Conducive to the Millennials

The Millennials are the next big thing and the next big wave of the American workforce. Fifty percent of the American workforce will consist of the Millennials by 2020-21, by some estimates. What makes the Millennials unique and different from the earlier generations? Well, their arrival on the work scene and the explosion of new, often path breaking technologies of the kind the world had not seen till then, have been more or less contemporaneous.

The arrival into the…


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The Sprocket Network is About to Change History.

Here is a link to an amazing story.

The Sprocket Network is About to Change History.You may be aware that investing in companies before they become publicly traded on a public stock exchange provides for maximum capital gain potential.…


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20 Characteristics of a Successful Worksite Wellness Program

No one can doubt the ability of a well-designed worksite wellness programs to improve the organization’s bottom line. In a study done by Harvard to test the effectiveness of worksite wellness programs; amazing results came up.

The summary of this study is that worksite wellness programs bring about dramatic positive changes for both the employee and organization. These numbers substantiate this fact: Organizations that implement worksite wellness programs can expect a…


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Understanding and Applying Analytics-Based Enterprise Performance Management

Many organizations have a tough time living up their own expectations. They hardly reach their destination, and at most times, they are short of their goals and targets. One of the primary reasons for this shortfall is that their decisions are based on feeling and intuition, rather than being supported by hard facts and figures. This is the area of analytics. This tool gives a clear sense of direction about where the organization is headed from time to time.



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Building Effectiveness into Time and Task Management

Success at managing work involves working smart, not working hard. Many people get put off by this assertion, associating smart work with slyness and cunning, and hard work with honesty. The truth could not be farther than this. Smart work is all about being adept at leveraging time and other resources with less effort, but with sharper insight and planning. When employees and managers work smart; they save the organization enormous amounts of time, because they accomplish the same output…


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The time is now for High Performance Units

Sport learns from business and business learns from sport. The time is now for corporates to adopt from sport, wholeheartedly, the concept of High Performance Units. I say wholeheartedly because I hear “high performance” used in corporates often. However, I rarely see anything new and exciting.



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Learning to Manage Time is Crucial for Manager

This is a factor, which, when handled optimally, makes us become highly efficient and effective at whatever we do. On the other hand, when managed badly, it can drive us crazy. This is the crucial element of Time. We all know that everyone on earth has the same duration of time. Yet, some people seem to have a lot of it, while others seem to be short of all the time. The issue is not time itself, but the way in which it is managed.

Managing time is a skill that is needed for everyone,…


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HR needs to Hone the Art of Onboarding New Hires

Onboarding new hires is the most important steps that HR takes in welcoming new employees into the organization. It goes beyond induction and orientation. The onboarding of an employee starts with the induction of the new hires. All that the employees need for getting their head into the organization is part of onboarding. Acclimatization and acculturation are the most important elements of the…


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Establishing the Mentor-Mentee Relationship is Crucial for Organizations

One of the important relationships that define an organization’s destiny is the one between the mentor and mentee. When handled properly, it is a highly effective means of delegating, increasing productivity, raising the organization’s profile, and for accomplishing a number of business goals.

The way an organization charts its mentor-mentee relationship is largely subjective and individual. It is difficult to lay down strict rules for this kind of relationship. Yet, if there is no…


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The Ultimate Blind Spot

It is a question that's difficult to answer, however, let me ask it anyway:

“Why will otherwise perfectly rational people ignore risk?”

I’m not talking about thrill-seekers who love the adrenalin rush of high-risk outdoor pursuits such as base jumping, where there is no reserve parachute as there is…


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