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STEP 3: Include a way for someone to contact you (by default a message sent via your profile on our community is best since I don’t want that your contact e-mail address will be visible for everyone to spam you)

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William Downey is an independent consultant with expertise in geo-politics and strategy, with a business background in upstream energy and international logisitcs.  He has extensive hands on experience in business planning and strategy, and is a capable and creative tactician.

As a consultant William has worked with upstream energy clients in a variety of regions including MENA, Eastern Mediteranian, along with fincnaing and equipment for upstream energy projects on the East and West Coasts of Afrrica; and is presently working with an energy provider in South East Asia.  He is a frequent writer and commentator on offshore oil exploration, advocates for a comprehensive energy policy within the United States.

He offers a successful background directing and managing international logisitcs and legal amd regulatory affairs.  In his capacity as a consultant and seniot executive he has had frequesnt dealings with U. S. regulators.

Mr. Downey holds degrees in politics and developmental economics as well as, law and strategic intelligence.  A former member of the United States Air Force, he has on the gound experience working with a variety of cultures and governments. or

Telephone U. S. 508.4592794 or 508.667.0359

Name: Ilamvazhuthi 

Area of Experise: Biz Dev, Mobile Apps Development, Mobile Website Development, Website Development and other system oriented apps as well.

Created our own concept of mobilizing websites, where an organization of any size can reach their customers through their mobile website and can increase the sales.

STEP 2: How can I HELP others?

If you have a question or problem, just ask. I will be happy to share any little knowledge I have. Mentoring and knowledge sharing gives me immense satisfaction. It is all about giving back to the community and the world.

1. Train/coach/mentor Project/Portfolio Managers and Organizations on Project/Portfolio Risk Management.

2. Sync up with Stake Holders to maximize their revenue.

3. Happy to grow along with our customers.

4. Structuring Sales Process

5. Maximizing Revenue

6. Happy to share lessons learnt for Software Startups through my real life experiences.


Company: K2B Solutions




Gtalk: k2b.ilamvazhuthi


Or use my Profile on Global Risk Community to contact me any time.


Step1 - Name & Area of Expertise

Name - FR - Amaury VAN ESPEN

Area of Expertise - Project Risk Management - Politic, Economic & BI Strategic Foresight

Step2 - How I can help others

1. Train/coach/mentor project managers/PMOs/Organizations on Project Risk Management

2. Help PMOs/Organizations implement/improve Project Risk Management process in their organizations

3. Troubled project recovery - Lead recovery for projects in trouble or problem projects

4. Conduct audit/review for projects/processes

5. Assess process maturity for PMOs/Project organizations and recommend actions for improvements

Step3 - Contact method

1. Email me at

2. Use my profile to contact me.

Risk Management Software

StratexSystems provide integrated strategy execute and risk management solutions, built on the Microsoft SharePoint platform. 

Our product, StratexPoint enables organisation to clarify their strategic objectives, align their risk appetite and manage their key risks to enable the sustainable execution of the business strategy. 

StratexPoint enables senior executives to effectively manage the risk and reward equation for their organisations, leading to better management discussions, decision-making and action-taking. Some of the activities which are supported by StratexPoint include: 

  • Defining strategy maps and strategic objectives

  • Defining Balanced Scorecards, with KPIs, Initiatives and actions.

  • Defining and managing key and emerging risks using risk maps

  • Defining and monitoring risk appetite

  • Calculating, managing and monitoring the alignment of risk exposure to appetite

  • Conducting risk and control self-assessments

  • Managing and monitoring KPIs, KRIs and KCIs using organisational and personal dashboards

  • Defining, managing and monitoring the initiatives and actions which make up the organisational change agenda

  • Define and manage operational processes and systems, and monitoring their performance, risk and controls 

Contact by email: 


Gary Wilkinson - Expertise bringing together corporate clients with solution providers.

Working on high level conferences on various risk management topics for the EMEA region, currently working on an event looking at ERM in Strategic Projects for heavier industries.

responsible for selling sponsorship packages at our conferences to consultants and software providers


PM here if interested in opportunities


See my entry earlier in this discussion.  I would be interested in pursuing a dialogue on opportunities.



Name: M. Ettisch-Enchelmaier, B.A., MSc.

Position in company: Founder and President, CEO of Ettisch-Enchelmaier GmbH

Website:, also for contact data

Expertise: Investigations, special global services since 1972

Author of a PI book:

Certified court translator and interpretor for the English language,

Well known netoworker, own PI group since 1998

Name:  Abdul Hajibrahim

Area of Expertise: Program and Project Risk Management for Aircraft and Aerospace Programs


How I can help others

1.  Training and consulting on Risk Management in the Aircraft and Aerospace industries, especially for new Aircraft Development programs.

2. Assist Aerospace companies in developing their Program and Project Risk Management System (non-financial)

3. Conduct Interna Audits on the Risk Management System


Contact method: Email:



1- Technical know how

  •  Proven Technical know how transfer of APIs & Intermediates
  •  Handling API & Pharma project from scratch to commissioning

2- Services

  • Auditing plants as per cGMP in India on behalf of foreign buyers
  • Arranging contract manufacturing of Pharma, Herbal & Cosmetic products
  • Sourcing Pharma, Herbal, Neutraceutical & Cosmetics for buyers



skype: masterpharma108

Internal Audit, Financial Procedural manual preparation & Control compliance testing

I’d like to introduce myself.


For much of my career I was a risk and insurance manager at a couple of large energy companies in Calgary, Canada. During that time, I had a lot of exposure to captive insurance operations. Following my retirement in 2014, I joined Palm Captive insurance consulting as a partner. I split my time equally between London, UK and Canada.


Our practice involves three main areas:


  1. Captive insurance advice including planning, governance and compliance, mind and management and operations, with a special emphasis on the core functions of a captive-namely insurance transfer pricing/underwriting, policy and underwriting documentation, reinsurance and stop loss arrangements and new products. We have extensive experience with portfolio and value modelling, strategic and business plans and claims. Although we work with a variety of domiciles, Barbados has been a main focus area. We are also in the process of establishing a captive management company in Barbados. We have a non-affiliated network of other advisors we work with who can provide advice on tax, legal, actuarial and audit and other matters. Although our focus in on Barbados, we are also able to assist captives in feasibility, set up or operations in other domiciles.
  1. Risk management consulting with particular emphasis on captives as a risk management hub.
  1. General management consulting, usually to insurers.


We are a completely independent, non-affiliated captive advisory. Working with captive owners and in many cases their other advisors, we offer tailored solutions to meet specific client needs.


I can be reached through Linked in, or at:





I also have extensive experience as a lecturer on the topics of risk management, insurance, captives and related topics. I have lectured at universities, the Insurance Institute of Canada, RIMS and RIMS Canada and a variety of professional associations.



Nelson Hendler, MD, MS,

former assistant professor of neurosurgery, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, past president-American Academy of Pain Management. Author of three books, 33 medical textbook chapters, and 59 articles.

Area of expertise: Providing cost savings of 54% for self insured companies and TPA, in the area of workers' compensation and auto accidents. Fraud detection with 95% accuracy, which has been admitted in over 30 legal cases in 8 states. More accurate than an IME or nurse case manager, and costs half as much.

How do we help others: Our company has an Internet system developed by Johns Hopkins Hospital physicians, which can provide documented 54% savings on workers' compensation claims, with cost savings ranging from $20,000 to $175,000 for the long term cases. This is accomplished by properly diagnosing the 40%-80% of patients who are misdiagnosed, and suggesting the correct diagnosis, medical testing and treatment.  Fraud detection methods which have always been admitted in court and never challenged. We are offering a 90 day free trial of this system. Merely register at No credit card requested nor needed. A description of the system is found in the attached article from the Self Insurer, authored by Dick Goff, former president of the the Self Insurance Institute of America.

Contact Method: Register at, for a free 90 trial with the system. No credit card needed. Alternately, email, or call 443-277-0306


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