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I am a Trainer in Banking & Finance. I am happy to read quite interesting articles from scholarly contributors. The articles generate knowledge and confidence that provides what is going on latest which is quite important for trainers as they have to be up to date in knowledge. Thanks to the Global Risk Community for this nice contribution. 

Hello.everyone.I am Joseph Ezenwa(Managing Consultant,ResourceHouse Ltd).I extend my warm greetings to all of you.I wish you better days ahead.Have a nice Day

I am a graduate of economics and social studies in the university of juba, at Kadoru compose in khartoum. A former bank clerk, which have work in the department of back office sections, loans & advances department and management & administration of loans and credits. And now am working as a private businessman and an owner of private company here in south Sudan for the last three years.

I am Joseph Ezenwa(Managing Consultant) ResourceHouse Ltd.I welcome you all to this esteemed community.I wish you all happy new year.There is no doubt that you will gain a lot in this community in terms of new knowledge.We give kudos to the founder Boris Agranovish.

I am Joseph Ezenwa.I am the managing consultant of RESOURCEHOUSE LTD.I welcome the new members.Global Risk Community is a place to be.I have gained a lot of knowledge  from weekly whitepapers made available to members.

Amr bary, senior corporate credit manager, I wish to know new ideas and knowledge, and active member.

Hello every one I'm Bhagbati Chaudhary microfinance practitioner and sociopolitical person from Nepal. 

Introduction: Nelson Hendler, MD, MS, former assistant professor of neurosurgery, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, past president American Academy of Pain Management, author of three books, 33 medical text book chapters, and 59 articles. Lectured in over 50 medical schools and hospitals in the US (Mayo Clinic, Cornell, Johns Hopkins, University of Chicago), and in hospitals and medical schools in Israel, Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi, Venezuela, Argentina, Canada, Norway, India, Philippines, and Japan. Former board member of two multi-billion dollar public companies; a bank and a life insurance company.

What we offer: My colleagues and I at Johns Hopkins Hospital found that 40%-80% of chronic pain patients were misdiagnosed. Most of these were workers' compensation and auto accident cases. The insurance companies mistakenly think that fraudulent patients are costly, but in actuality, only 6%-13% of patients are exaggerating their complaints. Of the remaining 87%-94% of patients, 40%-80% of them are misdiagnosed, and this costs 5 to 6 times more than fraudulent cases. We have two Internet based questionnaires, which have always been admitted as evidence in 8 states...The Pain Validity Test, which detects fraud with 95% accuracy, and the Diagnostic Paradigm, which give diagnoses with a 96% correlation with diagnoses of Johns Hopkins doctors. Johns Hopkins Hospital saved 54% on its workers' compensation costs, and our system duplicates this approach.

We now offer a free 90 trial with the tests, for those who register at system is well described in an attached article from the Self Insurer, authored by Dick Goff, former president of the Self Insurance Institute of America. The testing is used by WorkSTEPS, the largest pre-employment testing company in the United States, with 3,000 corporate clients, serviced by 1,000 affiliates in 49 states.

Feel free to email for additional information.


Are you concerned about your risk documentation or marketing material? Worried about a regulatory submission or skilled persons review, perhaps? Or the costs and hassle of managing your documentation? Or the quality of the documents your firm is producing?

If you have any documentation-related needs at all, I can help you. For example, I can: quality-assure your most important documents; help set up or enhance a document-management system such as SharePoint; revamp your website messaging; clean up your Word templates and create a house style; and train your staff in how to write better.

In the meantime, check out my free articles and link in with me, by visiting Or visit my website at

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Hi - My name is Kannan (full name is Kannan Subramanian Ramakrishnan - i always cause a delay at the immigration counter!), a long name typical of South Indians.

Am a Chartered Accountant with over twenty seven years of experience in delivering solutions for the Banking & Financial Services industry across the world. This includes product implementations and consulting assignments in the areas of Core Banking, Treasury, Trade Finance, Lending and Risk Management.

Worked for Standard Chartered Bank and for leading banking solution companies including the leading global risk management solution provider, Algorithmics (now part of IBM Risk Management & Analytics).

I am a director in a company that provides software product solutions for analytical requirements and risk management.


Hello, I am Karen Chovan, Principal of Enviro Integration Strategies

I am on a mission:



Great project outcomes start with solid, holistic, front-end planning, where all of a project's risks, requirements and improvement opportunities can be sought out, clarified, and used in decision making and planning - before design, before construction, before operations. 

I aim to educate and inform those who can truly make a difference, (THAT'S YOU!) and to provide the strategies, tools and techniques necessary to identify the key areas that are causing nearly 75% of all schedule delays and associated cost overruns on industrial projects:

Social opposition and environmental concerns!

You can make a difference to how projects are planned, designed, operated, and closed (where necessary) through thoughtful oversight and influence in strategic planning, and consistent yet flexible leadership. 

The quality of our engagement and the decisions we make, as planners, designers, team leads, project managers and stakeholders, bring about trust to our working environments.  No matter the role that you play, it is in your power to help alter the performance of future developments, to create an environment for responsible developments, which bring shared value to those around them, ensure the environment is protected, and provide the world with the resources needed to improve the standard of living for everyone.

Feel free to visit my website, or connect with me via LinkedIn:

Hello all.

I have a 20 years professional history on IT, Information Security and Compliance, working for major and global companies in Brazil. Currently I'm starting my own consultancy company to provide advisory for fast growing small and medium business and large companies that still do not have the culture, processes and controls necessary to manage technology risks. My focus is on digital transformation and how the business adapts to it. I believe in the vision of risk management as a powerful instrument to leverage results, rather than on something exclusively associated to loss and that should be avoided at all means.

Miguel Nascimento

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