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Hello all.

I have a 20 years professional history on IT, Information Security and Compliance, working for major and global companies in Brazil. Currently I'm starting my own consultancy company to provide advisory for fast growing small and medium business and large companies that still do not have the culture, processes and controls necessary to manage technology risks. My focus is on digital transformation and how the business adapts to it. I believe in the vision of risk management as a powerful instrument to leverage results, rather than on something exclusively associated to loss and that should be avoided at all means.

Miguel Nascimento

I am director risk finance and enginnering projects risk/techo economic feasibility consultnat.I also developed 6 modules toursim projects  suitable for asia/ other coastal belts. the project 18 million $ and Return from investment 5 years 20% yield and local content employment 50 persons..sea after dredgin site inspection 60% sea swimming pool and 40% land use for ladies/gents/food court/fishing/laughter club/shopping arcade/sea-air plane/related water sports/musical park/ art gallery/mini cinema theatre/acquiriuem and many more can be added. Front end design Italy/UK know-how is there.

investors/fund mangers write csr.raman project

look forward to make you rick with caluclated risk..G.c.C/europe/south east asia

Hi everyone,

I just joined the Global Risk Community and looking forward to getting to know people and get access to great Risk related content. Having worked in Risk for the last few years, I decided to launch a blog with the goal of sharing and engaging with Risk professionals. I started the project with a colleague last August (2016). In reality, it's been mostly myself writing so I guess this is essentially a solo project :) The blog is called Risk Management Guru ( I wanted to include Risk Management" in the domain name. "Guru" came later and my idea is to deliver unique and exclusive content may times inspired by people like you i.e. the Gurus! (I already have a couple of exclusive interviews in the blog, with two experienced gurus).

Please bear with me as it is a very recent blog and I'm pushing myself to write more often. But I would very much appreciate your feedback and look to ways on how to improve it.

I also want to thank Boris to invite me to his Linked In and giving me the opportunity to join this community. I look forward to meet likewise people and exchange ideas and content, ultimately contributing for this community.



I am into fund rasing finance and syndication.

Hello Everyone, I am a new member of this risk community. Hope to have a great interaction and learning with the fellow members. I am passionate risk professional willing to work to take the profession forward.



Constance Baah,  a risk management graduate I have obtained diversity of experiences in Business Intelligence, Risk management, Budget preparation and implementation. As an Intelligence and Investigation professional with over 10 years experience. I foster team collaboration, have strong attention to detail, ability to work in a fast pace. As at now am a Principal Budget Analyst with the Ministry of Finance Ghana dealing with the budget preparation, execution and implementation of the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection and the Parliament of Ghana, where I do assist them in the preparation of their budget estimate preparation, procurement plans cash plans and then the work plans. 

Also I do advise them on their priority issues that will be beneficial to the Ministry and the country as a whole and in addition to this I do weekly reporting for management and finally do release letters for the implementation of the programmes and projects to be undertaken by the various institutions. I hope this platform will be beneficial to me as I start my work in fiscal risk management.

Nelson Hendler, MD, MS, former assistant professor of neurosurgery, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, past president-American Academy of Pain Management. I have lectured in Japan, Philippines, India, Israel, Venezuela, Argentina, Norway, Canada, and Saudi Arabia. My colleagues and I have published articles showing that 40%-80% of patients are misdiagnosed, and this is the cause of rising costs in workers' compensation claims costs, much more so than fraud. We developed an Internet tests which gives diagnoses with a 96% correlation with diagnoses of Johns Hopkins doctors. Using this testing system, we have documented cost savings between $20,000 to $175,000 a patient, due to a 90% reduction in medication use, a 45% reduction in doctors visits, and increased return to work rate. Overall, we can save self insured companies, and captives 54% on their workers' compensation cost. Please see the attached article from the Self Insurer. Email me for a free trial use of the tests


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