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What are the Key Attributes of a High Performance Board?

Financial downturns and intense competition has put a lot of strain over boards and directors to perform better. The effectiveness of the board of directors varies from organization to organization.

An accomplished chairman can make the board more constructive and practical by establishing high standards and helping members improve their participation.

In 2013, McKinsey & Company carried out empirical research to uncover effective board practices. The…


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Webcast: How Will Third-Party Risk Operation Models Evolve?

A Message From Our Partner…


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All you need to know who can file New ITR Forms


To facilitate the various category of taxpayers, the Income Tax department of India has issued seven types of different ITR forms. If you are wondering how it helps, so here your reach ends. the new ITR forms now shift the onus on the taxpayers to prove their claim for the deductions, expenses or exemptions. It ultimately seeks more information from the trusts, taxpayers who opted for the presumptive taxation scheme, investors in shares of unlisted…


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Hi-Jacked or Hi-Impact

Are your back office and front office aligned? Are logistics aligned to sales, is procurement aligned to maintenance, is risk aligned to production? If not, there is a chance you have been hi-jacked by well-meaning technical specialists. So technical, so smart, that they have created too many technical requirements, surrounded by technical jargon, that it is…


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Psychology of Market Entry Analysis 101: Removing Cognitive Biases

New market entry provides potential opportunities for organizations to grow. But penetrating a market and establishing a new business is fraught with complications and failure. Attempts at entering a new market often fail, in fact, research suggests that for every successful market entry about 4 fail. The reasons for such high failure…


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How to Employ Insights from Behavioral Psychology in Managing Change?

Transformation programs targeted towards boosting organizational performance have been prevalent for quite a while now. But, such initiatives aren’t easy to manage. The foremost challenge for the senior leadership is to motivate people to modify their behaviors and practices.

For the transformation to be successful, it is critical for the top management to establish the magnitude of change necessary to realize the required business results, before initiating…


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IMPACT 2018: Becoming a Risk Management Hero

On Nov. 29, the LogicManager community arrived at Hotel Commonwealth in the historic Fenway district of Boston for sold-out IMPACT 2018. Every year, LogicManager hosts a customer conference where users of the ERM software can learn, share, and grow their risk management program to full maturity.…


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Things you can do to reduce home loan burden if there is an increase in the interest rate

Recently, the Reserve Bank of India has increased the interest rate on home loans twice in a short space of time. In addition to this, it is expected that there will be another hike of 25 points in the repo rate. This has prompted private banks like ICICI to increase theinterest rates for the home loan by 15 basis points on both the 6 month and 1 year scheme.…


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Does your Business require a Rebranding?

Entrepreneurs usually focus on branding business to increase the visibility and awareness with its customers. As the business grows, it becomes necessary to be consistent in your efforts and maintain a brand which survives every market condition.

The brand is an essence of the business and requires to be promoted in a way that it creates…


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Beware of Rogue Cell Phone Charging Stations

Humans have evolved a new body part: the cell phone. One day it will be part of anatomical illustrations of the body in health and medical books probably an appendage on your head. I’m not a Dr. so don’t quote me.

For now, we have to figure out a way to keep this appendage juiced up without being lured into a data-sucking battery-charge station.

There’s even a name for this kind of crime: juice jacking. The kiosk is designed to appear like a legitimate battery…


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Protect Yourself From Gift Card Scams

So maybe Christmas now means the very predictable gift card swap, but hey, who can’t use a gift card? But beware, there are a ton of scams. This includes physical, not just digital, gift cards.

Regardless of who gave you the card, you should always practice security measures. Below are two common ways that fraudsters operate.

Transform Gift Card to Cash Twice.

If someone gives you a $200 gift card to an electronics store and…


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Global Internet Security Market Share

Internet security is an over-all phase that represents the many different activities individuals and companies decide to use shelter computers or computer networks which were attached to the Internet. One out of the everyday truths behind Internet security is that often the Internet by itself is not a secure environment. The Internet was originally considered as an open, carelessly linked…


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Global Smartphone 3D Camera Market


The modern technological innovation enhancements get motivated the adoption of cameras in smartphones. Primarily,…


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Are Insurance Companies Maximizing AI’s Impact? Leading Insurance Companies Dissect Strategies for Implementing AI

Understanding AI is non-negotiable for insurance carriers. Out of the entire spectrum of technology that have the potential to affect the insurance industry, the consensus is growing that AI is likely to have the biggest impact. The industry certainly believes this; insurance carriers’ investments in AI are increasing year-on-year, with the trend is set to continue, at least into 2019. And with good reason;…


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Global Integration Platform as a Service market Growth

Integration platform as a service (iPaaS) is a collection of self-regulating accessories for intercommunicating software applications that definitely are integrated in various environments. Integration Platform as a Service might possibly be employed by large business-to-business (B2B) enterprises that are required to integrate on-premises applications and data with cloud…


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Objectives: Hands on Hearts

When I work with boards and executive teams I am often heard to say, “hold your hands on your hearts and swear you will meet your objectives for this year. “

Now normally I am asking this during a planning session or risk workshop not with 24 hours of the year left to play out. So it is a given that the level of uncertainty over a 12+ month period is…


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Global In-Memory Database Market

An in-memory database (IMDB) is a system that majorly is determined by the computer’s chief memory to save information as well as being not similar to a data-base management process which applies a disk storage space system. More comfortable internal optimization algorithms and minimal CPU details produce important memory databases fairly speedier in comparison to disk-optimized databases.…


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Do You Know How to Employ “Appreciative Inquiry” for Effective Organizational Management?

The problem solving approach to organizational design and management has a number of limitations. It focuses only on what’s wrong, identifying causes, brainstorming solutions, developing action…


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Global Cloud Security Market Growth

Cloud security is a fast-growing service that offers a large number of the same exact functionalities as classical IT security. That includes securing most important information from theft, data leakage and deletion. Cloud security includes a set of policies and controls, which specialize in the security issues with the cloud by protecting applications, data, and infrastructure. The cloud…


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How to Protect You Frequent Flier Miles NOW

Social Security numbers and credit card numbers are not the only types of data that hackers are after. Now, they are looking at frequent flyer accounts, and they are stealing reward miles, and then selling them online.

How do Hackers Steal Frequent Flyer Miles?

As with other types of ID theft, hackers use info that they have illegally obtained to access frequent flyer accounts. With more data breaches happening than ever…


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