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Have you got your complimentary of the financial risk and regulation Risk Insights Magazine?

Complimentary Financial Risk and Regulation Publication – Written by the Industry, for the Industry…


Risk Insights Magazine, Issue Eight (70+ pages of articles, interviews and video insights).


Issue Eight features insights on:

Technology Innovation | Regulatory challenges | Vendor & third-party risk | Operational risk | IFRS 17 | Liquidity risk.


With authors from the industry’s leading Financial Institutions,…


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Powerful advice EMMAnating from Beauty and the Beast

It is a slightly cryptic clue. I love the way you just have to have a peak at my blog when I come up with an interesting enough title! I’ll give you a bit more of the clue. She played Belle in the movie Beauty and the Beast. Now to my point.

The quest for the secret to influence…


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marcus evans to Host the 2nd Annual Interest Rate Risk in the Banking Book Conference on December 5-7, 2018 in New York

marcus evans will host the 2nd Annual Interest Rate Risk in the Banking Book Conference on December 5-7, 2018 in New York. This conference will give banks the practical insight to optimize their interest rate risk management strategies in an uncertain economic environment. Firms will gain insight into the regulatory priorities and concerns surrounding the proposed IRRBB regulation in order to streamline their strategies to position themselves for…


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Your Antiviral for INFLUENceENZA

While vaccines create antibodies to protect you from influenza, antivirals tackle a flu virus once it has overcome your defences. 

When it comes to influencing the business, all support functions suffer from some form of INFLUENceENZA. It is when the business looks at the support function and perceives its…


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Be aware of all these Confidence Crimes

Criminals have a reliance on tricking victims to get access to account information, like passwords. This is known as social engineering, and is also called a “confidence crime.” These come in many forms:

Do Not Take the Bait of These Phishermen

  • A phishing email that targets a specific person is known as spear-phishing. A spear-phishing email looks like an email that might come from a legitimate company to a specific person. For example,…

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Do Insurance Companies Really Need Risk Management?

Risk management in the insurance business is a bit of a head scratcher. On the one hand, insurance companies are selling what many people consider to be a risk mitigation. On the other hand, insurance companies themselves face a variety of risks they need to mitigate.

Let’s briefly consider a…


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Nominations open for 2018 Insurance Nexus Canadian Awards

The insurance industry is entering an age of disruption and digital transformation. Bespoke products and personalized outreach will soon be the new norm, and insurance carriers will see pivotal changes powered by AI solutions.


With new technologies enabling both operational efficiency and a superior customer experience, from artificial intelligence to drones and mobile customer communication methods, we are proud to announce that nominations have opened in 2018 Insurance…


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Pulling on Heart Strings

Last week I wrote that to be as persuasive as you can be, you should stop pushing and start pulling. I took Robert Cialdini’s six principles of persuasion, reworded and rearranged them a tad and then put them in a hierarchical order of persuasiveness.           …


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MSU Creates New Office of Enterprise Risk Management in Response to Nassar Scandal

Michigan State University has employed a new Chief Compliance Officer in response to the Larry Nassar scandal. By creating an Office of Enterprise Risk Management within the university, MSU is getting on the right track.

Earlier this year, former MSU doctor and USA gymnastics coach Larry Nassar was charged with…


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Research Briefing: Key Decisions to Create an Attractive Ecosystem

Research BriefingKey Decisions to Create an Attractive Ecosystem



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Stop Pushing and Start Pulling

I once ran a chemical plant for what was then ICI. I was a shift supervisor at Rhodes in Sydney, a zone now redeveloped as a major shopping and residential apartment area. The world changes, and so have I.

When you run a continuous process chemical plant, the money is in keeping it online 24/7 and…


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Harley-Davidson Moves Manufacturing In Response to Trade War: Was it the Right Call?

Back in March, President Trump’s administration threatened to impose steep tariffs on imported goods from some of America’s biggest trading partners. In the following months, the administration set a 25% import tax on steel and 10% on aluminum.…


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Vendor Risk Summer Reading: Our Most Popular Guides in 2018 (So Far)

A Message From Our Partner


Looking to catch up on the latest Third-Party Risk Management trends this summer? Here are our most popular downloads from the first half of 2018:


  1. Four Keys To Vendor Risk Management (


Tips for building a VRM program that works



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Calculated Trust

To influence you must build trust. Here are some ideas on how you can assess the level of trust perceived by those you wish to influence.

My thanks to Didier Verstichel from Belgium for his reply to a recent blog of mine, where he gave me the trust formula he uses (he doesn’t remember the original…


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Digital Transformation in the Insurance Sector

Read this article to know more on How Behavioral Biometrics is Paving the Way to Less Fraud, Less Friction and More Functionality.

In This Research, You'll Learn

  • How to balance the need for security and enable a good user…

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How to build and leverage a robust data framework?


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Freezing in Sub Zero Trust

Recently I ran my Risk Leadership training for a client and I had a room of participants that arrived with an extremely poor perception of risk. My role was to convince them of the value of risk and to have them leave the room with definitive actions agreed as to how they will derive that value.



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Insurance Analytics Canada Returns to Toronto in 2018

AI and machine learning are proving to be the only methods in which organizations will meet customer demands at scale and as the race to win customers’ heart becomes tighter than ever, carriers are having to compete with tech giants for AI’s vital ingredients: talent and data.

Which is why the Insurance Analytics Canada Summit (Sep 25-26, Toronto) is bringing together the industry’s heavyweights to discuss how AI and advanced analytics can be utilized to deliver unparalleled…


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