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The World’s Leading Celebration Of Insurance Excellence

Designed to recognize genuine, truly innovative and meaningful approaches to excellence in the North American insurance arena, the Insurance Nexus Awards 2019 will be presented at an exclusive ceremony being held in Chicago on September 12th, 2019.

Given the depth and pace of innovation taking place within the insurance industry, Insurance Nexus decided it is crucial to put a spotlight on the achievements of the insurance carriers, leaders…


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Hacking smart contracts - [Your weekly digest and risk alert 12/2019]

Dear Global Risk Community member, Mar 25, 2019

Smart contracts…


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How GRC can help in reducing Frauds

Ideal GRC tools can play a very important role in reducing frauds if implemented and executed properly. A good GRC solution keep compliance and risk programs effective and updated. It allows business to implement the solution that addresses specific regulatory requirements and properly identify the inherent risks. It also helps in handling, documenting and evaluating the risks efficiently. By having an effective GRC solution, it also highlights if the transaction is made in a certain manner…


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IFF Training – 15% discount on courses until 19th April


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Personalizing Insurance to Win Customers’ Hearts: Experts from QBE, Allstate and Arch MI Share Strategies

Customer service has recently taken a central focus for insurance carriers. The exploits of digitally-native InsurTechs such as Metromile and Lemonade have demonstrated the appeal that personalized, seamless product offerings can create. In a 2019 Insurance Nexus survey, a majority of respondents felt that the customer experience would see the greatest impact from the implementation of AI.

Yet, while 2018 saw many legacy carriers conduct a host of pilot initiatives aimed at improving…


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CVD Equipment Market Trends, Analysis and Forecast - 2018-2023

Logic is used for processing digital data which controls the operation of electronic systems. It is also used for interchanging and manipulating data in communication devices, computers, and consumer electronics. Digital circuits are developed using small electronic circuits called logic gates which are also used to develop…


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Market Research Subscription Model | KBV Research

All about Subscription Model

A subscription model is based on the idea of selling a product or service to obtain monthly or yearly subscription revenue. The model primarily focuses on customer retention rather than customer acquisition. Essentially, subscription models pay attention to the way revenue is made, i.e., they look for ways in which a single customer pays multiple payments for prolonged access to a…


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Dealing with Measures that Don’t Matter (much)

I had two separate conversations last week about measures that don’t matter (much). One was with a client in the Not-for-Profit sector who needed to report “about a hundred” things to their regulator who are major funders of their programs.

The second was in my …


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PEF market was valued $167.9 thousand in 2017 and is expected to reach $129.3 million by 2025.

As the plastic bottle industry shifts toward bio-based plastics, PEF is expected to be a game changer in the bottle industry. Several Tier-1 companies have publicly announced their ambitious goals to add substantial amount of PEF capacities in their product-line. As PEF is seen as a direct competitor for PET, industry experts…


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How Criminals Prey on the Art World and Real Estate

Any industry involving wiring transfers of large sums of money is vulnerable to this new type of hack. Purchasing a car, home or piece of art are large transactions and are not usually done in cash. In well-established industries like real estate, there are some checks and balances, but while one would think it would be very tough to pull off this scam in real estate, it is just as easy. I do not know how many billionaire art collectors follow my blog (they should!), but most of you are…


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Finding It Hard to Manage Conflict at the Workplace? Use the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI)

A major reason for employees leaving their workplaces is conflict with their bosses. To succeed in today’s fiercely competitive market, organizations need to invest in developing their leadership, such that they further develop their teams by training them on the desired competencies and create a sense of engagement in them.

A big challenge for…


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Busted: Solutions to the Ultimate Challenges faced by Entrepreneurs

In today’s competitive business world, no one can afford to make mistakes. Well, this is pretty common with the new and young entrepreneurs who lack expertise and skills required to stay in the market.

As a writer, I have observed that most of us lack on the initial stages of development in a business which is WHY most of the start-ups fail before time. To solve this problem and help your business grow I have concluded my advice for all the young minds.



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Thermoelectric Materials Market Trends, Share & Size (2018-2023)

The global thermoelectric materials market is a highly-fragmented market, and the top five players comprised approximately XX% of the market share in 2017. The key players operating in the global thermoelectric materials market include Ferrotec, Laird, Gentherm, Sigma Aldrich, and Marlow Industries, Inc., among others. These players adopted various strategies such as expansions, agreements, new product launches, contracts, partnerships, collaborations, and mergers and acquisitions to enhance…


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Next Generation Products and Services: How Insurers are Innovating Right Now

From day-to-day operations, to the very relationship between insurers and policy-holders, it is no exaggeration to say that connected insurance represents the biggest potential for transformation that insurance has witnessed since the invention of the computer. See, for example, the ability of an insurance carrier to react to live data, in real time, and prevent a loss from occurring. From simply mitigating the effects of a loss, they now become partners in risk-prevention.



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Color Cosmetics Market (2018-2024) | KBV Research

The color cosmetics market has witnessed remarkable innovations in textures and quality with a sole purpose to entertain the evolving needs and demands of their far-reaching customer base. The industry will continue to experiment as customers continue to explore the trending, up and coming looks.…


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The Closeness of Brand and Branding Together

Company branding is just one of the main components of your advertising program, particularly when you're making an effort to set up your institution's position in the market. There is no denying the fact that it is one of the important points on which the entire growth of any business depends. Fantastic branding can help position your company to entice the right type of customer for your company. The vital thing that branding is actually about is differentiating yourself. Business branding…


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Wisdom Transforms

Recently I have been blogging about Measures that Transform. Figure 1 outlines the journey you need to take to ensure you don’t have measures that hurt, that you move beyond measures that simply matter and that you have measures that transform. That is, you take a journey from motion to direction to transformation.…


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Laparoscopy Devices Market (2018-2024) | KBV Research

Laparoscopy is a minimally invasive operating technique carried out by keyhole incision, especially for the abdominal organs.

Targeted laparoscopic treatment areas include bile duct, column, liver, pancreas, etc. Due to the advent of technological advances in energy equipment and laparoscopes, demand for…


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How to Tackle The Top Three Risks in the Energy Industry

For the first time, reputation risk, organizational culture, and cybersecurity have all landed among the top…

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Trulioo’s ID Verification Service Now Covers Bangladesh

Trulioo, the leading global identity verification provider, announced today that it has extended its coverage to Bangladesh, an emerging market with tremendous untapped potential for strong…


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