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Pre-Employment Testing is a Good Tool for Assessing Future Hires

If administered properly, pre-employment testing is a good means of ensuring that the organization gets the right candidate

In simple terms, a pre-employment test is an assessment an organization carries out to test the suitability of the candidate for the selected role. It is done to ensure that the candidate has the potential to fulfil the expected role. It is done to get a feel of how a candidate could fare if given the job.

What are the Kinds of Pre-Employment…


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Indian Rupee: No rise, only fall. Is the government doing enough?

Fall from Grace

In case no one noticed, Stock markets in India have been painted red with the incessant bleeding of the Indian Rupee. Latest figures show the Rupee plummeting to new lows every hour with the latest being at Rs. 72.97 for 1 dollar, the Indian currency has been labeled the worst performing of all Asian countries. Gas prices have been skyrocketing with 82 Rs. for 1 liter of gasoline which has also contributed to…


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Does Your Mobile Have Spyware on It?

You have a mobile phone, you might think it’s pretty safe, but what you might not realize is that these devices can have spyware on them. Keep in mind, many of the “signs” listed below are everyday normal phone behaviors. But combined, might mean spyware. Here are some of the signs:

Unusual Background Noise

While common, humming, static, or other weird noises could be a sign that someone is tapping your line. Though all phones might have…


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Superior Cash: Flush of Super Cash Dawn , Illuminating the Front of Global Capital Flow

In the times when the productivity is led by the technology, the finance has also benefited of the advances of the technology. At the present day, there is never-ending changes and improvements in financial technology, and there is a trend of many changes within a short time for the financial  structure. The Superior Cash is gradually becoming a reality from the imagination, which is overthrowing the ecology of traditional payment and leading the trend of capital flow in the…


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Insights from Honda: The Future of Insurance

With the auto insurance industry currently experiencing its most seismic shift since it began more than 100 years ago, we had the opportunity to speak with Aparajithan Rajendran, Solutions Architect for Next Generation Telematics at Honda to gain insights on the best methods for operationalizing data to increase tactical level solutions, establishing a UBI program, the future of car insurance, and much more.…


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Uber is Caught in a Risk Management Bind. How Can They Get Out?


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Live Stock Prices in Excel

Nothing can beat Excel as a multi-purpose user interface medium. It is then only natural to want to analyze the performance of your stock portfolio in Excel, as that would enable you to devise and apply your own custom metrics.

But in order to monitor your portfolio metrics in real time, you would need to get the required market data in real time as well. You may think that getting true real time prices is only…


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What is executive leadership, and how do organizations develop it?

Executive leadership is of great importance in any organization. This is because executive work is about implementing the organization's goals and carrying out day-to-day activities in achieving these. Any organization that has to consolidate its position in the market has to inculcate executive leadership. Developing executive leadership is among the prime…


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Auditing Human Resources Policies Carries Huge Advantages

HR audits help the organization keep a track of its roles, responsibilities and duties. It is critical for organizations to make sure that policies are implemented and overviewed.

What is Human Resources audit?

HR audit may be defined as an in-depth, periodic examination of HR policies by an organization. It is considered a valuable option for organizations to assess where their HR functions are heading. It offers an organization a through measure of its corporate…


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Data Min(e)dset

There are data miners and then there is data mindset. The former are the people and/or their tools that do the digging through the numbers. The latter is about a whole lot more. 

Last week I blogged about how to help people believe the numbers. This week I am going a big step further talking about four different types of data mindsets and the implications for decision…


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Steps towards achieving workplace conflict resolution

Conflict is one of the absolutely indispensable elements in a workplace. Whether the organization is doing business or not, it has to deal with conflicts. Humor aside, this is said simply to illustrate the enormity of the importance of conflict resolution at the workplace.

Conflict is not something one runs away from

We need to get one bare fact about conflict and conflict resolution right to start with: Conflict is not necessarily a bad thing. It is an inevitable result of the…


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It is Important for Organizations to be Serious about Employee Fraud Detection and Prevention

Employee fraud detection is one of the most insidious things that can happen to an organization. This is because in most cases, it is not about someone walking in with a gun in hand and decamping with the loot, as happens in the case of a bank robbery. To give an allegory, a bank robbery is like an accident that is identifiable and is witnessed by many people. It is quite physical in nature, whereas an employee fraud is a bit like cancer. It grows within the body without giving the…


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Do Not take that Stupid Facebook Quiz

Where should you live in the world? What Game of Thrones family are you in? What is the food that best describes your personality? All of these answers are given and found by doing quizzes on Facebook. You have surely seen them if you use Facebook, and have may have taken these quizzes, but you definitely might want to consider stopping. If you have ever used one of these quizzes, you have probably given these third-party apps permission to access some of your personal data. Not…


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Employee assistance programs go a long way in helping employees overcome personal issues

An Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a program that an organization implements to ease some of the personal problems faced by its employees. An employee assistance program is largely voluntary, in that it is not mandatory either for organizations to implement it, or for very employee to avail it.

History of EAP

In the US, employee assistance programs started in the decade or so following the Great Depression, when alcoholism was a common phenomenon among the workforce of…


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5 Things that should be kept in mind before investing in mutual funds

Of course, the Stock market’s high and down can be a frustrating moment for new investors but it does not mean that we should take it as a gambling. If we invest without proper knowledge and advice in Equity mutual funds or the stock market, it may sometimes convert into gambling where we will be in a fix what to do and what not to do. Logically, one must take advice from the expert fund Manager…


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Understanding Behavioral Approach in management

In psychology, the concept of behavioral approach rests on the fact that human behavior can be taught and learnt. It can be modified, and this can be put to use in different situations at various points of time. The concept of behavioral approach believes that human behavior can be conditioned, tuned and altered to perform if the right inputs and techniques are provided in the right manner and at the right time and place.

This is how we have less gifted people going on to become great…


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Third-Party Risk: Reduce Vendor Fatigue & Streamline Assessment Reviews

Vendor risk assessment questionnaires are vital to the success of your Third-Party Risk Management program. They also can be tedious, time-consuming, and painful – for both your team and your vendors. It doesn’t have to be that way. The right mix of best practices and technology can reduce more risk while ultimately making life easier for you and your vendors.

Join ProcessUnity for a 45-minute webcast at…


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Colleagues of the Future will be From Virtual Teams

With the myriad changes sweeping the workplace, virtual teams look like the New Economy phenomenon that is here to stay. Organizations need to implement the right policies to get the most out of this system.

The most visible and most powerful technological tool of the recent past, the Internet, has brought about changes on a scale and dimension that is, to put mildly, phenomenal. This present-day revolution has spawned many by-products, among which the virtual workplace is one. A… Continue

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Helping them believe the numbers

Decisions are all about emotion, however, numbers are so very important. At the end of the day if the bank balance is zero, no amount of emotion is going to change that. 

When it comes to numbers and decision making there are essentially three positions people take. …


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Global Disruptive Innovation Summit. Glorious Concluded in Silicon Valley, USA. GDIS Aims to Be a Future Lead of Technology Trend

Hosted by Silicon Valley Business Institute, co-hosted with DeepBrain Chain; Global Disruptive Innovation Summit ( Blockchain | Investment • AI • Developers glorious concluded in Silicon Valley, USA on October 1st

This summit grasped the most cutting-edge trend of blockchain, deeply explored the blockchain investment, blockchain + AI, and the blockchain developer technologies. On the day of the event, it…


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