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WARNING: You or Your Members Could be Targets of List Scams

There are scammers out there targeting conference exhibitors and attendee. What are they looking for? Credit card numbers, money wires and personal information that they can use to steal identities. One of the ways that scammers get this information is by using invitation or list scams. Basically, if you are registered for a conference, speaking at a conference, a conference vendor or just “in the business”, you might get an email…or several emails…that invite you to a conference or offer to…


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Details Announced of Exhibition at North America’s Largest Executive Claims Event, Connected Claims USA 2019

With new technologies enabling both operational efficiency and a superior customer experience, from artificial intelligence to drones and mobile customer communication methods, it is a critical time for claims executives to explore opportunities to innovate their processes. A recent survey of over 600 insurance executives found that three technologies will principally ‘transform’ claims over the next 2-5 years: automation (75.4%), artificial intelligence and machine learning (70.8%) and…


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Five Ways to Improve your Organization’s Compliance Management

Compliance management is a process which ensure that the employees in an organization are following the set of rules that are given to them and there’s no breach in it. It ensures that the policies and procedures are being followed in accordance to their setup. Here rules mean compliance strategies and benchmark, while process means what manages their compliance system.

Compliance management is mixture of functions like policy, procedure, documentation, internal auditing,…


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Designing Agile Decision Making vs Agile Organisations

Recently I read an article by McKinsey titled The Journey to an Agile Organisation. The article steps you through how to transform an organisation from a “… static, siloed, structural hierarchy…” to…


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Next-Generation Data Storage for The Future of Storage Technology

What Is Next-Generation Data Storage?

It has become crucial to store and manage the gigantic pool of data with the emergence of larger systems, IT, and business environment. This big basket of data, today called the "next-generation data”, emphasizes the need to store data efficiently and reliably. This is where next-generation data storage came into being.

What do we understand by next-generation data storage?…


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What are Probiotics and How Have They Emerged as a Big Business?

Bacteria have a reputation for spreading disease, so the idea of throwing down several billion per day for your health might seem literally and figuratively difficult to swallow. However, more scientific evidence suggests that certain food and diseases that contain certain types of live bacteria can be treated or even prevented. Europeans consume these kinds of advantageous microorganisms, called probiotics (from pro and biota,…


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The "Mother of All Data Breaches?" It Could Be Here…

You have probably heard of one data breach after another these days, but this is one that you should really pay attention to: more than 772 million unique emails, along with more than 21 million unique passwords, have been exposed.

Troy Hunt, who runs the website “Have I Been Pwned,” first reported this breach, and he says that a huge file (87 GB) was uploaded to MEGA, a cloud service. This data was then sent to a popular hacking site, and now hackers have access to…


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The Results Are In: State of Compliance 2019 Report


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Youra Sheethed: My Dalliance Scambaiting a Nigerian Con

I put an ad on Craigslist to sell a refrigerator that I no longer need. Within a few minutes I’m happy to report Micheal responded to buy it!

SCAMMER: Hi am Micheal I like to ask if this item is till available for sale and what the present condition it.

ME: Still for sale, someone is interested tho, its like new, 5 months. 

SCAMMER: Thanks for the  information…


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Lamprey Disease: Is real? - What experts say!

Normally, symptoms appear before age 20. The first symptoms are really close to much more common diseases like malaria so that a proper diagnosis can be rather tricky. There are a few specific signs of Tree-Man disease including the subsequent. Hutchinson-Gilford syndrome, also called Progeria, is a genetic condition where the ageing procedure is accelerated in children.

Lamprey disease is…


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Acumen + Data = Precision

Last week I wrote about leading the business savvy in learning organisations 2020s style where I explained that a great business acumen is enhanced with creative thinking (see figure below). This week I concentrate on the relationship between the business savvy leader and the scientific types in organisations. The techos, the…


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Rapid Electrification of Automobiles Driving the Gate Driver IC Industry

The growing prevalence of digital electronic devices, adoption of progressive electronic vehicles and advanced virtual systems have paved the way for huge growth opportunities for the Gate Driver IC technology. New products are being implemented by emerging industry players and smaller semiconductor companies are being acquired to strengthen their market presence and deliver power modules of the next…


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Superfast Transport System Market Growth and Industry Size (2020, 2024, and 2028)

The superfast transport system market is estimated to be valued at $XX million in 2020 and is expected to reach $XX million by 2024, registering a CAGR of XX% between 2020 and 2024 when considering neutral scenario. The growth is mainly attributed to the successful development and implementation of superfast transport system in six trial phase projects. However, most of the countries are expected to be reluctant to invest in the superfast transport system market.

Request the…


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Seamless Claims Using Innovative Tech – Generali and If P&C Join Exclusive Webinar

The competition between European insurers has never been greater. As impactful technology becomes cheaper to access and more widely available, insurers must meet customer needs and demands now, or lose their customers forever; outdated products, inefficient processes and poor customer service are no longer acceptable.

As insurance’s…


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All about Filing of Form AOC-4: A better future for company

What is AOC-4 Form filling?

Every year the financial statements of a company need to be registered with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs(MCA). For filling the financial statements with MCA form is AOC-4.In the Company's annual general meeting the form AOC-4 is submitted with the MCA for every Financial Year within 30 days.

Adjacent with AOC-4 form, the documents like :

  • Auditors’ report
  • Board’s…

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3D Scanning is an Emerging and Realization Technology

3D Scanning has emerged as modern technology to analyze real-world objects to collect data on their appearance. Demands are growing and applications are also growing. 3D Scanning helps to understand how complex parts and shapes work and helps develop a better product. 3D scanners are an ace technology for maintaining a high degree of automation of quality assurance.…


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Decoding the DOJ’s Guidelines: An Insider’s Guide

Attend this webinar  Decoding the DOJ’s Guidelines: An Insider's Guideto get insight into the recently updated DOJ guidance. 


Hear the perspective of Hui Chen, original author of the Department of Justice's compliance guideline,…


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Only two weeks left to secure your place!

With just two weeks to go until Intelligent Automation & AI In Insurance Europe (May 21, London), we’re almost at maximum capacity and expect to sell out this week!

Register now before it's too late!

We’ve added some fantastic speakers to the agenda this…


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Electric Vehicle Fast Charging System Market Share and Research Report (2019-2029)

Fast charging system for light duty vehicles are currently the most advanced commercialized EV charging system and is commonly known as DC fast charger, which charges through approximately a 480V direct-current (DC) plug. These charging systems are designed to provide maximum charge to electric vehicles with minimum time and are capable of charging…


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Agriculture Drones and Robots Market Size and Industry Report (2018-2028)

The demand for agricultural robots is growing owing to the increasing applications in agriculture areas including precision crop farming, livestock monitoring and management, indoor farming, aquaculture, forestry, and orchards, among others. Farmers across the world are using autonomous tractors to reduce multiple trips for farm monitoring, further leading to reduction in crop damage, and fuel consumption. Moreover, there has been a surge in the utilization of milking robots by livestock…


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