February 2016 Blog Posts (42)

What Leadership Qualities Drive Organizational Performance? (Hint: Trick Question.)

A few decades ago, faculty members at the University of Michigan were researching the major indicators of effective organizational performance.  What came from this research was an incredibly useful model for organizing and understanding a wide array of organizational (and individual) topics.  These include theories on Organizational Effectiveness, Corporate Culture, Leadership Competencies, Stages of Life Cycle Development, Financial Strategy, among others.

This model is the …


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The Theory of Constraints: What’s Limiting Your Organization?

The Theory of Constraints (TOC) is a methodology for identifying the most important limiting factor—i.e. constraint—and systematically improving it.  It was developed by Dr. Eliyahu Goldratt, introduced in 1984 book, The Goal.

TOC differs from traditional management views, in that traditional methods seek to make improvements throughout the…


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Scareware Scam almost snags Victim

Cybercriminals know that the best way to get their claws on the next victim is to appeal to their emotions, not logic.

There’s lots of scary things in life, and one is learning that your computer has been infected with a virus. If this happens, you’re now vulnerable to spending money on getting rid of the malware. The tactic of scaring users is called scareware.

  • A pop up tells you “Warning! Your Computer Has Been Infected with…

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A New Book On Customer-Driven Derivatives - Models/Products/Risks/...

In challenging markets with stringent regulations, Customer-Driven Derivatives business goes on, someone somewhere has to earn bread. Practitioners including risk managers need to grasp the full picture, from models to products, from risk features to hedging, regulatory requirements to economic values.

Understanding and managing risks is a common denominator across…


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What if your Apple Watch could talk to your bank: Improving conduct risk and driving performance with Quantified Self

The world is undergoing a data revolution. We are in the midst of the Quantified Self and real time personal data and performance measurement.

With smart devices we can now track our movements, monitor food intake and measure changes in physical performance. With measurement comes insight (and a change in behaviour). We can better understand what drives us, modify our eating and sleeping patterns and enhance our performance in any…


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You Have a Great Idea and Nobody Cares

Harvard i-lab | You Have a Great Idea and Nobody Cares


Published on Jul 1, 2014

You have a great idea and nobody cares: How to figure out…


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Can the cloud be trusted?

Most people have heard of storing information in “the cloud,” but do you know what this means, and if it is even safe?

A cloud is basically a network of servers that offer different functions. Some of these servers allow you to store data while others provide various services. The cloud is made of millions of servers across the globe and most are owned by private or public corporations. Many of those corporations are diligent about security, and you are likely using…


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My EMV for a Week Challenge is DONE!

This week I worked with Gemalto, as part of Gemalto’s #ChipAwayAtFraud campaign. I was tasked with using my “chip” card when making a bunch of every day purchases like getting coffee and shopping. Gemalto, one of the world’s leaders in digital security, wanted a real-world take on the EMV card experience, which includes the security benefits EMV cards presents. You know EMV; it’s the “chip” credit card that, by now, you should have.

Here’s what I learned:



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Why ERM Is a Business Enabler, Not an Obstacle to Overcome

Evidence is mounting that it is no longer an option to ignore investments in this important organizational capability. Companies need a rigorous enterprise risk management framework to effectively compete in today's uncertain environment. To help companies understand why they need ERM, here's an excerpt from my take on how enterprise risk management enables the business…


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When Selling is the Worst Way to Win Customers

Enrique Suarez Presenting:


When Selling is the Worst Way to Win Customers



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Do you know your Customer? Buying Cycle & Triggers

Do you know your Customer? Buying Cycle & Triggers


Enrique Suarez Presenting:…


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Why Are Cyber Hucksters so successful?

Often, hucksters prey on the consumer’s desperation, which is why it’s no surprise that the No. 1 rip-off (at least between 2011 and 2012)) was bogus products promising weight loss.

VICE (vice.com) interviewed psychologist Maria Konnikova about how cyber cons are so successful—even with the most ridiculous sounding bait (Nigerian prince, anyone?).

The bait becomes more attractive when the target is receiving an influx of cyber attention. Sad to say, this trips…


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FINRA’s Risk Management Priorities for 2016

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) releases an annual letter outlining its Regulatory and Examination Priorities for the upcoming year. In line with letters and rules from other regulatory bodies such as the SEC, NAIC, and FFIEC, the 2016 FINRA Priority Letter puts…


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A Great Set of Three Questions to Ask

I heard these questions on ABC Radio (that is the Australian Broadcasting Corporation) recently. How are these for three great questions you can ask to help you make a decision?

1. What are my options?

2. What is the chance this will benefit me?

3. What is the chance this will harm me?

These were attributed by Dr Norman Swan of the Health Report to some research his partner and others were doing. The research showed that these three questions to your doctor result in…


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Learn the Most Advanced Business Strategy in the World

Learn the Most Advanced Business Strategy in the World


The Delta Model: Putting Customers before Products



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How to protect against Tax Identity Theft

What are you doing to prevent tax identity theft? Do you even know what steps to take? You’d better, because this crime has tripled since 2010, says the FTC.

A report on foxbusiness.com describes tax identity theft as the act of stealing someone’s personal information, then the crook files a phony tax return in the victim’s name to get a refund. The victim will never see it in their mailbox. And that’s only the beginning of the victim’s…


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GRC Software: Why You Should Never Pay for Professional Services

Conservative estimates of GRC software implementations place the cost at either $200,000 or 50% of total licensing costs, whichever is greater. Even when initial costs are low, many vendors make up for apparent price reductions with professional services, or customizations, required to make the product work. Professional services are so ingrained in the software landscape…


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Eight ways to secure your employees' mobile devices

Between half and three quarters of all employees have downloaded personal apps to company tablets and phones, according to surveys. At the same time, people are increasingly using use personal phones for work purposes like email, document-sharing and the list goes on.

What does it all mean? Companies must take extra precautions to…


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Chipotle Case Study: Either Manage Risk or Disclose Lack of Risk Management

Back in 2009, we blogged about the SEC’s decision to require board-level accountability for ERM. This decision was based on the conclusion that …


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"There is no Such Thing as a Bank Loan"

Richard Werner: Banking & The Economy


Banks have a pivotal function in the economy, they are the main creators of the money supply. In granting or issuing so called 'loans' to their customers they create the money that is essential to make the modern economy…


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