February 2018 Blog Posts (22)

Reputational Risk: Customers and Investors Speaking Out, Companies Evaluating Affiliations with NRA

This past weekend, companies started responding to consumer backlash for working with the National Rifle Association. Corporations like the First National Bank of Omaha, Delta, Hertz, and MetLife are ending discount programs with the NRA.

Before this pushback, NRA membership granted consumers access to a broad range of discounts, from special rates on auto insurance…


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Tips for Preventing Embezzlement and Employee Theft

If you are a business owner, you might be concerned about employee theft. If you aren’t concerned, perhaps you should be.

There are a number of ways that an employee can steal:

  • Embezzlement money, inventory or materials
  • Skimming – Diverting funds
  • Stealing business opportunities, data or trade secrets
  • Fraudulent disbursements like check tampering or billing schemes
  • Larceny – absolute theft

It might…


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Network for Real Impact

In her blog Stop Looking in the Rear-view Mirror Janine Garner makes the point that our internal networking can have a much greater impact if we network in the right…


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A New Perspective on Vendor Resources for Risk-Informed Decision Making

Most ERM and GRC vendor offerings currently fail to enable the power and value of applying risk management principles to business decision making. If risk management is about making better decisions, then we need to reset the perspective of what qualifies as a risk management vendor resource.…


Added by John Farrell on February 26, 2018 at 6:30pm — 4 Comments

MarketsandMarkets report on VRM Growth by 2022

MarketsandMarkets has published a new report that states that the global vendor risk management market is expected to grow to significantly by the year 2022. The report divides the market by component (solutions vs services), deployment type, organization size, industry segments and region to define the market growth opportunity. MarketsandMarkets is a B2B research firm that employees 850 full-time analysts to track high growth global markets, providing market sizing and strategic…


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New Age Firewall - Identity and Data Driven Security



In a conventional security thinking, IT Security at most of the enterprises follow old ‘Industrial Security Model’ where its considered that assets are held within a perimeter and users must enter the perimeter physically or logically (LAN/VPN) to access the assets and the perimeter is guarded by a gatehouse / guard. In other words, this model is called perimeterised computer network where data and applications is attached to the network and is…


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Understanding and Stopping Criminal Identity Theft

The definition of criminal identity theft is a crime where the criminal impersonates the victim in order to protect their innocence. This can lead to victims getting fines or even getting arrested and charged for crimes they did not commit.

How Does This Happen?

There are a number of ways that a criminal can pull this off, and it generally occurs when the thief steals someone’s identity. This is true and pure identity theft, often involving a…


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C-suite Digital Disruption Risk Alerts: Building a bridge between your products and services and the digital transformation journey of your C-suite and your customers’ C-suite

C-suite Digital Disruption Risk Alerts: Building a bridge between your products and services and the digital transformation journey of your C-suite and your customers’ C-suite

SIMMETHOD new digital transformation algorithms and metrics found that your risk of being disrupted is proportional to your gap to the SIMMETHOD Best In Class and linking your products…


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Don’t be blinded by your technology defenses

I recently created a course on the Global Risk Academy outlining the requirements of GDPR (https://globalriskacademy.com/p/gdpr ). My objective was to guide organizations, other than those in the EU, to understand what they need to do to be GDPR compliant. Having immersed myself in the GDPR I came to realize it represents a quite different perspective on cyber security than currently embraced by many cyber security professionals in the…


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Crisis Leadership - Interview with Caroline Sapriel

Hello, ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to our live discussion about crisis leadership. Today, we have our interview with Caroline Sapriel. Caroline is our member and managing partner at CS&A International, a leading global risk and crisis management firm. She is an experienced international…


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Risk Management and Budget Planning: The Key to Good Forecasting

Here we are. February 2018. For many, February is a trying month. How well are those New Year’s resolutions holding up? Have the early-morning January gym visits started to fade? Are salads getting old? Personal goals aside, here’s one thing we hope won’t decline: the excitement over your freshly finished 2018 budget.

The new year tends to bring about an intense wave…


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DISRUPTION – A shiny object

A great stat in this blog by Brent Hodgson – He can count five or maybe ten true “disrupter” start-ups over recent years out of 32,439 start-ups in AngelList’s directory. And we all know the overall…


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Is Your Small Business Staff Trained in Security Awareness?

The Ponemon Institute released a shocking statistic: about 80% of all corporate data leaks is due to human error. In other words, it only takes a single staff member to cause a huge issue. Here’s a scenario: Let’s say that you have an employee, Betty. Betty is lovely. We love Betty. But when Betty is checking her personal email during her lunch break and sees she has an offer that promises a 10-pound weight loss in only a week, she clicks the link. She wants to learn more about it, so she…


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How to Measure the Business Value and Success of Your Digital Transformation?

How to Measure the Business Value and Success of Your Digital Transformation? Towards new crowd-sourced, holistic and industry-agnostic metrics of strategy execution to improve your 2018 predictions and the success of your digital transformation

The following is a selection of companies that recently consulted SIMMETHOD’s Strategy Execution C-suite and Boardroom Risk Alerts:



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Top 10 Signs of a Malware Infection on Your Computer

Not all viruses that find their way onto your computer dramatically crash your machine. Instead, there are viruses that can run in the background without you even realizing it. As they creep around, they make messes, steal, and much worse.

Malware today spies on your every move. It sees the websites you visit, and the usernames and passwords you type in. If you login to online banking, a criminal can watch what you do and after you log off and go to bed, he can log…


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marcus evans to Host the 13th Annual Liquidity Risk Management Conference on May 2-3, 2018 in New York, NY

marcus evans will host the 13th Annual Liquidity Risk Management Conference on May 2-3, 2018 in New York, NY. In its 13th year, this exclusive meeting will address key changes and new considerations for revolutionizing liquidity risk by building better models and understanding market impacts. By attending this event, delegates will explore the benefits of integrating oversight controls and frameworks for multiple regulations, reacting to market…


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Good vs Bad Surprises

Last week I wrote about Reframing Risk to find opportunities where no one else is looking. A recent blog by a legend thinker Seth Godin (author of 18 books) put a different spin on this for me.

In his blog…


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Onboarding Webinar on February 15: ProcessUnity

To contract a vendor is to initiate a relationship: when you don’t know who you’re really dealing with, you expose your enterprise to risks that can have enduring consequences.

Join ProcessUnity’s 45-minute webcast on Thursday, February 15, 2018 at 11:00 AM EST and see how forward-thinking organizations are…


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Risk & Compliance The Build Versus Buy Debate

An interesting post for anyone talking internally with their team on building a homegrown solution versus purchasing a solution to streamline Third-Party Risk Management. Of course, it's written from the perspective of a software vendor (that's what we do) but the benefits of having a voice in the discussion of what goes into the next generation of a product as a customer in a community of like-minded individuals or knowing that multiple times a year new features will be added can influence…


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The Leadership Team ‘Idea Book’ and their Critical Need to Foster Creativity Labs®

Inspire, Enable, Engage, Empower Your Workforce as Never Before and take your Leadership Team toward Becoming Strategic Leadership

Dr. Ted Marra

Professor Dr. Emeritus, Strategic Leadership, Cotrugli Business School

Sr. Partner, Insights Paradigms

The author of the popular online course: Becoming the Strategic Leader in 6 weeks by Cultivating Your Strategic…


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