April 2020 Blog Posts (56)

Dairy Protein Products And Their Extensive Applications

Dairy products have succeeded in riding the wave of various food trends worldwide. Overall, dairy producers have stayed ahead of the curve on increasing consumer demand for safer, more accessible products, capitalizing on their intrinsic bone and digestive health halo, and meeting market expectations for more protein and clean label goods with new product creation and innovation.…


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why the banking industry must prove its worth during the COVID-19 crisis

The global COVID-19 crisis has triggered the most disruptive period to British society in peacetime history. The impact on the public and our healthcare system has been devastating, and…


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Healthcare CRO Services and Pharma: A Bird Eye’s View

Healthcare CRO services industry found its initial foundation when pharmaceutical companies were able to do all of their in-house R&D, but were often faced with capacity issues, and it was this occasional need for excess capacity, where resources were limited, that led to the creation of the first CROs. By then, for many other reasons, sponsors have opted to outsource R&D operations, including obtaining resources that are not available in-house, achieving a decrease in fixed prices,…


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5 Ways to Update the Office After the Lockdown is Lifted

While employees are having to work from home, and the empty office collects dust it’s a good time to consider modernising the office for when your staff to return. Offices can be dull places to be so it’s in every employer’s interest to help their staff love their workspace. With safety and style in mind here are 5 updates to consider

First Up: Safety 

Once the lockdown as stopped…


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India Plant Shutdown and Resumptions

  • Indian Oil to Resume Work at Paradip-Hyderabad Pipeline Project

Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) Ltd. has resumed work on its prestigious INR 3800 crore, cross-country Paradip-Hyderabad petroproduct pipeline project in Andhra Pradesh and Odisha. The operations restarted…


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Keeping Your Employees Morale High During the Outbreak

Having to work from home isn’t something that everyone likes but during the COVID-19 pandemic it’s the safest option for your employees. If you’re lucky enough to be in an industry that gives you the ability to work from home then you should take the governments advice and sending your staff home. But how can you keep your employee motivated and working efficiently? Here’s a look at 5 tips to keeping your colleagues morale up during this unfortunate…


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Variable Frequency Drive Industry Trends and Applications

Over the past few years, power electronics technology has reduced VFD costs and size and increased performance through developments in semiconductor switching systems, drive topologies, simulation and control technologies, and hardware and software operation. Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) are a green energy efficiency device that compares the amount of work or load on the engine to the amount of energy it takes to…


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[Covid-19 Impact monitor] Interview with Sjoerd Leemhuis, CEO at Owlin

This is a transcript of our interview with Sjoerd Leemhuis, Founder and CEO of Owlin.

You can watch the original video interview here…


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Adaptive Leadership through Listening

Listening is important in any conversation. However, listening to the voices that you don’t normally hear from is critical at this time. Those from outside your normal circle of trusted advisers.

I run a …


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Claims Like Never Before – Agility, Leadership and Collaboration for a Seamless Claims Experience

Through this time of rapid change and extreme uncertainty, both customers and the claims workforce need more support and care than ever before.

How can insurers deliver the optimal experience for both employees and customers through a time of unprecedented change?…


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Ambulance Services Are Gaining Huge Demand With Advancements In Emergency Services

With a significant rise in the number of emergency cases, the need of the hour is to transport the patients to the nearest hospital as soon as possible. Ambulance services provide an ambulance that is medically equipped and transports patients to care centers, such as hospitals. In certain cases the patient is given out-of-hospital medical treatment. Emergency services hire ambulances to respond to medical emergencies. In…


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Business Process Improvement: From Process Maturity Framework (PMF) to Business Process Maturity Model (BPMM)

Unsuccessful software applications cost organizations significant efforts and resources.  The reasons for these failed ventures are often attributed to technology issues.  However, the real issue is flaws in business processes—the enterprise application deployment environment and the ecosystem which the application targets.

This calls for ensuring the…


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OPBAS report shows improvement on paper but questions remain

Back in early 2019, the Office for Professional Body Anti-Money Laundering Supervision (OPBAS) issued its first report setting out supervisory findings of the 22 Professional Body Supervisors (the PBS). It made for uncomfortable reading and…


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Thermal Scanners Industry Witnesses a Boost as Coronavirus Spreads

Millions are locked down at home due to the coronavirus pandemic, but many others still have to go to work in industries such as food preparation, shipping, and manufacturing, particularly medical equipment. FLIR, which manufactures thermal cameras for capturing and tracking military intelligence, claims they've seen an "exponential" rise in sales to industrial customers who want to scan workers for a fever — a primary symptom of COVID-19.…


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U.S. Chemical Industry Outlook “Gloomy” As Coronavirus Cases Cross 8.2 Lakh in the Country

As per the recent interim updates by the American Chemistry Council (ACC),  there is significant uncertainty in the projections of the U.S. chemical industry as it analyzes the potential impacts of Covid-19 which has caused indefinite halt in the country’s manufacturing activities and muted trading. ACC projects the world trade to plummet by 10.5%…


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The Physical Vapor Deposition And The Major Use Cases Of This Industry

Technological advancements are a significant growth factor for the global physical vapor deposition (PVD) industry. The increasing need for highly sophisticated surface-related properties such as super-plasticity, magnetic, optical, electronic and catalytic properties, advanced mono-structured coatings also contributes to the growth of this market. The rising performance and environmental benefits provided by these…


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Owlin Covid-19 Impact Monitor

Dear All,

Owlin wants to contribute in these turbulent times when it comes to leveraging Natural Language Processing (NLP) to inform the world on the key drivers of the COVID-19 crisis and therefore developed the Owlin Covid-19 Impact Monitor.

Most people are by now familiar with the Johns Hopkins COVID-19 Monitor, which looks into global daily cases and…


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Wearable AI Trends In Healthcare Amid The COVID-19 Outbreak

Since the advent of wearable technology in healthcare, data collection and the leverage of predictive health analytics to improve patient service has been increasingly easy for healthcare companies. By using data generated by wearable devices, companies can monitor the exact problem areas and offer treatment as required. Wearable healthcare technology is helpful to both professionals and patients and a technical change of the…


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India’s Petrochemical Sector Eyes on Better Days After Relaxed Lockdown Restrictions

The US oil market plummeted to 18-year lows and below $18 a barrel on Friday following a hike as the demand for oil witnessed a downfall with storage facilities touching their limits. The WTI crude fell to $28 a barrel with anticipations that the stocks may keep filling till May.

Visit more info: …


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Best Practices for Hospital to Decrease Risk

Hospitals are considered places in society where patients can feel safe and looked after. This is why mitigating unnecessary risk is a high priority in healthcare organizations. Rules and regulations around risk in healthcare are constantly being updated and reviewed to ensure staff and patient safety.

As standard, there should be steps that healthcare risk managers should comply in ensuring that the…


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