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Top Trends of the Fire Alarm And Detection

Fire detection and alarm systems have emerged as a new light for the fire safety community. Fire protection engineers, fire officials, and building owners have obtained a new appreciation for the cost-effective role fire alarm systems play in protecting buildings and their residents from fire. Recent advancements in fire alarms technologies include human sensitivity adjustment for smoke detectors,



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10 ways financial risk management software helps businesses

In the business environment there is not much scope for errors or problems that hinder the company's development and productivity, so financial management software is indispensable. 

In addition to automating your business processes and increasing the security of information storage, there are many other benefits that financial…


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Smart Organizational Design Approach vs. Traditional Reorganization Approaches

Business environment has transformed drastically from what it was a century ago.  It has become immensely challenging due to competition, disruptive technologies, laws, and globalization.  These challenges warrant better performance to address customer needs and to survive—and outpace—intense competition.  Consequently, organizations have become…


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How Are Cancer Registry Trends Driving The Cancer Registry Software Market Growth

The cancer registry software simplifies data collection for national and state registries and also helps to monitor the effectiveness of different treatment strategies. Cancer is among the main causes of morbidity and mortality. Population Based Cancer Registries (PBCRs) plays a crucial role in the creation and evaluation of cancer prevention plans. As cancer grows more and more, the cancer registry is of great…


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waves of change: process automation delivers effective and efficient KYC

Since 2001, during the ‘first wave’ of Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Terrorism Financing (AML/CTF) compliance, the approach taken by reporting entities is to assign the work of Know Your Customer (KYC) almost exclusively to human…


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Chemical Giants Fight on The Frontlines in The World’s Battle Against Novel Coronavirus

Chemical manufacturing companies are continuously coming up with concerned initiatives to assist against Coronavirus which is submitting to extreme highs with hopes of abatement. With rising number of cases, the demand for essential chemical feedstock required in the healthcare industry is showing an incredible surge, compelling the indulged companies…


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Over The Air Transmission Platform Trends That Shape The Broadcasting Industry

The broadcasting industry is evolving its television channel platform through the implementation of advanced technology transmission systems, alongside advancements in the technology. The broadcasting sector has experienced a lot of changes in transmission technologies over the last few years. Over-the-Air (OTA) transmissio is also one of the television industry's new technology…


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[Pandemic Resource Kit] How to Mitigate Risk for Your Business During an Outbreak

I hope you're safe and healthy during these crisis times. 

We in GlobalRisk Community just compiled the best resources, posts and tools shared by our members on how to mitigate Risk for your business during a Pandemic.

We analyzed dozens of best practices, policies and procedures of both…


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Asian Companies Welcoming Gains, Turn Optimistic as the Virus Seems to Depart

Asian Petrochemical sector witnessed a sudden rise in share values on high hopes of outbreak coming to an end after summiting to the highest record in the worst hit areas. The industry further underwent a sigh of relief with oil prices edging high after significant cuts in U.S. shale gas production this month. In addition, cautious optimism over the restart of production in several industrial sectors of India such as fertilizers, plastic manufacturing, automobile, rubber, agrochemicals…


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What’s Trending In The Healthcare Supply Chain Management?

Healthcare supply chain management can be a daunting job due to its fragmented nature. It is where control of the supply chain of healthcare is essential for organizations. Supply chain management in healthcare includes planning, designing, implementing, monitoring and tracking the movement of products and services.

This allows…


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Devolve Decision Making

Devolving decision making is another key element of Adaptive Leadership. At its core, devolved decision making is about recognising that you and your trusted inner circle of advisers don’t have all the…


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Whitepaper: The Answer is Multiple Choice

A truly innovative claims process puts customers first.

Technology is an important enabler for innovative claims but understanding how, when, why and where the customer wants human interaction and having the skills to deliver it is often the critical last mile.

Insurance Nexus, part of Reuters Events asked three industry leaders to reveal their unique take on insurance claims innovation. To download the free whitepaper, with contributions from…


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Petrochemical Industry Experiences a Roller Coaster Ride as Further Downside Awaits

International Plant Shutdown NewsInternational Plant Shutdown News

Exxon Mobil Halts Drilling Operations in Cyprus Energy

Exxon Mobil, the U.S. based multinational oil and gas company, has announced suspension of its two Cypriot gas drills scheduled for July 2020 till September 2021.…


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All You Need to Know About the Contrast Media

Contrast media enhance and boost image quality (or pictures), so that the radiologist (a medical doctor qualified to analyze the pictures and give a written report to the patient's physician or medical) may report more reliably on how the body functions and whether there is any illness or abnormality present.



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Walking Aids Market And Mobility Industry Trends

A lot of people with disabilities have a major problem with mobility. Mobility aids such as electric wheelchairs, lift vans, and rollers have been developed by technology. Mobility aids are used for people with diabetes, MS, Parkinson's disease, back pain, cerebral palsy, and many other physical restricting conditions for people with disabilities and/or health problems also called Ambulation aids.…


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Pandemic Policy Analysis -- 9 April 2020

The COVID19 Report

delivered daily | complimentary first month free | powered by patented technology www.policyscope.io…


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Human Growth Hormone Applications and Key Market Trends

Growth hormone (GH) treatment has been a prevalent treatment for children with severe growth hormone deficiency (GHD). Nevertheless, today, with an excess of recombinant human growth hormon(rhGH), it is also used to treat a wide range of other conditions. RhGH may be used to treat short-term GH deficiency (GHD), insufficiency, and other disorders leading to poor growth.…


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Invidem partners with Encompass and iMeta Technologies to make KYC data handling easier

With the goal of making the management of KYC data more efficient and effective, Know Your Customer (KYC) company Invidem, owned by leading Nordic banks, has signed long-term agreements with innovative IT solution providers Encompass and…


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Lingering Logistics and Tumbling Crude are Bringing Austerity to The Chemical Markets

Key Headlines

  • Oil prices rebound on hopes for a positive outcome during Saudi-Russia meeting
  • Asian refiners cut operating rates as demand collapses further
  • Exxon to reduce it capital expenditure by 30% to adapt to falling…

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Medical Devices Advancements Bring New Trends For Medical Imaging Workstations

Advanced medical imaging offers improved image quality, fewer doses, and faster process timings. Medical imaging workstations have evolved dramatically over the past few years, which have compelled businesses to focus more on improving technology and provide public access to the software.…


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