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[Enterprise Social Software] - market analysis and vendors evaluation

The enterprise social software market is exploding thanks to converging trends of consumerization, cloud, and mobile. In this must-read report, "The Forrester Wave: Activities Streams, Q2 2012", Forrester Research Inc. evaluated five social software vendors with core strengths in the stream based on the overall strength of vendors' current offerings, a clear product strategy, and vendor market presence.  

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Leveraging Security Risk Intelligence: The Strategic Value of Measuring Real Risk

The ongoing struggle to prevent hackers from breaching assets and malware from gaining a foothold requires a vulnerability management strategy that begins with a comprehensive measurement of security risk. Organizations must examine the entire IT stack, including the operating system, network, applications, and databases. These new technologies include dynamic, virtualized environments and services outside traditional…

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Bright Side?

There’s always a bright side to things, just ask the markets.

All three headline composites of the latest Case Shiller home price index were lower for the first quarter 2012. In fact, home prices in many cities are at the lowest levels since the housing crisis began.

This “good news” combined with the other “good news,” Greece being such a gigantic financial disaster that it’s getting kicked out of the Euro, propelled the market higher.

If we are going to…


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Cold Wars 1, 2

Cold War 1 was from 1945-1991, with US & Russia, China on sidelines BUT aiding Korea & Vietnam.


Cold War 2 from 1991 Gulf War to Today with renewed China & 2nd Soviet empire rising.

China has stealth fighters, a aircraft carrier, tested sub launch missile off CA & her huge Army.


US vs China, but China owns our debt.


Total GlobalRisk alone from


Nuclear War



The Chinese hate…


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Countering the Alien Threat ET

Many sci fic movies have shown the ET alien threat since War of the Worlds radiocast in 1938 etc.


But on Science Channel, they had piece on Realistically looking at ET Threat & had these assessments:


o ET will use EMP devices to freeze worldwide Electronics.

IE No Dish TV, No EFTs, no car starting


o ET would use Kinetic discharge weapon to pillage the Earth.


ET will fear our…


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Countering Terrorisim


OK armed citizenry

Make public so citizenry can act on data

Combine Intelligence agencies??

Combine data.

Reorganize Intelligence.

Expand" front" Co/

Hire Non types IE say Non IT for IT positions not req say programming?

CUT DoD waste for Data.

Drones over US Mex area.

Merge with counter piracy issues.

ID money trail.

More indoor gun clubs estd for Public use.


alone can deter…


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Space Debris Market

Space debris racing thru Orbital space at say 10K mps can wreck havoc on manned spacecraft & satellites.


It can be the basis for a 350B Business alone,.


See Dan Weiss on Facebook.


Clearing Space Debris:


o Use giant magnet to attract the metal objects.

o giant fishnet to collect miscl objects

o shot to the Sun or Moon.

o Take some pieces to Earth for Reuse??

o some to a…


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Concentration Risk

Concentration risk is the "spread" of outstanding obligors or specifically the level of diversity that exists across a bank's loan portfolios. The lower the diversity, the higher the credit concentration risk.

In this blog post we look at the stress testing aspects around concentration risk and a presentation has also been…


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Death By Liquidity

‘Shortage in liquidity will kill you instantly and excess liquidity will kill you over time’ is a well-known industry saying which serves as a very real warning to banks across the globe of the dangers of poor liquidity management.

These dangers are highlighted even more starkly by the waves of change that are washing over the banking world, ranging from Europe’s painfully drawn out debt issues to last month’s revelations that four major US banks failed their latest rounds of…


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Counter Piracy Tactics


Lure Yachts.


Armed crew with hidden weapons.


Raid shore bases.


lay mines.


Use Navy SEALs for missions or Mercenaries.


House hidden arms on ships IE deck guns ala Q ships WW2.


Train crew to use guns.


Pvt armed escort ships?


New insurace from London.


Globalwide Counter Piracy Organz??


Have trained Gun crews with crew on select…


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GR Futures

Counter ID Fraud






ID Theft


Auto, Aero armoring Companies


Mercenary Companies, Assocs.


Military Exp companies.


Insurance Co.


Patent theft.


All involve GR worldwide.


Host GR Cybercrimes Conference, worldwide.


Travel & Tourisim Crimes.


Piracy worldwide esp near…


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14 techniques for modelling Loss Data

In general only a handful of businesses correctly capture Operational Risk Loss Data and of those that do, only a small number of risk units in these firms are modelling their risk data in a coherent manner. After a bit of research on the internet and in various other channels, it has become relatively apparent that there isn't a comprehensive list of potential models which can be uses for understanding Operational…


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The Future Of Data Security And Privacy: Controlling Big Data

In the never-ending race to stay ahead of the competition, companies are developing advanced capabilities to store, process, and analyze vast amounts of data from social networks, sensors, IT systems, and other sources to improve business intelligence and decisioning capabilities.

This report will help security and risk professionals understand how to control and properly protect sensitive information in this era of big data.

Learn more:===⇒…


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Treasure Data: Cloud Data Warehouse - Take Our Survey - Win an iPad!

We'd like to get your input on how you see Big Data and Cloud Data Warehousing. Please take our 10 question survey and give us your input. Everyone who completes the survey will be entered into a drawing for an iPad. The survey closes on May 25th at noon Pacific and the new iPad owner will be notified on May 29th


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Risk Leadership - Creating Risk Champions


One approach for embedding a risk management culture across your enterprise is to develop a team of risk champions within your business. What should you expect of them and how should you equip them?


The answers to these questions are not straight forward. When you are dealing with cultural change the strategies that work best will depend on a myriad of elements that have occurred or will be occurring in your organisation. Here are some practical questions to ask…


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Currency of the new millenium

As if EUR, USD and other currencies did not have enough shocks yet, here comes another: bitcoin

Bitcoin is a new kind of currency: it is the first truly digital currency. It uses peer-to-peer technology to enable instant payments to anyone, anywhere in the world.

Bitcoin comes with its own currency exchange where one can…


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Global Derivatives 2012 Flashback

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The Loss Data Process

Building a loss reporting database for operational risk. What you need & links to some outstanding risk systems.

In our last blog posting on Monte Carlo and Loss Data we described the importance of the Loss Data exercise. A few people have personally emailed me asking for more information on this aspect of risk management,…


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ISO 31000 for banks

A presentation on ISO 31000 for banks.

A presentation that looks at ISO 31000 in the banking domain. Why ISO 31000 is compatible with Basel, why ISO 31000 can value-add a Basel risk framework.…


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Remove the “Subjectivity” out of your Project Cost Reserves

Here’s a common Project Manager story:

You, the Project Manager is creating the budget for your project. Your high level WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) is ready and you have the high level estimates needed for a budget baseline.

As a smart Project Manager, you will add a contingency (20-25%, which is common practice nowadays) to account for unknown events that may add to your cost. In that way, you save your project from going over budget. So far so good.

It seems like you…


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