May 2013 Blog Posts (20)

We have the Tools to End Too Big To Fail

My piece on Dodd-Frank and Title I and II in Bank Think section of American Banker.

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Risk Leadership: My Must Dos for Business Continuity Management

Risk Leadership: My Must Dos for Business Continuity Management

Thanks to Rita for getting me moving on a Business Continuity article.  A topic I have neglected in this newsletter for quite some…


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Levelling the trading playing field

According to The Economist algorithmic trading and high-frequency trading (HFT), virtually unknown until about six years ago, now account for almost 70% of the flow of orders on the main exchanges. Since the introduction of electronic trading there has always been more advanced solutions breaking through to help traders gain a competitive advantage. In…


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T2S – another ‘euro fantasy’?

Like the single European currency and the Channel Tunnel, another ‘euro fantasy’ is now reality. T2S (TARGET2-Securities) is ambitious: a new, bespoke technology solution providing a best-of-breed settlement model. It will handle a substantial portion of European transaction volumes, transferring securities against payment across many different geographies.

We have seen a series of cross-border mergers of market infrastructures, creating the conditions for the development of a single…


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With Health Insurance and Healthcare costs continuing to skyrocket and access to trained Doctors decreasing, something needs to change.  The current system is expensive, wasteful, and inefficient.  We are proposing a new Gatekeeper Model that will provide Employees greater access to Doctors at a fraction of the cost with far better outcomes.



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Dodd-Frank and Extraterritoriality

The potential foreign reach of the CFTC's derivatives rules is one of the most contentious issued in derivatives markets reform.  Read more here.

Dodd-Frank and Extraterritoriality

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ERM: 5 Steps to Success

Most agree that working from the top down, meaning to first identify corporate objectives, then focus on the details of how to achieve them is what most managers wish they could be doing more of. However, the reality is most managers are so busy with…


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Whitepaper by Karim Taleb of Robust Methods on the Federal Reserve Open Market Committee and its effects on the S&P 500

Karim Taleb, Managing Partner of Robust Methods, kindly provided this whitepaper on the Federal Reserve and money creation, and its effects on the S&P 500.

Download the whitepaper here.

“The effects of the…


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A Game Changer for Workers' Compensation


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Mobile Marketing History and Trends

In 1973, the first mobile portable handset was invented by Martin Cooper. This would not be on the market for another 20 years. In 1992, the first text message was sent by Neil Papworth from his computer to Richard Jarvis’s mobile phone. 1993 was the year when the first mobile phone capable of sending and…


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ERM Philippines

Enterprise Risk Management means alternate things to different people but the general angle risk analysts seem to take; is to create a risk assessment program or tick list sheet, then torture staff in their company to assess what they often don't fully understand.  This is fine but that is not Enterprise Risk Management in my opinion.  ERM is beyond simple risk assessments or check lists and it should consider…


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Turning business challenges into opportunities: optimising derivatives operations

We all know the business drivers for re-engineering OTC derivatives operations, from the new extensive requirements for central counterparty clearing (CCP) connectivity to the changes in regulated fund mandates such as UCITS III. This exercise doesn’t have to be just a cost centre, driven by requirements to comply with regulatory demand. Why not take this opportunity to boost efficiencies in OTC and broader derivatives operations, reduce admin and reporting burden and free up more time…


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Shifting reconciliation up from manual to automated

There’s no denying the hard work that goes into the comprehensive automation, consolidation and streamlining of reconciliation solutions. But once the resulting efficiencies have been obtained by an institution, is the job done? Well, not quite.


For banks, efficiency certainly has the potential to be the gift that keeps on giving, helping reduce operational costs and risk on a long-term basis. Its continuance, however, relies on ongoing commitment. In fact, leave any…


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Why should a trading firm try to be an IT firm?

It used to be the case that the more complex your trading infrastructure, the larger your IT team needed to be. Systems specialists, networking gurus, database administrators, telephony and IT support were all needed to manage these systems front-to-back, globally.

Arguably, things have become even more complex in recent years – multi-asset, multi-jurisdictional strategies need to be combined with more onerous regulatory oversight and more demanding client expectations. IT budgets…


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A Cost Saving Strategy For Fully Insured and Self-Funded Plans!

A Custom Combination of 24/7 Expert Medical Advice From Trained Emergency Professionals and Professional Strength Medical Supplies Providing cost-savings with a Verifiable ROI!

With Few Employee Benefit Strategies Contributing to Verifiable Cost-Savings Related to Health Insurance…


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New Member Welcome

I want to thank whomever is responsible for choosing me as a featured member for this month.


While new to this group, I am not new to the risk management community.  For a number of years I was an entrepreneur with several start ups.  I based my leap into entrepreneurship on 13 years on the business side of four major newspaper in Des Moines, IA, Chicago Tribune, Charlotte (NC) Observer, and Memphis (TN) Publishing Company.  Rising through the corporate ranks to the…


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Risk Leadership: 3LoD

Risk Leadership: 3LoD …


Added by Bryan Whitefield on May 1, 2013 at 1:59am — 2 Comments

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