May 2018 Blog Posts (20)

The Strategic Management Frameworks and the Delta Model: Putting Customers Before Products

The Strategic Management Frameworks and the Delta Model: Putting Customers Before Products

The Dangers of the Conventional Definition of Strategy

Strategy as Rivalry…


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Buyer Centric Funnel Design: Why Do We Need Sales Process

Buyer Centric Funnel Design: Why Do We Need Sales Process

By David Skok

Source: For…


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We’ve never had a conversation like that before

It’s here. Winning Conversations: How to turn red tape into blue ribbon. Plenty of blood, sweat but not an ounce of tears has gone into my second book. I loved writing it. I love the core message intertwined through it. You should and most definitely can show the revenue producers, the policy makers, the senior leaders that your advice is not red tape, it is in fact…


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Why Cybersecurity Risk Is a Top Priority: Facts and Figures

Chief risk officers and heads of operational risk responded to a survey held by and identified their top risk concerns. Their number one concern was IT disruption, while their second highest concern was data compromise. Why is cybersecurity risk on everyone’s mind?

For one thing, technology is an inescapable reality of every business. Even the smallest of mom and pop shops have an…


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We must cure mollisvitaephobia

Mollisvitaephobia is fear of soft skills.

Ok. You got me. I made it up by translating soft skills into Latin. Why? Because there is most definitely an ailment in organisations that needs fixing and it needs a name.

There is a bias towards technical training at the expense of soft skills training.

Want proof? How about these gems from…


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Are Your Employees Putting Your Company at Risk? Here’s How to Find Out!

Even if you have the best security on your computer network, you might have noticed that you still seem to get hacked…or worse. Ask Equifax. Why is this happening? It’s probably because a member of your staff has made it easy for cyber criminals to get inside. It’s really important that you find out who this person is, and keep in mind…it might be more than just one. And it may not even involve security technology.

Part of the problem here, is that employees who…


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Innovation in Business Lending & Credit Risk

Many FIs are looking to SMB lending as a source of growth, but at the same time mindful of credit risk that can increase if the loans are made with hasty underwriting. Sageworks, a financial information company that offers portfolio risk software, was just awarded the Innovation Award for Business Lending due to the company's headway into automating SMB lending processes while offering to benchmark, global cash flow analysis and other functionalities that allow FIs to quickly and…


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Learning How to Test and Learn

Learning How to Test and Learn



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Frozen in time by data talk

Is your board showing signs of being either completely over the data thing or are they frozen in time because no one has been able to give them a logical path forward? Both situations have the same cause, everyone is sitting around staring at the data tree of life, pondering all that can be, and no one is stepping up to start the process by picking the low hanging…


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Wells Fargo Ad Campaign Misses the Mark: Overcoming Failure with Better Risk Management

This week, Wells Fargo launched a new ad campaign called Re-Established. The goal is to gain back customer trust after their repeat failures in risk management. It won’t work.

I’ve talked a lot about the…


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10 Internet Security Myths that Small Businesses Should Be Aware Of

Most small businesses don’t put as much focus on internet security as they probably should. If you are a small business owner or manager, not focusing on internet security could put you in a bad spot. Are you believing the myths about internet security or are you already using best practices? Here’s a few of the most common myths…take a look to see where you truly stand:

Myth – All You Need is a Good Antivirus Program

Do you have a good…


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Boaring Conversations

It takes about eight hours of someone’s time, your time, your team’s time to give a senior executive team or board 15 minutes of advice. Those 15 minutes simply can’t be wasted!

Over the last four weeks I have taken you through the four key elements of my Pathfinder Model for a winning conversation.…


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When Your Vendor Says 'Your Data Was Breached - Six Months Ago.'

What’s worse than a vendor that suffers a data breach that exposes your sensitive customer information? The answer: A vendor that waits almost six months to tell you about it.

That’s the issue that both Sears and Delta Air Lines are facing after a malware attack on each of the company’s online chat services vendors. Hundreds of…


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Freezing Your Child's Credit: What You Need to Know

You might not think about this, but identity thieves really want your child’s Social Security number. If they get this number, they can do a lot, including buying a car, renting an apartment, opening a credit card account, or getting a mortgage. The Social Security numbers of children are great for the bad guys for several reasons:

  • Generally, children have a clean record
  • Crooks can use these numbers to obtain credit
  • Kids usually don’t check…

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marcus evans to Host the 2nd Edition Digital Transformation in Wealth Management Conference on September 24-26, 2018 in San Francisco

marcus evans will host the 2nd Edition Digital Transformation in Wealth Management Conference on September 24-26, 2018 in San Francisco. This conference will provide wealth managers with practical tools for developing a consistent and firm-wide digital adoption strategy allowing them to expand their client base and offerings. Industry experts will assess the best practices for leveraging and scaling robo-advice alongside traditional advice and how…


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How To Leverage The Changing Tax Landscape?

A Message From Our partner:


The 2017 tax law reform has opened up unprecedented opportunities for corporations to focus on…


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Secret Self-Defense Weapons You Might Not Know About

Do you have a secret self-defense weapon on hand that you don’t even know about?

Here’s a few:

Canes. Might seem obvious…but…

Your first instinct would probably be to swing the cane like a baseball bat. However, this isn’t the best way. An attacker can easily grab it, dodge it, or deflect it. Instead, take a class to learn how to correctly yield your cane.

  • If you use a cane, consider taking a “cane-fu” class.
  • The…

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Protect Your Company with This Social Media Security Advice

Social media is an excellent tool for small businesses, yet, the use of social media by small business staff can definitely put the company in danger. Many small business owners and managers don’t realize this.

Recently, I was talking to employees of a credit union about what to do in a robbery. Before this presentation, police officers had staged a robbery in the same credit union. The fake robbery was so real, some of the tellers were brought to tears, thinking…


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New Regulatory Guidance About Cybersecurity Insurance

Does your institution need cybersecurity insurance? Is it required? If utilized, are there rules? Cybersecurity insurance can protect against financial loss in the event of a cyber incident, but there are many intricate details.

The Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) members have provided a joint statement to help financial…


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Being Incredible to Boards

While I am sure there is more to the story about law firm Clayton Utz and their report for AMP, but how do you think their credibility as a provider of independent advice was impacted by this simple line in this news article…


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