May 2019 Blog Posts (43)

Superfast Transport System Market Growth and Industry Size (2020, 2024, and 2028)

The superfast transport system market is estimated to be valued at $XX million in 2020 and is expected to reach $XX million by 2024, registering a CAGR of XX% between 2020 and 2024 when considering neutral scenario. The growth is mainly attributed to the successful development and implementation of superfast transport system in six trial phase projects. However, most of the countries are expected to be reluctant to invest in the superfast transport system market.

Request the…


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Seamless Claims Using Innovative Tech – Generali and If P&C Join Exclusive Webinar

The competition between European insurers has never been greater. As impactful technology becomes cheaper to access and more widely available, insurers must meet customer needs and demands now, or lose their customers forever; outdated products, inefficient processes and poor customer service are no longer acceptable.

As insurance’s…


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All about Filing of Form AOC-4: A better future for company

What is AOC-4 Form filling?

Every year the financial statements of a company need to be registered with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs(MCA). For filling the financial statements with MCA form is AOC-4.In the Company's annual general meeting the form AOC-4 is submitted with the MCA for every Financial Year within 30 days.

Adjacent with AOC-4 form, the documents like :

  • Auditors’ report
  • Board’s…

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3D Scanning is an Emerging and Realization Technology

3D Scanning has emerged as modern technology to analyze real-world objects to collect data on their appearance. Demands are growing and applications are also growing. 3D Scanning helps to understand how complex parts and shapes work and helps develop a better product. 3D scanners are an ace technology for maintaining a high degree of automation of quality assurance.…


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Decoding the DOJ’s Guidelines: An Insider’s Guide

Attend this webinar  Decoding the DOJ’s Guidelines: An Insider's Guideto get insight into the recently updated DOJ guidance. 


Hear the perspective of Hui Chen, original author of the Department of Justice's compliance guideline,…


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Only two weeks left to secure your place!

With just two weeks to go until Intelligent Automation & AI In Insurance Europe (May 21, London), we’re almost at maximum capacity and expect to sell out this week!

Register now before it's too late!

We’ve added some fantastic speakers to the agenda this…


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Electric Vehicle Fast Charging System Market Share and Research Report (2019-2029)

Fast charging system for light duty vehicles are currently the most advanced commercialized EV charging system and is commonly known as DC fast charger, which charges through approximately a 480V direct-current (DC) plug. These charging systems are designed to provide maximum charge to electric vehicles with minimum time and are capable of charging…


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Agriculture Drones and Robots Market Size and Industry Report (2018-2028)

The demand for agricultural robots is growing owing to the increasing applications in agriculture areas including precision crop farming, livestock monitoring and management, indoor farming, aquaculture, forestry, and orchards, among others. Farmers across the world are using autonomous tractors to reduce multiple trips for farm monitoring, further leading to reduction in crop damage, and fuel consumption. Moreover, there has been a surge in the utilization of milking robots by livestock…


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A Paradigm Shift to Eco-Friendly Packaging With Liquid Packaging Cartons

Cartons ensure longer product shelf-life, minimal wastage, and comfort, which remain some of the main reasons for sustained global sales of liquid packaging carton. Factors such as the recycling ability and environmental friendliness of liquid packaging cartons have been observed to attract beverage producers to adopt innovative packaging materials to introduce new packaging solutions on the global market place for…


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Gazetted Officer: Aspects of getting documents attested

Gazetted Officer

A senior government official whose appointment is published in the Gazette of India or any State Government Gazette, he/she is called Gazetted. Their authority of using an official stamp comes from the President of India or the Governors of States. To put it simply, they represent the Indian State and the President.

Important identification & certification documents, to avail various government and…


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Leading the business savvy in a learning organisation

My recent blogs have been on leading learning organisations 2020s style (see figure below). This week I concentrate on the business savvy leaders in organisations. For example, the street smart, politically smart and strongly determined leaders that make things happen.

"Being business savvy is a terrific skill. A skill that can be learned.…


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Why your business need Compliance Management System

Compliance management system has become one of the most important and fundamental concern for all the organization specifically in financial institutions. With the help of compliance management tracking software, companies are able to track, save and identify data, risk, threat and fraud. This system ensures that the whole organization is synced with each other and having updates regarding all the happenings and information of the company where they are also…


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Want to be a Cybercriminal? Try Facebook

When you think of a cybercriminal, you probably picture someone in a black hoodie in a dark room on the dark web, but most cybercriminals are out there in plain sight, including on Facebook.

Talos, a cybersecurity firm, found that people can easily join Facebook groups, and then participate in cybercrime including buying and selling credit card info, obtaining spamming tools, or even getting account logins and passwords. All in all, these groups have almost 400,000…


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Bone Densitometer Machine: Explore DEXA or DXA System

Bone Densitometers: The Recognized Standard for Measuring Bone Material Density

It is anticipated that, by 2040, around 78 million (26%) US adults aged 18 and over will have doctor-diagnosed arthritis. The disease is however found more common among the geriatric population with increasing the risk of arthritis with age. Arthritis is much more prevalent in women than in men. Elderly patients have relatively weaker bones and are more likely to fall as a result of poorer…


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The reality of AI: overcoming the hype to reach substance

Setting aside the hype of AI and delivering real value for businesses is not easy. There are so many products and services touting to include ‘artificial intelligence’ as part of their offering, with almost ‘silver bullet’ potential, that there has to be an element of sympathy with IT leaders who are tasked with deciphering what is genuinely a good product, and what is merely a product that has just been rebranded and marketed as ‘AI’ but has the same fundamental capabilities it did five or…


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Product Strategy: How to Implement Smart Customization without Adding Complexity to the Business?

Customers, these days, demand ever-higher levels of personalized products and services to suit their needs. Their demand is grounded on technological disruption and access to up-to-date information. They believe that in an economy characterized by disruption and operational innovation—that makes customization possible—they have an excellent chance of…


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Risks of Artificial Intelligence

Elon Musk, the man behind Tesla Motors' electric car and SpaceX, already warned us: Artificial Intelligence (AI) is likely to become the greatest threat to society. Even astronomer Stephen Hawking and other scientists warned us. But a monster created by ourselves that wants to destroy humanity raises many questions.

When you think of AI, the first thing that might pop into your head are the Hollywood films where evil…


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Best Practices in Subsidiary Management

Blueprint OneWorld Logo-CMYK-Horizontal-Short-2017.png


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Smart Customization: A Mainstay of Successful Product Strategy

The advantages of Smart Customization are more visible in the manufacturing industry—owing to fairly speedy cash recoveries when factory costs are aligned to customer value. It is becoming an…


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New Phone Scam Scares with Social Security Sham

We all get scam phone calls, but the newest one is meant to scare. When you pick up the phone, you get a message that your Social Security number is suspended due to suspicious activity, and then prompts the victim to speak with an agent to get help.

The FTC makes something very clear: your Social Security number cannot be suspended for any reason, so any call that states your SSN is under suspension is a scam. What they are really trying to do is to trick you into…


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