June 2016 Blog Posts (28)

Carders cashing out on Magstrip Cards

Two thousand credit card payment terminals stand to become infected with malware called Trinity point of sales.

Ten million credit cards were stolen by hackers, called Fin6, who may end up scoring $400 million. The cards were stolen from retail and hospitality businesses. If each card sells for $21 on secret carder shops, you can see how the hackers will rake in hundreds of millions of dollars.

As you may know, the U.S. is gradually switching over to chip…


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"Help! I've got this document to write..."

As a risk professional, you're under a lot of pressure to write documents. Maybe it's a methodology manual, validation report, or other document you’re expected to write for your regulator; a status report for the board; or even that very important email. Whatever it is, some of the following worries probably sound very familiar to you:

"I've got to write a report and I don't know where to start - what's the best way to do it?"

"It's taking me ages to edit this Word document -…


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From Problem Phase to “Compellation” Phase

This blog was inspired by a blog by sales specialist Anthony Iannarino called “Win More by Serving Your Buyers Where They Are”.  In my experience, not enough of us consider the need to “sell” our advice when we are influencing or advising inside our organisation.

The person or group you are influencing or advising will generally be in one of three phases.

Problem Compelled –…


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The Power Your Thoughts Have on Health and Longevity

Research Shows the Power Your Thoughts Have on Health and Longevity





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Mondragon: A Company Without Owners

We Don't Need Leaders, We Need Good Ideas


Enrique Suarez Presenting:…


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Hacking Humans is Painfully Easy

Hackers can take over someone’s life in a matter of hours. Just ask Patsy Walsh.

Though she is not a tech savvy person, the grandmother of six did have a Facebook account, and that was all the hackers needed to take over her life. By using methods such as click baiting, the act of convincing someone to click on a fake link, and then gathering information, the hackers were able to use this info to get into other accounts, and eventually hacked things such as her power…


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Predators hunting Kids on Gaming Sites

As a parent, you may not be crazy about your child spending a lot of time “gaming.” Chances are good that your feelings are fueled by the fact that kids should play outside, be more social, and are getting addicted to tech or maybe the correlation between childhood obesity and excess computer time. It’s not pretty.

However, there’s another elephant in the room, perhaps squeezing out the obesity threat: the pedophile threat.

Recently on a Long Island college…


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Tax Identity Theft jumps on Payroll Scams

Do you work for a corporation, especially in the U.S.? You may be at risk for tax return fraud.

ADP is a payroll provider. Hackers were able to acquire tax information of employees of U.S. Bank from ADP. Now, this doesn’t mean that ADP was directly hacked into. Instead, what happened, it seems, their authentication system was flawed and ADP failed to implement a protection strategy for the personal data to keep it safe from prying eyes.

The crooks registered…


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Hacking Cars Getting Easier and More Dangerous

If your car is in any way connected to the Internet, it can get hacked into. You know it’s only a matter of time before hackers begin infiltrating motor vehicles in droves, being that vehicles are plagued with hundreds to thousands of security vulnerabilities.

This hack is more serious than you think. Drivers and passengers should be aware that “flawed” and compromised vehicles can suddenly be overtaken remotely, forced into shutting down the engine in the middle of…


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What Is Digital Transformation?

Organizations across all industries are undertaking “digital transformation” projects. But, what exactly is it? And, are they doing it right?

At it’s core, Digital Transformation is driven by the tangible shift in the role of the technology within an organization.  No longer as purely a support function that enables business processes, technology is now capable of much more. Technology now allows for new, innovative business models (e.g. XaaS), drives sales growth, and can…


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It is Better to Travel Well than to Arrive.

Buddha Selected Quotes

Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.…


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Risk Management Challenges for the Insurance Industry

Risk is a double-edged sword for insurance companies. On one hand, customers buy coverage because their businesses face a variety of risks. On the other hand, risk management challenges for the insurance industry are numerous. These include risks like “underwriting, credit, market, operational, liquidity risks, etc.,” according to the …


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Hackers hacking Banks big time

“Anonymous” is an activist hacking group that has recently boasted that it will engage in 30 days of cyber assaults against “all central banks,” reports an article on cnbc.com.

And their bite is as big as their bark, as this announcement came soon after several major banks around the world were struck—and Anonymous proudly claimed credit. The banks that were apparently breached by Anonymous include:

  • Bangladesh Central Bank
  • National Bank of…

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The Freedom of Information Act Reduces Vendor Management Risk

Does your organization rely on vendors or other third parties? In the likely event that it does, are your vendor management processes as thorough as they could be? When performing risk assessments of both current and prospective vendors, it’s difficult to ascertain that every variable has been accounted for. This is especially true for organizations like food and beverage…


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8 Digital Skills We Must Teach Our Children


Yuhyun Park

Chair, infollutionZERO Foundation…


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Cicero: “The More Laws, the Less Justice.”



Marcus Tullius Cicero


“A man of courage is also full of…


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Phishing Protection 101

Phishing-type e-mails are designed to trick the recipient into either downloading a virus (which then gives the hacker remote control of the computer) or revealing enough information for the thief to open credit cards in the victim’s name, get into their bank account, etc.


There are many ways the crook can trick the victim. Here are telltale signs:

  • The message wants you to “verify” or “confirm” your password, username or other sensitive…

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Government risks Consumers' Identities

Guess who may be compromising the security of your Social Security Number.

The Social Security Administration!

Yep, that’s right. Did you know that 66 percent of the mail the SSA sends out contains someone’s Social Security number? This is what the inspector general of the SSA, Kimberly Byrd, says, and I believe it.

How many pieces of mail is this? Over 230,000,000. This situation is problematic.

  • The SSA claims it will cost over…

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We need YOUR opinion and help

Hello all, 

We are TSR Canada, a divison of The Staff Room, we are a Human Resources/HUman Capital and career coaching firm that offers seminars, conculsting as well as we have a few courses that will help you in your career. We are starting up our seminars again as of Septemer. We need to know if you prefer Morning seminars or afternoon? What week is best the first week of Sept or the second? What day works best...Monday to…


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Why You Need A Great Message & How To Create It

Clarity of Message: Why You Need A Great Message & How To Create It



David Skok and Mike Troiano…


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