June 2019 Blog Posts (45)

Virtual Power Plant Market Report and Industry Trends (2019-2024)

Until 2015, the power sector was largely driven by conventional fuel sources such as fossil fuels for power generation. The major issuecurrently associated with fossil fuels is the hazardous emission of green house gases leading to global warming. Moreover, as the fossil fuels are non renewable in nature, they are not available perennially for the…


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How to start and run a successful online business



Nowadays, with the advent of high-speed internet and the riches a business project offers, a lot of youth are ready to leave a print in the business market with their online business. And it is attractive, with its low cost involved as it doesn’t require much office space, in fact, it could be done while sitting at home on a smartphone.

But every facility should be used as a resource and so before choosing…


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MGT-7: What is it and who are eligible for filling this form

Introduction to MGT 7

MGT-7 is an automated form or e-form provided by the MCA (Ministry of Corporate Affairs) for companies to register their Annual Return.

Companies have to register their Annual Return in 60 days following the AGM (Annual General Meeting). Usually, this meeting is scheduled on September 30th following an appropriate Financial Year. So, excluding exceptions, MGT 7 is scheduled for 29th November all year. This e-form is managed by the ROC (Registrar of…


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Hackers Hacking Airport USB Ports

Have you ever wondered if it’s a good idea to surf the internet using a public WiFi network at the airport? It’s heavily trafficked, so it’s more likely that your information could get stolen, right? In some cases, it is safe to use public WiFi; your information isn’t always entirely at risk if you’re connecting to the airport network but there are definitely vulnerabilities. And, when at the airport, you may want to rethink the urge to plug in your phone using one of the USB charging…


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Voice Biometrics for Better Consumer Experience

Voice Biometrics Market has gained prominence due to the requirement of evidence safety methods based on technology and devices which prevents hampering of critical information. In case of the voice biometrics, the username and password is inadequate, as it can be hacked and used falsely. For the fraud detection, biometrics identification is considered the best technology.

As the identity theft is…


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Privacy by Compliance: Market Report

NAVEX Global

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Why is a Network Security Firewall Important for Your Enterprise?

A Network Security Firewall acts as a barrier to keep destructive forces away from computers on a network behind the firewall. A network firewall is similar to a physical firewall which prevents a fire from spreading from one area to the other. Firewalls protect against several security threats like denial of service attacks, unauthorized remote logins, and viruses and worms which are spread over a network.…


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Deepfakes and the Impact on Cybersecurity Now and in the Future

Can you believe what you see in a video? Most people say ‘yes,’ but the truth is, you no longer can. We all know that photos can be altered, but videos? Thanks to artificial intelligence, these, too, are being altered at a very quick rate.

These videos, known as “deepfakes,” are out there, and they are doing a number on cybersecurity. In fact, leaders in the cybersecurity sector are warning consumers that high tech video alteration is here, and it is very difficult…


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What is needed for Risk Leadership 2020s style?

Last week my blog was about what your risk function should look to deliver in the 2020s. In it I suggested risk functions should deliver:

“The kind of leadership that will ensure a culture where everyone leans in and takes accountability for managing the uncertainty surrounding their decision making”.

Realistically, how are we going to…


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How Ready to Drink Shakes boost protein shakes demand?

The Ready to Drink Shakes Market has been growing at a constant pace over the last few years. Even though not every product meets the expected requirements that athletes demand from their drinks. Several tests have been done to verify which has main consideration on the right composition.  These ready-to-drink shakes are considered with their unexpected biological worth and ideal availability. These shakes majorly…


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Agricultural Surfactants Market Report and Industry Analysis (2019-2024)

The world population has exceeded to XX billion people till June 2019, and the number is continuing to increase since then. This growing population has led to rise in world hunger and the quest to cater the burgeoning demand of food, has led to the need of increasing crop production. At the same time, this has benefited the crop protection product…


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What can break your compliance program?

                    A Message from our partner

NAVEX Global

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Role of Voice Assistant Applications in Changing Our Lives

Voice assistant application market organizes the website which is designed for sales and marketing support, instant responding to customer inquiries, precise navigation, customer ideas, and centralized knowledge management. Voice assistant application develops online communication, permits confined interaction with unprompted response times, working on customer retention, and understanding people’s normal language…


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Takeaways from Speaking at the 2019 RIMS Risk Management Conference

The Risk Management Society (RIMS) held their annual 2019 Risk Management Conference from April 7 to 10 in Boston. This year I was honored to be selected to speak on the effects of the See-Through Economy, “How to Mitigate Reputational Risk.”

The Risk Management Society holds one of the largest risk events of the year. Its purpose is to provide…


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Young Kids Getting Sexually Exploited Online More Than Ever Before

An alarming new study is out, and if you are a parent, you should take note…children as young as 8-years old are being sexually exploited via social media. This is a definite downturn from past research, and it seems like one thing is to blame: live streaming.

YouTube serves up videos of kids, in clothing,…


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AXA and Fremtind discuss how AI and analytics is changing insurance claims forever

To win the customer’s heart, insurers cannot afford to lag behind on customer-focused innovation. Throughout the claims journey they must deliver interactive, personalised experiences. Whilst there are many barriers to implementing AI and analytics effectively to drive results across customer service and claims, it is essential for winning and…


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Mass Flow Controllers for The Semiconductor Industry

The mass flow controller industry has gained recent prominence owing to its capability of controlling the flow rate of a gas according to a set flow rate sent as an electric signal. The device doesn’t get affected by use conditions or fluctuations in gas pressure. Volumetric flow measurement can be influenced by ambient temperature and pressure. Rising penetration of IoT is escalating the demand for smart flow rate…


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What should your risk function deliver in the 2020s?

Last week I wrote about why risk management has been failing in many organisations. The reason I gave was because risk functions often don’t deliver much value to the business served. The root cause, risk…


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Do You Know How to Transform Your Organization into a Learning Organization?

In this era of rapid change only organizations that are evolving and continuously learning can flourish. Successful organizations discover how to tap their people’s commitment and capacity to learn at all levels.

A Learning Organization is a place where people continually expand their capacity to create the results they…


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