August 2018 Blog Posts (14)

250+ senior claims leaders under one roof, exchanging transformation strategy

Connected Claims Europe 2018 returns to London this October (29th & 30th) to welcome 250+ senior insurance claims executives. The event is focussed on uncovering how insurers are taking steps to re-engineer the claims function to raise operational efficiency and improve customer experience.


Now is the time for claims to realise the potential that technology offers to satisfy the high expectations of the modern client and drive operational…


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They won’t care what you think unless…

In recent blogs I have been urging you to stand in the shoes of those you wish to influence. Recently I read a blog by futurist Gihan Perera that gave another reason to urge you on. In his blog There’s an ‘I’ in Team he reminds us that the young new entrants to our workforce…


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Oracle ADF - Java EE Development made simpler

Oracle ADF (Application Development Framework) is an end to end Java EE framework and open-source technologies to simplify and advances in implementing enterprise applications. It is relevant for enterprise developers who wants to create applications that search, modify, create, display and validate data using web, wireless, mobile and desktop interfaces.

What is ADF ?

ADF is the Java…


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One Day Company Incorporation- Analysis

Introduction - One Day Company Incorporation

The procedure for company incorporation is provided under Section 7 of the Companies Act, 2013. Companies (Incorporation) Rules, 2014 which came into effect from 1st April 2014 was framed by the Central Government for the purpose of company incorporation. There are Rules prescribing various Forms that are to be used for the incorporation of a Company.

With the introduction of Companies Incorporation Fourth Amendment Rules…


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Out of the mouths of Belgians

The expression ‘Out of the mouths of babes’ recognises children’s unique ability to cut through layers of adult rationalisation to express something fundamentally wise and true. Here I want to substitute Belgians for babes. 

Last week I wrote about …


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Chipotle’s Outbreak is Their Worst Risk Management Failure Yet: What Can They Do?

Since 2015, Chipotle has suffered multiple scandals of food-borne illness. The latest Chipotle outbreak has left more than 700 people ill. What does the Mexican grill have yet to learn?

In my last blog,…


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In the last few years, the Government of the USA has considered stopping the need for listed companies to report their results on a quarterly basis. In the recent elections, Ms Hillary Clinton made a strong pitch to move away from Quarterly Capitalism and Mr Bernie Sanders endorsed expert opinion on the ill-effects of quarterly capitalism. Three primary factors that drive the vote against quarterly reporting are (1) it imposes short term view of business and when coupled with short term…


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3 ways compliance management systems increase profit margins

Compliance management systems are becoming a common sight in the financial sector, not just because of how well they perform, but also because of the excellent ROI on them. If your organization is worried about the costs of implementing a compliance management solution, here are 3 reasons they shouldn’t be.

Compliance related fines and damages are reduced

The most obvious and the most direct effect is on…


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GDPR Readiness: How Do You Stack Up?

The GDPR is the strictest set of data protection rules any nation has published, featuring some of the most severe penalties connected to data privacy seen yet. Now that the compliance deadline has passed, we started to wonder about GDPR readiness. How are companies stacking up to the new regulation?…


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Have you got your complimentary of the financial risk and regulation Risk Insights Magazine?

Complimentary Financial Risk and Regulation Publication – Written by the Industry, for the Industry…


Risk Insights Magazine, Issue Eight (70+ pages of articles, interviews and video insights).


Issue Eight features insights on:

Technology Innovation | Regulatory challenges | Vendor & third-party risk | Operational risk | IFRS 17 | Liquidity risk.


With authors from the industry’s leading Financial Institutions,…


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Powerful advice EMMAnating from Beauty and the Beast

It is a slightly cryptic clue. I love the way you just have to have a peak at my blog when I come up with an interesting enough title! I’ll give you a bit more of the clue. She played Belle in the movie Beauty and the Beast. Now to my point.

The quest for the secret to influence and persuasion has an ancient history. However, the…


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marcus evans to Host the 2nd Annual Interest Rate Risk in the Banking Book Conference on December 5-7, 2018 in New York

marcus evans will host the 2nd Annual Interest Rate Risk in the Banking Book Conference on December 5-7, 2018 in New York. This conference will give banks the practical insight to optimize their interest rate risk management strategies in an uncertain economic environment. Firms will gain insight into the regulatory priorities and concerns surrounding the proposed IRRBB regulation in order to streamline their strategies to position themselves for…


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Your Antiviral for INFLUENceENZA

While vaccines create antibodies to protect you from influenza, antivirals tackle a flu virus once it has overcome your defences. 

When it comes to influencing the business, all support functions suffer from some form of INFLUENceENZA. It is when the business looks at the support function and perceives its policies and processes as red tape rather than the valuable…


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