September 2014 Blog Posts (12)

Genuinely useful, or virtually useless? Would you trust a crypto currency with your money transfer?

In the second of a four-part series, Markus Sander tests the latest payments innovations. Last week Markus shared his experience using mobile application payments. This week: crypto currencies - from Ripples to rupees.

Two US credit institutions recently announced its willingness to integrate a virtual currency network into its cross-border…


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Why Did Home Depot Need More Risk Assessments?

How can the 33rd largest company in America compromise the personal data of 56 million customers? And how can a company that spent $1 billion dollars to “digitize” itself take nine months to identify a breach?…


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All talk and no action? Is anyone actually using their mobile device to pay at the point of sale?

Everyone’s talking about the brave new world of payments. The mainstream press and even my family seem to know about everything from mobile and peer-to-peer payments to crypto-currencies.

But who’s actually using them?

In this four-part blog series I’ll be sharing my personal experience of new mobile payments solutions from scanning QR codes at the checkout to the latest virtual currencies.

First up is a new…


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Worst Insurance Scam Artists - Infographic

Curated From Risk Management Monitor.

From robbing their own store, to faked deaths, to slip-and-fall claims, to more gruesome crimes, scammers have gone to great lengths to collect insurance. In the U.S. this amounts to about $40 billion per year, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation—at a cost of $400 to $700 per year, per family, in increased premiums.

According to the…


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Food For Thought: Inertia Syndrome – Too overwhelmed to change

I was researching about decision-making (again) recently and I came across this article by the late Dr Russell Ackoff, a “Systems Thinker”, called “Why few organisations adopt systems thinking”.

In the article Dr Ackoff writes about how organisations are naturally resistant to change and opines on our tendency to find a scapegoat when things go wrong from something we have…


Added by Bryan Whitefield on September 18, 2014 at 4:40am — No Comments

Intellectual Property Protection in Bulgaria

I was planning from a long time to provide you with some initial information regarding intellectual property protection in Bulgaria. Well, finally the time to do this has come.

Lets first answer to a question – What actually is Intellectual Property? (for these that don’t know).

An objects of intellectual property rights are intangible assets…


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#ERMvsGRC - Home Depot in Focus


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RMB on the move - the emerging global renminbi clearing infrastructure and the implications on global transaction banks

RMB (renminbi) is poised to broaden its reach and influence as a true global currency. China is establishing its first official Europe-based renminbi clearing bank in London, after a recent visit of the Chinese Premier to the UK. A number of other new locations are set to follow suit. What does this expansion mean for global transaction banks?

Emerging Global RMB Clearing Infrastructure

Hong Kong and Singapore are the busiest financial centres able to trade, convert or settle in RMB. By adding London to the…


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In Malcolm Gladwell’s “Blink,” he examines a hospital whose team had learned that to diagnose heart attacks, it’s more beneficial to gather a few key indicators than to try and take every measure int…

In Malcolm Gladwell’s “Blink,” he examines a hospital whose team had learned that to diagnose heart attacks, it’s more beneficial to gather a few key indicators than to try and take every measure into account. I’ve found that to judge the health of ERM programs, there are also a subset of characteristics that seem to immediately indicate success.

  1. Does the ERM program…

Added by Steven Minsky on September 2, 2014 at 8:30pm — No Comments

What can execution-only brokers learn from RDR?

In its April 2014 review of RDR implementation, the FCA highlighted its aims to make the market more competitive in favour of consumers. What steps should execution-only brokers take to address those aims, before regulation is imposed, to get ahead of competition and gain customer loyalty and trust?

The review - ‘Supervising retail investment firms: being clear about…


Added by Arunima Haque on September 1, 2014 at 4:34pm — No Comments

Banking's bright future in the cloud

Why the cloud? At first glance the advantages to financial institutions are clear: lower costs, faster reactions to competitors and regulators, and improved communication with counterparties, for seamless transaction execution.

Even though the financial services industry has been slow to embrace cloud (mainly due to security concerns), adoption is accelerating. The numbers speak for themselves. …


Added by James monro on September 1, 2014 at 1:41pm — No Comments

Risk Leadership: The Decision Value Curve

As a Trusted Advisor in Risk do you focus on all the decisions the business is making or do you focus on the big issues?  

I bet you thought to yourself, of course I focus on the big issues, they are the ones that count.

Now, what if I asked you, “as a Trusted Advisor in Risk, do you VALUE all of the decisions the business is making or do you only focus on the big issues?”  Now you are…


Added by Bryan Whitefield on September 1, 2014 at 5:29am — No Comments

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