September 2016 Blog Posts (28)

Learn how Liberty Mutual is finding new ways to automate and operationalise

The Insurance industry is facing extensive operational challenges with disruptive market and consumer changes leaving insurers with no choice: innovate or die.

 As a result, many are undertaking a complete top-to-bottom transformation. One such U.S insurer is…


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The Wells Fargo Scandal is a Failure in Risk Management

Wells Fargo recently paid $185 million in penalties – the highest fine levied by the Consumer Financial…


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Top Bank Fraud Expert: ALL of the Big Banks’ Profits Come from FRAUD

Top Bank Fraud Expert: ALL of the Big Banks’ Profits Come from FRAUD…


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What is the Signaling System No. 7 Network?

The iPhone has a vulnerability called the Signaling System 7 (SS7) that allows crooks to hack into the device.

This was demonstrated on a recent “60 Minutes” episode in which a U.S. congressman (with his permission) had his iPhone hacked by German cybersecurity experts. The white-hat hackers got his phone number and eavesdropped on the conversation.

Penetration of the flawed SS7 makes it…


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short course on cybersecurity risk

What's your biggest cybersecurity risk?  Chances are it's that you're using the wrong methods to assess that risk!

Douglas W. Hubbard, author of big sellers How to Measure Anything and The Failure of Risk Management, now has done a new book, How to Measure Anything in Cybersecurity Risk.  He and I are teaming up to offer a one-day short course on the subject at the Holiday Inn in Rosslyn (Arlington), Virginia, Thursday, October 6.  The course includes training in calibration of your…


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Commonwealth Capital Launches New Venture Capital Fund Dedicated Exclusively to Start-up and Early Stage Companies

Commonwealth Capital LLC, a venture capital management company, announced today that it has launched the Commonwealth Capital Income Fund-I to provide investment capital exclusively for startups and early-stage companies.


            The company also launched a new microsite at  to assist…


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Winona Health Wins 2016 GRC Value Award for Risk Management

When building a business case for risk management software, independent validations of customer success stories speak louder than marketing claims. Winona Health won the 2016 GRC Value Award, granted by industry analyst firm GRC 20/20. Winona’s…


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Three Key Ideas Shaping the Future of Innovation

Three Key Ideas Shaping the Future of Innovation


Innovation@ Work Blog, MIT

Your company’s key innovators are, most likely, your…


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Central Bank Digital Currencies: A Revolution in Banking?


Ellen Brown

Web of Debt…


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How to digitally detox on Vacation

Many years ago when you were on vacation, before Facebook, Instagram and Twitter were invented (assuming you were an adult then), you had a great time, right? You weren’t “connected,” because there was no social media to be connected with.

If today you can’t imagine being disconnected from social media while on vacation, ask yourself how this can be, if years ago, you never missed what had not yet been invented.

And what about constantly checking e-mail while…


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Effects and Lessons from Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo, till recently, had earned itself a good reputation as a financial institution mainly due to the fact that it escaped from the Recession largely unscathed. That has come under huge scrutiny with the latest scandal that has hit the bank. It has been accused of creating 2 million fake account in the form of bank account and credit cards in the name of existing…


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3 OpEx Pillars for Insurance Firms

Ahead of the Operational Excellence for Insurance summit in Hartford, Connecticut, October 17 - 19, 2016, we’ve brought together three thought leaders to…


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Predators use Emojis to target Kids

Who’d ever think those silly little yellow circular faces and other such cyber symbols would become such a worldwide smash? I’m talking about emoticons, also known as emojis. Five years ago Apple put an emoji keyboard on its mobile devices. Six billion of these doggone things are sent every day.

But a story at says this isn’t as innocent as it seems.

The story mentions Sheila Allison…


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Stop Pushing and Start Pulling – It’s more satisfying

I remember my days running chemical plants for what was then ICI. I was a shift supervisor on the PA Plant at Rhodes. It is now a major shopping and residential apartment area. The world progresses and so have I. I hope you have too and you have become more a puller than a pusher.

When you run a continuous process chemical plant, the money is in keeping it online 24/7 and running as close to maximum production as you can. However, just like we need a holiday, the plant needs downtime.…


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Voice of the Customer – is it heard in insurance?

As customers demand more, the insurance industry has to listen or lose out. An effective voice of the customer programme (VoC) will not only create an environment for continuous improvement, but also provide a competitive advantage in an increasingly crowded market. With more insurance companies conducting their own customer research, PEX Network spoke to Lisa Schilling, Vice President, Health Care Performance Improvement, Kaiser Permanente, about bringing the…


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How Allstate is building a customer-centric insurance company

Ahead of the 3rd Annual Operational Excellence in Insurance, the PEX Network caught up with key speaker Allstate's CI Methodology Lead, Howard Grunwell to get a snapshot into how the…


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Who is attending OpEx Insurance 2016?

The response from the market to this timely meeting has been exceptional, with a number of the most senior Opex insurance professionals confirmed to attend.

If you’d like to see the full list of attendees please…


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Are You Ready for Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation means providing all our clients the possibility to interact with us via the channel they want, when they want. As a client experience leader, we will follow the client journey across all interaction channels”

You think you are ready for the digital transformation, but do you have the right foundation in place? Having a clear performance framework is the starting point for a successful digital transformation journey.

Ahead of…


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From Statistics to Knowledge: Turning Cybersecurity Statistics into Key Risk Indicators

What does Cyber Security Information look like?

  • New threats:
  • A Leading indicator of Risk...Threats are all around us, why count them?
    • What haven't we seen before -what we don't know can hurt us
    • Are new threats arriving faster?
    • Is the pattern normal?
  • Security backlog:
  • Identify - Protect - Detect - Respond - Recover...Repeat!
    • A workload measure - how much work is there for my security operations…

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How to innovate your contract lifecycle management (CLM)

Five key areas of risk in related to CLM:

  • Can you quickly search, locate and track your agreements or report on key data points?  (On average, companies use 5% of their revenue as costs of CLM)
    • Secure, central repository
    • Capture contract type centric data
    • Report on key data points
  • Key dates and obligatiions
    • Proactive email alerts.
    • Action item tracking.
    • Calendars and to do…

Added by Sohayla Fitzpatrick on September 8, 2016 at 5:55pm — No Comments

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