September 2017 Blog Posts (19)

The Ultimate Blind Spot

It is a question that's difficult to answer, however, let me ask it anyway:

“Why will otherwise perfectly rational people ignore risk?”

I’m not talking about thrill-seekers who love the adrenalin rush of high-risk outdoor pursuits such as base jumping, where there is no reserve parachute as there is no time to deploy one if the first one doesn’t work. These…


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marcus evans to Host the Interest Rate Risk in the Banking Book Conference on December 4-6, 2017 in New York, NY

marcus evans will host the Interest Rate Risk in the Banking Book Conference, December 4-6, 2017 in New York, NY. By attending this conference you will take away insights on maximizing your interest rate risk strategies to enhance your efficiency and effectiveness. Banks will also gain a critical, last minute opportunity to enhance their understanding of the IRRBB regulation by gaining a clarification of the rule and benchmarking their compliance…


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Is predictive analytics failing the C-suite?

Is predictive analytics failing the C-suite?


If you want to know more about the SIMMETHOD, please check out the online course…


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Equifax Data Breach: What Businesses Should Be Doing

As I watch the Equifax scandal unfold, it becomes clear to me that many are at a loss of what to do, or even how to think about this data breach. The first reaction people have is centered on if they, their friends, or family were personally impacted. Rightfully so. For some advice on what you can do to protect your identity, read my recent blog, …


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FRTB Implementation: Key concerns, opportunities and constraints

Arguably the fundamental review of the trading book is one of the largest regulatory overhauls impacting market risk in the last decade. FRTB is set to revise the trading book and banking book boundary whilst creating more detailed and consistent standards across the industry. For many financial institutions FRTB has been and continues to be a major focal point. A project of this scale and scope requires careful attention and consideration, however as we inch ever closer to full…


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marcus evans to Host the 2nd Post Merger & Acquisition Integration Conference on November 29-30, 2017 in San Francisco, CA

marcus evans will host the 2nd Post Merger & Acquisition Integration Conference, November 29-30, 2017 in San Francisco, CA. The two day conference will provide M&A professionals the chance to speak about trends in the industry, developing and achieving synergies, mitigating legal and financial risks, and how to effectively implement cultural integration. This event will allow you to create actionable strategies and processes that will examine a merger…


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Want a great strategy?

It’s funny how everyone wants a great strategy but not everybody wants to deal with the risk of achieving the strategy. I think it is because the following statement is true:

“Risk management is good management.”

Hence most of us will think and sometimes say, “Doing my job is managing…


Added by Bryan Whitefield on September 19, 2017 at 3:12am — No Comments

Equifax Data Breach: How to Protect Yourself

As the CEO of a risk management company, I think critically about data breaches all the time. Every day we are working to make sure our clients have the means to protect themselves, their customers, their employees, and their communities. We help them manage all kinds of risks: competition, goal achievement, vendors, regulation changes, and of course, data theft.



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Risk Allocation - In Concert with the Markets

This article is contributed by William G Ferrell, CIO of Ferrell Capital Management and the author of a new course on Global Risk Academy - "From Asset Allocation To Risk Allocation"

Risk Allocation - In Concert with the Markets

Since Harry…


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Managing your Cyber Exposure – Ransomware is ramping up

Now that vacation time is over in the Northern Hemisphere. Did you relax? Unwind? Clear your mind?

Well I sure hope so because the cyber predators have been setting new clickable traps, and sending devious emails to greet you on your return. Also, in your absence cyber predators continued to launch millions of attacks daily across the globe. And many involve ransomware.

The emergence of ransomware is simple to explain. It can be obtained free or easily made. It has a high…


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Equifax Data Breach: The Point of No Return

On September 7, big-three credit reporting company Equifax reported that hackers gained access to the personal information of about 143 million U.S. consumers. This scandal will be bigger than the Wells Fargo, BP, Chipotle, Volkswagen and Bernie Madoff scandals combined.

The Equifax breach is unprecedented in both quantity and quality. It is second to none in…


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Ensuring Student Success in the Workforce. Why Do Workforce Data Matter?

A strong education prepares students to succeed in their chosen careers; but education, training, and employment pathways are changing. Individuals take multiple paths into the workforce. Some get jobs after completing high school; some after earning a college degree. Others leave the workforce to go back to school, while still others enroll in education or skills training while working.…


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There is a new elephant in the room

Here is the essence of a conversation I had with a senior leader in a large publicly listed company:-

Me: How’s business?

Senior Leader(SL): Great!

Me: That’s good! All your major projects are going well?…


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Save 54% on workers' compensation costs, just like Johns Hopkins Hospital did


My company offers a system developed by Johns Hopkins Hospital doctors, which saves 54% on workers compensation costs just like Johns Hopkins Hospital did. You would realize comparable savings on other types of personal injury cases. I have attached an article from the Self Insurer, written by Dick Goff, the past president of the Self Insurance Institute…


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From Asset Allocation to Risk Allocation

It has been my pleasure to work with William G. Ferrell, CIO of Ferrell Capital Management to produce a new online course "From Asset Allocation to Risk Allocation".  This course provides valuable insights into a new paradigm for managing investments - based on dynamically monitoring statistics related to Risk, rather than simply creating a diversified portfolio and hoping for the best.  Bill uses the analogy that…


Added by John William Baxter on September 9, 2017 at 7:30pm — 1 Comment

Equifax Exposed: Major Breach of Data from Major Credit Bureau

If you haven’t yet heard, Equifax, one of the three major credit bureaus in the United States, has been hacked. What does this mean for you? It means that your Social Security number, and possibly even your driver’s license information, could be in the hands of hackers. Some are already calling this the worst breach of data in history.

How Did This Happen?



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How to Save Money by Claiming for Tax Deductions on Your Home Loans?

When you are buying a house there are taxes that you need to pay when you get the possession of the house. But there are ways where you can save on these taxes. One of the ways you can save these taxes is when you invest in an under construction house. Under the section 80C of the Indian income tax code, we do not have to pay taxes for a property when it is under construction.

Here are a few conditions where the tax deductions are not…


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Watch the First module of the course on Credit Ratings

Watch the Module 1 of our brand new course Mastering Credit Ratings: The Ultimate Guide to Becoming an expert (in 5 hours) which is available for a complimentary preview.

In this module we discuss the classification…


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Your Mum and Dad were right

You know that old saying,“If something’s worth doing it’s worth doing well”? Why don’t we apply the same sage advice in business? While being world’s best would be fantastic, I am not talking about that. Just doing stuff well is all I am asking.…


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