September 2018 Blog Posts (29)

Nike's Colin Kaepernick AD - A Meme Worth Billions!

Nike Believed in Something and Sacrificed Nothing

Unless you are just returning to civilization, you must have heard about an American controversy involving Colin Kaepernick and Nike’s “Believe in something even if it Means Sacrificing everything” advertisement. This comes as apart of the “Just do it” campaign which is under trademark…


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2017 Was the Worst Year for Identity Theft EVER!

Javelin Strategy & Research recently released its Identity Fraud Study, and it revealed that the number of identity theft victims rose by 8% in 2017 when compared to 2016. That’s almost 17 million people, which is a record high. Despite more information and industry efforts to make people aware of these practices, $16.8 billion was stolen due to ID theft in 2016.

The study also showed a shift in how ID theft fraud was being done. Credit card accounts were the…


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Beware of the Social Security Administration Employee Scam

There is a new Social Security scam in the news, and you should definitely know about it. The Acting Inspector General of Social Security, released a statement that warns people of this new scheme. Basically, scammers are impersonating Social Security Administration employees.

The scam started out fairly small and localized, but now, people from across the country are reporting that they are getting calls from people stating that they are from the Social Security…


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Spending vs Investing

A strategy is of itself a hypothesis. Something that is proved true or false over time.  For more on this, read one of my most popular blogs here: A strategy is but a hypothesis.

In proving your hypothesis, you eventually find out if you are…


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Social Media Marketing: Can you Trademark a Hashtag?

Relation between Social Media and a Hashtag

The word or phrase Hashtag is preceded by a hash sign (#) highly used on social media websites and applications to identify messages on a specific topic. Mainly it is used for social media Marketing purpose. The initiator has introduced hashtag with the intention to maximize the reach of the topic to the people and it is also a common platform for a topic. It has a capacity to grasp the attention of a large number of audience as a…


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Restructuring Corporate Offenses: Government Appointed Panel Suggests in-house adjudication system

Special Courts and their Plight

Special Courts are up to their necks deep in corporate fraud cases with serious offenses. In this mess of serious offenses, many routine procedural errors and lapses are piling onto the pending cases and cluttering the justice system for corporates. In a pursuit, to "de-clog" the system, a 10-man government-appointed committee chaired by Mr. Injeti Srinivas are looking to bring about radical changes by restructuring corporate offenses.…


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Identifying risks that are hiding in plain sight

Increase Risk Management effectiveness by learning to deal with two organisational realities

Experimenting with Networked Risk Management[1] over a period of five years has shown that the ability to deal with multiple organisational realities can help to improve risk management. In some case it can also reduce the effort to do so, making valuable and usually scarce resource available to contribute to an organisations success. One of our…


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How to Support a Risk-Based BCDR Program without Spending More

Emergency situations like natural disasters, data breaches, fraud, and the like arise, by definition, without warning, leaving you little to no time to prepare. So how do you build a BCDR plan that is flexible to handle any situation and is always up to date without huge investments?

The hallmark of a successful BCDR program is leveraging the information you already…


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Overcoming Failures in Risk Management: Is Wells Fargo Getting the Message?

It’s been a rough two years for Wells Fargo.

Ever since the existence of the bank’s massive cross-selling scandal came to light in 2016, Wells Fargo seemed to be trapped in a downward spiral of failure after failure in risk management. In 2016, we were the first to identify…


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Solving Quantifornication

Solving Quantifornication has the benefits of countering fake news, avoiding poor decisions based on a poor risk assessment and learning to pose the right questions.

Quantifornication is a term that I use to describe any of the following:

  • Twisting data, intentionally or not, to make a point that the data does not actually…

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【First World-class Blockchain + AI Summit】GDIS brings founders from ConsenSys Ventures, DHVC, DFJ Capital, and DBC etc. to create a top summit. Join us on Oct 1st., Santa Clara!


Register with the code GDIS30 for all types

register at following link:…


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GST: Good for Taxpayers, Bad For Government?

Many might be unaware, but the idea of implementing GST in India was introduced under the leadership of the Late Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee. He appointed an Empowered Committee(EC) in the year 2000, and the committee was tasked with drafting the GST laws. Their and several other's efforts combined finally came to fruition in the year 2017 with the adoption of the Good and Services Tax(GST) Act, 2017. Following the 1st of July, 2017, GST has been in full…


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“Before you can run, you need to walk” - Crawl Even.

These 10 tips on managing cash flow will bring you back down to earth - so your business can fly.


Whether one is working for a startup, or he is startup himself, most of the businesses fail because of lack of cash. It has been seen numerous times that the startups try to distend their businesses. And since they do not track their cash flows, they realize one day that their…


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Six major problems that an entrepreneur can face at the time of food business startups

Have you started you a new food business but unable to run it for long? Are you wondering why it foils down when you have never left any recoupment of money invested? So here is your answer, Anyone can start a food and beverage business but there are very few who did not end up with fail. This article will help you to know what are the points that should be kept in mind while establishing a food and beverage business so that it will not make you disappoint and take you to the zenith of…


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Proposed Changes in GST Form

August 7th Tuesday, the Lok Sabha passed 4 new bills in an attempt to GST procedures with a focus on empowering the MSME(Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises) sector. The government is also targeting to plug loopholes in existing laws and lightening …


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Background Checks Don't Tell the Whole Story

When it comes to background checks, the National Crime Information Center is the gold standard. It is only available to law enforcement agencies and is the most accurate and complete database tracking convictions and arrests in the US. That sounds pretty great, right? Unfortunately, it’s not all as it seems.

The Department of Justice

The Department of Justice recently released a report based on a two-year study of convictions and arrests from…


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[Webinar Invite] Financial Services, Fraud and the Future of Digital Onboarding



If you're working in Risk Management, I thought that you might be interested in joining the webinar on Fraud and Future of Digital Onboarding delivered by our partners at Onfido.

If that's the case please register via the link below …


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Naming Your Business: Process and Pitfalls

What should we think while naming a business?

An ideal business name contains the key elements of your company for forging ahead in the business world. Sometimes, people make such an unconventional name of their company that it become so hard to remember. An eccentric or long name can indeed undermine your audience's ability to search for it. Short names are preferable than the long name of a company. The name of a company is the identity which is as crucial as…


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Crackdown of Shell Firms: The Only Short-Term Positive Impact of Demonetization

On 8 November 2016, the Prime Minister unexpectedly scrapped Rs. 500 and Rs. 1,000 notes - accounting for 86% of cash, to what he tagged as the step to scrap-out black money and fake currency in the system. The primary aim was to retrospectively punish the tax evaders, fight counterfeiters, and stop terror financing activities. But unexpectedly almost all the bank notes were deposited in the bank accounts.

The bottom-line is that people have not only managed to convert their…


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A "Credit Profile Number" is a fake SSN, and it Works

Cyber criminals are constantly trying to stay one step ahead of the good guys, and there is now another scam out there that you should know about: synthetic identity theft. Basically, the criminals take information from someone, and then make up the rest. They also often use fake Social Security numbers, called CPNs, or “credit profile numbers,” or names.

This type of identity theft shows us that our credit system is more vulnerable than we might think. Basically, it…


Added by Robert Siciliano on September 12, 2018 at 5:22pm — No Comments

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