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Cyber Wack-a-mole - It's not a game

It can be all to easy to get caught in the trap of cyber wack-a-mole, where as soon as you need with one cyber threat several more appear. The link that follows will take you to a short (2 minute) video that outlines the the situation most of us find ourselves in.


Take a look. I appreciate your feedback.


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Losing relationships is easy; rebuilding them takes effort and time

Building relationships is one of the key skills of a business leader. The importance of building a good rapport, with everyone who is of concern to the business –be it business associates, colleagues or whoever –is often overlooked, with the result that it hardly gets the kind of importance and attention it should be getting.

Once a relationship is broken through the use of some loose words or actions; it is difficult to mend it. Yet, whatever can be salvaged has to…


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Career development for the Millennials

The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) estimated in 2014 that the percentage of the Millennials at the workplace will reach 46% in 2020. In this scenario, it is absolutely essential for organizations to devise ways of managing this group in order to get the best out of them.

Organizations need to identify, grow and develop this young group’s talent. It is a group that needs to be nurtured if its talent and abilities need to be exploited by the organizations that hire them. The…


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London v. Brussels: Banking sector stranded in Brexit negotiations

A message from our partner:

Dear Global Risk Community member,…


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HR metrics is a critical tool for organizations

To ensure compliance with the requirements that governmental and regulatory expect from them, employers must create, maintain, and demonstrate procedures and activities that are in compliance with the laws. Employers are also under pressure from investors, lending institutions, and third party administrators to ensure that resources are properly used and that results are properly reported.

To ensure these, employers need metrics and measurements that are strategic, operational, and…


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Dealing with difficult people is quite an art

Difficult people are, well, difficult, aren't they? These are what make them so: Their number in an organization could be low, but the impact of their negativity is disproportionately high to their small number. Their behavior is erratic and difficult to cope with, but it affects all the people they come into contact with.

In organizations, their baleful influence frustrates and demoralizes other people and results in absenteeism of other employees and loss of…


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Getting the Millennials to understanding a safety program

The Millennials, those born roughly between 1980 and 2000, will be the next generation that will make up the US workforce. What differentiates this generation from the previous ones is that they were born at around the same time that IT, which has changed our lives in the most dramatic of ways, began to evolve. Being of this generation, they come with a few distinct characteristics:

  • They are more gadget and social media friendly
  • Their work life is expected to be…

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Job rotation is a potential panacea for many ills in an organization

One of the mechanisms by which an organization can augment employee engagement and customer retention, close gaps in their operations and facilitate creation of a more diverse workforce is job rotation.

The most important purpose that job rotation serves is that it will help the organization’s management identify talents at all levels of the employee hierarchy. It is only when employees at the lower tier are given alternative roles and responsibilities that the organization…


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How do we maximize Customer Satisfaction?

So, you have a robust product roadmap. It's got all the product features you need, from the most basic to the most innovative. Now, how did you prioritize these features?

And, are you sure you prioritized things correctly?

With limited resources, all organizations strive to prioritize those activities that drive the most value. This is particularly true in product development. Focusing on the right or wrong set of features can make or break your product (or even…


Added by David Tang on October 24, 2016 at 4:59pm — No Comments

If meetings are not handled properly, they end up being a big resource drain

Meetings, far from being the core part of a business; are a waste of time. So believe two thirds of executives. If meetings do not serve their purpose, why hold them at all? Why not devise methods by which meetings can be productive, meaningful, purposeful and exciting?

The ways of doing this and…


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Human resources and project management are closely related to each other

At first glance, one may not think much about the link between human resources and project management. After all, human resources is about various administrative functions, while project management is essentially about organizing.

This assessment, however, takes a very shallow look at the interconnection between the two disciplines. A scratch on the surface will lead to a different understanding, which is that there is a lot of commonality between the…


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90 days is all it takes to put a high-octane team in place

Getting an organization’s team to function more energetically, more cohesively and more unitedly is not the easiest of tasks, even for the most experienced leaders and HR managers. Yet, it can be achieved, if a few practical steps are adapted and implemented. These steps can completely streamline the organization’s processes and reduce redundant work. They can save money, make every of the employees understand their roles, help deal with trouble mongers, underperformers and gossipers, and…


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Behavior based interviewing can be an antidote to bad hiring

A mistake most companies commonly make is in attaching too much importance to and spending too much time on the skills and knowledge a candidate brings to a position and overlooking or sidelining attitudes and behaviors that are necessary for a candidate to perform at a consistently high level. Given that most involuntary terminations occur because of improper attitudes and behaviors; a lot more attention should be getting paid to this aspect of a candidate.



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Go on. Fix it until it is really broken.

I am reminded time and again, in organisation after organisation, of the tendency to take a basic product or service and over complicate it until it’s “broken”. And if you want examples, look no further than support functions in organisations. Whether they be finance, procurement, risk or records management. Unless you have pro-actively resisted the temptation, every end user will tell you, “the system is over complicated”.

If your system is over complicated, your challenge to…


Added by Bryan Whitefield on October 21, 2016 at 12:31am — No Comments

Gain familiarity with Affordable Care Act (ACA) best practices for a penalty-free tomorrow

Filing the new ACA 1094 and 1095 forms has been quite a challenge for many employers. Even as many of them were beginning to get accustomed to the file format, filling procedures and other details; the IRS this summer released the draft forms for 2016 filing season, which contained many important updates. This has certainly become a factor that employers have to grapple with.

In order to ease the understanding of these new updates and make employers ready for filing season 2016 and…


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Conflict resolution begins with gathering feedback

Conflict at the workplace is inescapable. Although it is true that not all conflicts are necessarily bad; they are harmful if they are not resolved. Not resolving conflict congeals attitudes and makes employees build grudges against their fellow employees or bosses. The problem is not the conflict per se, but the inability to resolve it amicably.

Understanding conflicts and their source and taking concrete steps to resolve them is the hallmark of a mature professional. A…


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20 approaches to stress reduction

If there is one factor that can be termed our present world’s biggest killer, it has to be stress. Stress is at the root of all our problems. Everyone from a child to an old person experiences stress at all stages of life. Some people are more likely to get stressed out than others, and the triggering factors could vary from one person to another and from one context and situation to another; but the fact is that stress is a constant of life.

That prolonged stress can lead to problems…


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Intrapreneurship: The way to handle Millennials at the workplace

Intrapreneurship is being hailed as the future of organizations which have employees with that entrepreneurial spark in them. While entrepreneurs are self-driven and look to spot big ideas and opportunities; the intrapreneur works with the same zeal and purpose, but within the…


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Working remotely? Then, learn to work smart

With the advent of technologies that foster and encourage remote working in quite a number of work areas; it is imperative for individuals and organizations to understand how to put a smart telecommuting method in place to address the challenges of this kind of work arrangement. Working from home or a home office requires a unique set of disciplines and skills. It is important for the remote worker to self-instill a sense of accountability, a way to manage distractions, a method of…


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Target marketing is an effective means to gain customers

Hospitals or practices can aim at their potential patients better by using target marketing as a tool. In the context of healthcare, target marketing can be understood as a concept that requires the practice to develop a specific niche or target, and…


Added by TrainHR on October 17, 2016 at 12:37pm — 4 Comments

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