November 2018 Blog Posts (37)

Global Cloud Security Market Growth

Cloud security is a fast-growing service that offers a large number of the same exact functionalities as classical IT security. That includes securing most important information from theft, data leakage and deletion. Cloud security includes a set of policies and controls, which specialize in the security issues with the cloud by protecting applications, data, and infrastructure. The cloud…


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How to Protect You Frequent Flier Miles NOW

Social Security numbers and credit card numbers are not the only types of data that hackers are after. Now, they are looking at frequent flyer accounts, and they are stealing reward miles, and then selling them online.

How do Hackers Steal Frequent Flyer Miles?

As with other types of ID theft, hackers use info that they have illegally obtained to access frequent flyer accounts. With more data breaches happening than ever…


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Do you know how valuable it is to build the BeCoN (Behavior, Cognitive, Network) Capital in this Digital Age?

At the pinnacle of the Industrial Revolution, not many organizations realized the complex subtleties of the Financial Capital. The organizations that were able to develop innovative methodologies to administer their financial capital outsmarted the rivals by achieving a competitive edge.

At the advent of the 20th century,…


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Can AI Make Insurance Claims More Human?

CHICAGO: Senior claims executives from leading insurance companies will participate in a live and free webinar hosted by Insurance Nexus, exploring whether AI can be the solution for efficient, hyper-personalized claims at scale.


As insurance’s ‘moment of truth’, the claims process is often regarded as the ‘face’ of insurance; the majority of customers’ interactions with their insurance carrier are when they are making a claim and so it is essential for…


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Bank of the Future - Minimise Technology Risk, Maximise Business Return

Dear Professionals
I have posted an overview of my latest book titled ‘Bank of the Future, Minimise Technology Risk, Maximise Business Risk’  in the MEDIA Section.

here is the link:

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How should the Organizations Deal with Corporate Corruption and Fraud?

Expanding into new markets presents lucrative opportunities, as well as risks. Potential threats in new territories include corporate corruption, malpractices, and …


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Recipes for Every Appetite

One of the things I am seen as an expert in is the field of risk. One of the hotly debated topics in risk is the value of a risk appetite statement. There are many reasons their value is debated, however, the real reason is because there are different recipes to produce risk appetite statements to suit the board and management’s personal appetite for risk. And…


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Global Power over Ethernet Chipsets Market

The Power over Ethernet technology would undoubtedly experience quick growth due to the technological potential to transfer electrical power and networking through the use of one winch cable. The using of Power over Ethernet chipsets…


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SMO 101: Learn How to Design and Implement a Strategic Management Office

Executing strategy the right way is not everyone’s business. The reported failure rates for strategy execution stand at 60% to 90%. A study of large organizations in eight industrialized countries by Bain and Company revealed that seven out of eight companies failed to achieve profitable growth from 1988 to 1998, and very few achieved their strategic objectives and targets.



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Genealogy Websites Scare Me, But This is Good

Investigators in Sacramento have arrested Joseph James DeAngelo for rape, but they only found him based on records from a genealogical website.

The effort wasn’t easy, but this guy is now off the streets. The process started with taking a look at DNA that was collected from the crime scene, which happened many years ago. Investigators didn’t have a match. However, recently, they started comparing DNA with genetic profiles that have been collected from ancestry sties.…


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How to Build On-demand Marketing Capabilities?

The Digital Era has brought on critical challenges for companies to meet new consumer demands for marketing. Digital Marketing is undergoing transformation at an astounding rate. There is a radical shift towards “on-demand” marketing, where marketing is becoming consistent, pertinent, and receptive to customers’ demands, delivering heightened experiences literally anywhere with ease of access along the consumer decision journey.…


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Under Threat by Digital Natives? Empower Small Teams Utilizing Agile Techniques to Stay Ahead

Digital natives are threatening the way traditional organizations do business. The dated authoritative structures and imposing mindsets of the executives of traditional companies are in stark contrast to today’s technology-savvy startups and digital-native companies.

Traditional firms are running out of time to revisit their strategies and promptly transform in accordance with the rapidly evolving markets and business environment. They need to focus their attention…


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New Gartner Report: Evaluates Capabilities And Strengths Of Vendor Risk Management Solutions

Gartner Research recently published The 2018 Critical Capabilities for IT Vendor Risk Management, and we are extremely excited to share that ProcessUnity has received the highest product scores in both of its qualifying use cases. The report was written by Gartner Analyst Chris…


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GRC Tools you can Start Using today

When people think of GRC they immediately picture a huge technology implementation that costs millions of dollars. The reality of GRC is very different from what people perceive it to be. GRC isn’t a type of software suite, it is a new way of managing …


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How Your Username Can Be used to Track You

You probably have a few usernames, or you might have just one that you use for every site. Either way, your user names can be used not just to identify you online, but it can also be used to track you and find out information about you. How do people track you based on your user name? They do the following:

They Start with a Google Search

The first thing people do to track your username is do a Google search. You will be amazed by all of the…


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Measure what Matters

According to Michael Henderson, Corporate Anthropologist on Oscar Trimboli’s Deep Listening Podcast, people in the western world like threes because we…


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Staying a Step Ahead of Third-Party Risk

A Message From Our Partner…


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What Should Constitute the "Principles of Executive Time Management"?

Time Management is a critical capability for individuals as well as senior leaders. Leaders are often under pressure to allocate adequate time on strategic priorities.

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all formula designed for appropriate time management that works for all executives. However, research on the practices utilized by the leaders…


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FSSAI Proposed: Adulterant may lead to life imprisonment and penalty up to Rs 10 lakh


The Food safety and standards authority of India (FSSAI) had issued a draft of amendments to Food Safety and Standards (FSS) Act and recommended a stringent punishment of life imprisonment and fine of Rs. 10 lakhs to the person nabbed in case of food adulteration. This act was passed in 2006 and notified in 2011. If any person found in the case of adding adulterant to food with the intention to cause his death or renders for…


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Do Any of the Symptoms of Poor Time Managers Apply to You?

What do you think are the symptoms of Poor Time Management?

Time management is a challenge for almost every individual. Executives have been found to be complaining more about the scarcity of time. The advent of 24/7 communications, increasing sophistication, intense rivalry, and financial insecurities have complicated the situation…


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