December 2019 Blog Posts (41)

How to Manage Third Party Risk When you Have Thousands of Suppliers

Not so long ago, the idea of outsourcing critical business functions or IT systems to a third party supplier would have been off limits for many organisations because of the level of risk involved. However today, the use of third party suppliers …

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Why have caffeinated beverages become a major industry?

A caffeinated beverage is a drink containing caffeine, a stimulant that is legal and common in most developed countries. Coffee and tea, that in one form or another (usually served hot but sometimes iced) appear in most world cultures, are the most popular naturally caffeinated beverages. As a part of their production process, many beverages are heavily caffeinated. These include some soft drinks (mainly…


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A Guide to How Hackers Hack

You have surely heard of hackers, but do you really know how they work? Hackers are well known for being bad guys, though there are certainly good hackers out there too. Here’s a brief guide to help you understand how a hacker can hack:

Directions for Hacking are Easy to Come By

Hackers don’t have to look far for help, especially if they don’t know much about hacking. First is a well-known website known as Kali Linux. It has a ton of tools available…


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Regulatory Change Management Lessons From change Management

While regulatory change management and enterprise change management may be different domains, there is a lot that regulatory change managers can learn from enterprise change management. The basics of both remain the same, even if regulatory change is a bit more complicated to manage.  

Identify the nature of change 

In addition to failures related to…


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Why Cloud Risk Will Raise Business Risk in 2020

Going into 2020, businesses are expected to continue the transition from on-premise to cloud.  Many are increasingly adopting a cloud-first strategy, where if possible, they will run their services on a cloud platform vs keeping them in a data center.

And why not? The benefits of moving to the cloud are enormous and the list is long.  They range from – but are not limited to – reduced overheads, improved scalability without the capex costs,…


Added by Kirsty Donovan on December 27, 2019 at 11:11am — No Comments

Financial crime expert Josh Heiliczer shares vision of digital payments’ future and the KYC ecosystem

For any company looking to get into the digital payments space, or already offering services in this area, tackling fraud and reducing the negative impacts of crime is a huge challenge. Losing time to fraudsters or individuals seeking to carry out illicit transactions can cost digital payment companies millions upon millions of dollars each year.

Not only do fraudulent transactions cost time and money, but they can also negatively affect customer services and user…


Added by Tina Sun on December 27, 2019 at 4:30am — No Comments

4 Connected Customer Strategies to Create Delightful Customer Experiences

With startups ready to disrupt traditional players, established firms need to form an even stronger bond with their customers instead of waiting for customers to reach out to them.

The traditional Customer Experience model—referred to as the “acquire what we make” model—is…


Added by Mark Bridges on December 24, 2019 at 5:27pm — No Comments

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Energy Market Analysis and Forecast 2019-2024

The AI software segment currently holds the highest share of the global AI in the energy market (by product offering). AI software providers are responsible for maintaining and storing the application data of the customers. However, AI-as-a-service (AIaaS), also known as platform as platform-as-a-service, is one of the emerging AI product offerings,…


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Professionalizing the Family Business: Getting Ready

Every firm will eventually reach the point when it has to professionalize the way it operates. This is done by instituting more rigorous processes, establishing clear governance, and recruiting skills from outside. Family Business is no different.

In the Family Business Survey, 43% of the companies believe that the need to…


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Keeping Family Committed: The Family Business 5 Dimensions of Activity

Family businesses are an overlooked form of ownership. Yet, they are all around us. One-third of companies in the S&P 500 index and 40% of the 250 largest companies in France and Germany are defined as a family business. A family business means that a family owns a…


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Taking the High Road to Competition: Achieve Business Capabilities Coherence

Sustainable, superior returns accrue to companies that focus on what they do best. It is that simple. Yet it is incredibly hard to internalize. It is a rare company that focuses on what we do better than anyone in making every operating decision across every business unit and product line. Rarer still is the company that has aligned its…


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Taking the Go-to-Market Platform Design Route to Gain Competitive Advantage

The routes to market that Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies use to sell and service their trade account is essentially critical. It determines their sales volume, their ability to deliver the proper levels of customer service in a cost-effective manner, and their success at securing scarce retail shelf space for their products.

Yet, only a…


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SIM Swapping: What You Need to Know

Have you heard of SIM swapping? It’s a new trick that hackers are using to get money and mess up your life.

What is SIM Swapping?

So, what is SIM swapping? It’s when a hacker tricks your cell phone company into thinking that you have activated your SIM card on another phone. In other words, the hackers are taking your phone number and then associating it with a different SIM card. If the switch is a success, your device will be deactivated,…


Added by Robert Siciliano on December 19, 2019 at 4:25pm — No Comments

PCI Compliance Is Not An Annual Event

Christmas morning is here for the compliance management industry. The 2019 Payment Security report was just released by Verizon last week which is the de-facto industry performance report for the PCI security space.

The requirement for organizations to comply with payment card industry regulations and to be assessed against payment card data…


Added by Mitch Gervis on December 19, 2019 at 4:00pm — No Comments

How have AI and Teleradiology transformed medical industry?

Teleradiology and artificial intelligence (AI) can work hand-in-hand and combine their ability to have a major impact on the delivery of health care. High-speed broadband networks' rapid growth has opened the way for vast amounts of data to be transmitted instantly across the globe. This provided the basis for the advent of teleradiology, a technique that allowed access and freedom for radiologists to diversify…


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Scaling Up When Market Volatility Calls for a Make-or-Buy Decision Analysis

As Western companies are being put under increasing pressure to cut expenses and improve return on assets, the dilemma of whether to keep key functions in-house or outsource them has taken center stage.

Manufacturing units are being identified with…


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Caught like a deer in headlights

You know the saying. It means we can see something coming, but we can’t move. Like a deer in headlights, often traditional organisations experience sheer inertia when faced with the light beams of disrupters to their industry. All talk, no action.

So your job is to get your colleagues moving. First start with the good news.…


Added by Bryan Whitefield on December 18, 2019 at 2:00am — No Comments

The Advantages of Risk Management Software

There is an app for everything these days. People used to joke about how there’s an app for everything except for falling in love, but you can’t even say that anymore. Risk management, like everything else in our lives, has similarly been completely transformed by technology. What used to be a simple process that was done through noting down some…


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How Can Operational Risk Management Add Value?



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Reuters Events announces exclusive webinar on Auto insurance product development

Reuters event is hosting a free to attend webinar on how to Enrich Auto Product Development Innovation With Fresh New Data (December 20th, 10.00 Central US time). Register here

New and available data for Auto carriers is transforming the very definition of insurance. Product development that utilizes this data has never been more…


Added by Charlotte Jennings on December 16, 2019 at 6:45pm — No Comments

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