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Biometric Authentication: Mitigating High-risks frauds through Innovative Technology

Security in the digital world is in demand for online financial businesses. This is because of the increasing number of digital frauds that are penetrating into the digital space at a high pace. The digital frauds are of many types. These correspond to financial crimes, a variety of credit card frauds, payment scams, and cyberattacks. The digital frauds include identity theft, account takeover fraud, and high-scale data breaches. Under these circumstances,…


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What we learned about PEPs screening from 3 compliance officers

Fighting financial crime committed by political figures starts with identifying them. It’s easy to identify a head of state or key members of a legislature, but there are many politicians in the world who don’t claim a significant spotlight. Screening for …

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Interview with Anastasia Dokuchaeva from ClauseMatch

This is a transcript of our interview with Anastasia Dokuchaeva, Head of Partnerships at ClauseMatch.

You can watch the original video interview here…


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Digital transformation and financial crime in a post-pandemic world

In the current global climate, financial crime is a more pressing issue than ever.…

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Interview with Zac Cohen, COO at Trulioo

This is a transcript of our interview with Zac Cohen, COO at Trulioo.

You can watch the original interview here…


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Interview with Jim Wetekamp, CEO at Riskonnect

This is a transcript of our interview with Jim Wetekamp, CEO at Riskonnect.

You can watch the original video interview here

Boris: Hello ladies and…


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[Covid-19 Impact monitor] Interview with Sjoerd Leemhuis, CEO at Owlin

This is a transcript of our interview with Sjoerd Leemhuis, Founder and CEO of Owlin.

You can watch the original video interview here…


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Owlin Covid-19 Impact Monitor

Dear All,

Owlin wants to contribute in these turbulent times when it comes to leveraging Natural Language Processing (NLP) to inform the world on the key drivers of the COVID-19 crisis and therefore developed the Owlin Covid-19 Impact Monitor.

Most people are by now familiar with the Johns Hopkins COVID-19 Monitor, which looks into global daily cases and…


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Free Learning Experience: Safeguarding Company Assets While Working Remote


With many employees forced to work from home, it’s likely you’re facing new compliance risks & information security challenges as hackers strive to take advantage of COVID-19.…


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FinTech and RegTech must consider ethical practice

The next logical trend in fintech and regtech is the ethics in its practice, according to Janine Hirt, COO and Board Member of Innovate Finance, in comments made on the new episode of the Regtech 20:20 podcast.



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Sanctions and AML: a practitioner’s view of getting to grips with new directives

Following A deep dive into how businesses can ensure they keep up with evolving sanctions regimes with Martha Kliss from…


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Combating Financial Crime for FinTechs

For me, founding NorthRow wasn’t just about the business opportunity, but a chance to make a difference to the devastating effects that fraud and other forms of financial crime can have on individuals and companies.

Witnessing the corrosive effect of fraud on a family business was a key inspiration and I’ve embraced the opportunity to use my background in software, data and business to found a venture that now digitally…


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Culture, Conduct & Growing Expectations: The Evolving Role of Compliance Officers

When SAI Global founded Compliance Officer Day in 2016, we were in the midst of significant changes to the compliance discipline and the roles of the professionals dedicated to it. The speed the industry has evolved since can be surprising even to those closest to it. 

With changing regulatory obligations and shifting societal expectations, the role of the compliance officer has become a multi-dimensional challenge. Not only has the skillset of compliance officers…


Added by SAI Global - Maddy van den Berg on October 8, 2019 at 2:30pm — No Comments

Are you Responsible for Risk-Based Thinking?

In short, yes. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you sit in an organization, EVERYONE is responsible and accountable for risk-based thinking.

Businesses today face increasing levels of complexity and risk. Organizations are under pressure to deliver profitable business outcomes while operating in a socially and environmental responsible way. 

According to a study conducted in 2019 by the …


Added by SAI Global - Maddy van den Berg on October 8, 2019 at 4:08pm — No Comments

How To Simplify Third-Party Risk Management with Automation?

With FCPA enforcement rising and 75 percent of foreign bribery schemes executed by third parties, outsourcing can create regulatory and reputational risks that should not be ignored.

Make a business case to your senior leadership to get the budget you need and prove the ROI…


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GDPR and Your Third-Party Vendors: Did you also know that you are responsible?

As you likely know, GDPR (the EU’s new General Data Protection Regulation) takes effect in May 2018. Are you ready? If your organization stores or processes EU citizen or resident personal information – any information that can be used to directly or indirectly identify someone – you need to know about…


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Mastering Operational Risk Management Course - All Your Questions Answered (FAQ)

This is just a quick reminder to share with you about the VIP invitation to the 
Mastering Operational Risk Course  …


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From Asset Allocation to Risk Allocation

It has been my pleasure to work with William G. Ferrell, CIO of Ferrell Capital Management to produce a new online course "From Asset Allocation to Risk Allocation".  This course provides valuable insights into a new paradigm for managing investments - based on dynamically monitoring statistics related to Risk, rather than simply creating a diversified portfolio and hoping for the best.  Bill uses the analogy that…


Added by John William Baxter on September 9, 2017 at 7:30pm — 1 Comment

Watch the First module of the course on Credit Ratings

Watch the Module 1 of our brand new course Mastering Credit Ratings: The Ultimate Guide to Becoming an expert (in 5 hours) which is available for a complimentary preview.

In this module we discuss the classification…


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