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Dead is the 3LoD!

We have to move on from this 3-lines-thinking, it is outdated, every employee is a risk manager and must manage the risks associated with his or her job on a daily basis, in an effective Risk Culture there is no need to "defend" it is just optimised risk management and taking more risk to get more reward and build sustainable competitive advantage. Those who are not good or do nothing to build an effective Risk Culture, will just be exploited by those who are better.

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Flashes of Risk Culture #14

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If you want to stay in business in 2017, start managing risk.

So many lists of the Top 10 risks for 2017 floating around and we are already in March! Everyone seems to do the same study and get different results! No wonder we are not getting anywhere with Risk Management. Maybe we should now make a "master"​ list of the top risks from each study and then do another survey to see if that is a good list. Every organisation must have their own list of top risks... and DO something about it, lists means nothing, ACTION is everything. Those who are…


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Flashes of Risk Culture #12

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Why Risk Culture Building should be the most important item on the Board Agenda

The Boards of Directors of banks continue to face increasing accountability for ensuring their banks are effectively managing risk. Yet, despite improvements in risk identification, reporting, and strategic risk management initiatives, regulators still question whether banks are truly engaging in the right ways on the top risks that could bring down an individual bank or have a broader systemic impact.

Banks and banking rely…


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Where did it all go wrong with Risk Management?

I think it all went wrong from the beginning; calling the risk practitioners "risk managers" creating the perception that they manage the risk, including the perception that the CRO is responsible for risk "management", Then the independent risk functions were mostly "born" out of the internal audit function and called the 2nd Line of Defense; creating the perception that it's another level of policemen and that there is something to "defend" against.

After all of that we created…


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Volumes have been written on the cause of the crisis the world is in, surveys have been done and many fingers are pointing in every direction—a couple of these are pointing straight at us, the Risk Professionals.

It is time for us to accept that risk management, as we know it, failed; and for as long as we try to re-direct or break the fingers pointing at us—we will be stuck in this crisis. It is time to renovate risk management. The past is no longer a roadmap for the…


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What is Risk Culture Building?

To start the process of Risk Culture Building, an organisation first needs to get an accurate picture of the current level of risk culture maturity in the organisation. Various attempts have been made to do this and generally most revert to some kind of questionnaire or checklist approach linked to a scoring sheet that is eventually tabulated to quantify an overall score which is linked to a perceived level of maturity. In some cases organisations call in consultants who use an…


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