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GRC strategies to be made in 2019

GRC refers to Governance, Risk and Compliance which means to ensure that proper policies and controls are implemented in your organization for the monitoring of risk and to setup a system for check and balance if new risk arises. While incorporating GRC with technology, it helps in implementing proper control, compliance management system, documentation and also helps in meeting the objective of an organization. It just not helps in mitigating risk but also to evaluate it and providing best…


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Why Cyber Security is a Must Have in Today’s Time

Cyber security is one of the top needs that any business can have in today’s world of digitalization where everything is going online. Companies are maintaining their system with such hi-tech cyber security that it is hard to breach. Since it’s an online world and paperless environment, so cyber security is being prime concern that if anyone who attacks the system he can get into whole of the company’s information. According to recent research report by World Economic Forum, "90 percent of…


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Cyber Security, Big Challenge for Small Businesses

Out of all the security and risks concerns that a small business can have, cyber security is also one of the major concerns for small businesses. Since it’s an online and digital world, where every company tries to keep their data online which is just not easy to put, its also secured and less time consuming. Anyone who is authorized to access the data, ca easily accesses all sort of information from the place where they and can have the information and contribute to the business. But cyber…


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Why Companies Need to Change Their Risk Management Strategies

Risk management is no longer a new term in a world of business. Though it has emerged over a past few decades, but it is something that every company and business is implementing nowadays for a more efficient results and for more business security. Managing risk is essential for all kinds of business. The difference is just that small businesses have quite a few limited resources to gauge their risk while on the other hand, large businesses can easily identify and calculate risks that can…


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Five Ways to Improve your Organization’s Compliance Management

Compliance management is a process which ensures that the employees in an organization are following the set of rules that are given to them and there’s no breach in it. It ensures that the policies and procedures are being followed in accordance to their setup. Here rules mean compliance strategies and benchmark, while process means what manages their compliance system.



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Why Companies Need to Build Cyber Security Strategy

Security is the concern that comes across the management of every company and every year companies pay huge amount on their cyber security. As year time is passing by, technologies are getting bigger and better and so the threat to them. Since it’s the world of online technology and where everything is computerized or automated, there cyber security threats are also getting bigger and serious every day. So, the people are specializing is protecting their systems and organizations cyber risk…


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