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Simple Guide to Build a Framework to Manage Operational Risk

On company’s risk dashboard, the signal for operational risk should be flashing red. Over the past ten years, losses from operational risk have soared. Companies that want to achieve a sustainable and profitable business need to focus on building a framework to manage operational risk.


What Is Operational Risk?


Operational risk summarizes the risks a…


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Hacking smart contracts - [Your weekly digest and risk alert 12/2019]

Dear Global Risk Community member, Mar 25, 2019

Smart contracts…


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Master Class: Solving Retaliation [Free Online Class], Thursday, March 14

 A Message From Our Partner…


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[Webinar Invite] Financial Services, Fraud and the Future of Digital Onboarding



If you're working in Risk Management, I thought that you might be interested in joining the webinar on Fraud and Future of Digital Onboarding delivered by our partners at Onfido.

If that's the case please register via the link below …


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Vendor Risk Summer Reading: Our Most Popular Guides in 2018 (So Far)

A Message From Our Partner


Looking to catch up on the latest Third-Party Risk Management trends this summer? Here are our most popular downloads from the first half of 2018:


  1. Four Keys To Vendor Risk Management (


Tips for building a VRM program that works



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Crisis Leadership - Interview with Caroline Sapriel

Hello, ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to our live discussion about crisis leadership. Today, we have our interview with Caroline Sapriel. Caroline is our member and managing partner at CS&A International, a leading global risk and crisis management firm. She is an experienced international…


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15 Steps to Transforming Yourself from an Operational manager to a Strategic Leader

Did you know that according to research every year 2 million individuals enter leadership positions and 60% fail?

According to Dr. Ted Marra, most often the root cause is a failure to think strategically.

Research says most executive development is disconnected from the real needs of the organization and those who must lead it. 

Learn what it takes to transform…


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How To Identify And Measure Your Strategy Execution Risk - Webinar Invite

Join Global Risk Community for a webinar on How To Identify And Measure Your Strategy Execution Risk

What sank the Titanic and is sinking some of our great companies? What will separate future winners from losers?

50% of the Fortune 500 companies in the year 2000 do not longer…


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Interview with Sufyan Khan - Product Manager, AxiomSL regarding the IFRS 9 Implementation

Today, we have an interview with Sufyan Khan. Sufyan Khan is our member and the Regional Product Manager of IFRS 9 and Tax from AxiomSL. Sufyan has more than 14 years of experience in the area of sales, client service, business development and product management. Over the past 7 years, he has helped clients to make informed decisions in the area of trading and best practices across enterprise-wide risk management.


As of 1st January 2018, institutions will need to…


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Aspiring to be a Strategic Leader? Watch the session on Hyper Decision Making of the Cultivating Your Strategic Thinking program

If you ask an average CEO, "Where did you get your leadership skills training?"

Do you know what you discover?

Mostly, you discover there wasn't any training. They learned on the job – by making all the mistakes. It was training by error.

If you're interested in becoming a Strategic Leader, then you would like to watch the Module 6 of the…


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Become A Strategic Leader With This Personalized Online Program

Dear Global Risk Community member,

Time is running out if you want to secure your spot on the Cultivating Your Strategic And Creative Thinking Program. …


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Risk Allocation - In Concert with the Markets

This article is contributed by William G Ferrell, CIO of Ferrell Capital Management and the author of a new course on Global Risk Academy - "From Asset Allocation To Risk Allocation"

Risk Allocation - In Concert with the Markets

Since Harry…


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Watch the First module of the course on Credit Ratings

Watch the Module 1 of our brand new course Mastering Credit Ratings: The Ultimate Guide to Becoming an expert (in 5 hours) which is available for a complimentary preview.

In this module we discuss the classification…


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Cultivating Your Strategic Thinking - Free book Download or pay $18,95 on Amazon

In his book, “The Wisdom Chronicles: Competing to Win”, Dr. Ted Marra made the point that the success of virtually all organizations comes down to the relentless focus on a vital few factors. The unfortunate truth is that most senior executives are clueless about what they are.

Dr. Marra agreed…


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From Asset Allocation To Risk Allocation - Free Workshop and Online Course Intro

Learn How to Manage Risk for Protection - Allocate Risk to Improve Performance for capital market investors.

Join Global Risk Community and our guest, William Goodwyn Ferrell, a Wall Street veteran and…


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From Asset Allocations To Risk Allocations - New Online Course Invite

Global Risk Academy is preparing to launch a new online course for risk managers and investors - From Asset…


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Webinar Invite: Mastering Operational Risk. Theory and Practice in a single package.

I’m writing to invite you to webinar titled “ Mastering Operational Risk. Theory and Practice in a single package” on June 27 at 10:00am EST / 15:00 BST

Join me and our guest, Calvin Lee, Operations Director at…


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7 Steps To Take Control Of Operational Risk

A lesson many businesses learn the hard way is that in today's ever-changing and complex regulatory and political environment operational risks appear to be increasingly exponentially. In order to take control of Operational Risk leaders of the company and risk managers need to have the answers to many questions. Can I profitably grow my business? How do…


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