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Bakery processing equipment for waste management in bakery

The demand for bakery processing equipment will witness growth, but the management of waste in the food production line is a major challenge for the industry. Equipment that does not work efficiently may result in burnt, undercooked or even over-mixed food, ultimately generating waste.

It is also a major limitation in achieving the level of quality on the production floor. Furthermore, the…


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The tomorrow of project portfolio management: Through the eyes of present

Project portfolio management is not a new phenomenon. We all do it as technology executives, and we're likely to be good at it based on traditional norms. The environment of project management has been constantly evolving. Given how market fluctuations control people, processes, and projects, the introduction of a new strategy for project execution is equivalent to stabbing…


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What’s New in the ASIC Chip Market?

By increasing the number of logic gates per chip, the ASIC chip technology reduced the size of electronic products. The market has time and again witnessed the advent of various types and configurations of IC's. When we look around, we note that some ICs can only be used for one particular application, while some ICs can be reprogrammed and used for different applications.…


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Flexible Displays: A Revolutionary Breakthrough

A flexible display is an electronic visual interface that is as flexible as a piece of paper in nature. Since 2000, it's been one of the most trending topics. Several companies have produced various kinds of flexible display prototypes ranging from flexible electronic paper such as display to flexible OLED-based display.

It is important to note that mobile phones do not only have flexible screen…


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Digital lending platform: Providing new business horizons

The contemporary lending platforms have started exploiting Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies to produce valuable insights from additional data sources. Analyzing digital footprint, for example, has helped bring in a comprehensive borrowers' evaluation. The removal of manual touchpoints also accelerated the time needed to make credit decisions.

Through supporting small businesses with finance, these platforms help create jobs and help the country's overall…


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The present and future of natural language processing

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is an artificial intelligence field that enables machines to interpret, understand and infer meaning from human languages. It is a discipline that focuses on the interaction of data science and human language and scales across many industries. Today, NLP is booming due to the enormous changes in data access and the rise in computational power, which helps practitioners to produce…


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Coated paper market and the fluctuating paper industry

Coated papers provide crisp, sharp results in sharp contrast with a smooth, slick look between the printed image and white space. A coated surface gives excellent image canvas with fine detail, providing better contrast between the printed image and the white space (known as ink snap). These are often used in high-end product catalogs and magazines that need "glossy" or "shiny" optics.…


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Action camera market: The role of industry shapers and sports

The action camera industry has been witnessing remarkable attention from the user-base of social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. This attention has risen with the trend of sharing photos and videos with friends and followers and the pool of vendors in the market. With the advent of camera device manufacturers in the action camera arena, consumers have been provided with a wide range of…


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Conformal Coatings Market Size- KBV Research

For conformal coating, there are many different facets, from equipment and applications to various coating forms. Conformal coating is a non-conductive dielectric protective layer that is added to the assembly of the printed circuit board to protect the electronic assembly from toxicity, salt spray, moisture, fungus, dust, and corrosion caused by harsh or extreme environments. Conformal coatings are…


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How has a smart biopsy become a less intrusive process with the smart needle?

Since scientists developed a new "smart needle" for smart biopsy which uses a mini laser to classify diseased tissue within seconds, cancer detection could become much faster and easier in the future. Researchers have shown the laboratory works of the technique and have just launched a big three-year clinical trial to test it in living people.…


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