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Pharmaceutical Industry Boosting the Adoption of Anti-counterfeit Packaging

Safe packaging is one of the most important forgery avoidance techniques. Anti-counterfeit packaging provides a safe packaging for the product to eradicate alleged breaches and falsification. Anti-counterfeit packaging helps prevent imitation and allows products to be…


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Vehicle Tracking System: The Next-Generation Smart Transportation Solution

A whole new generation of solutions has emerged in different sectors through the synergies between information technologies and telecommunications, enabling companies to increase their efficiency, significantly reduce costs and delivery speed. Providing real-time information on vehicle movement is one such technological spin-off that is essential for the emerging sectors.

In addition, modernizing the transport and logistics sector in developing countries is likely to have a positive…


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Next-Generation Data Storage for The Future of Storage Technology

What Is Next-Generation Data Storage?

It has become crucial to store and manage the gigantic pool of data with the emergence of larger systems, IT, and business environment. This big basket of data, today called the "next-generation data”, emphasizes the need to store data efficiently and reliably. This is where next-generation data storage came into being.

What do we understand by next-generation data storage?…


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What are Probiotics and How Have They Emerged as a Big Business?

Bacteria have a reputation for spreading disease, so the idea of throwing down several billion per day for your health might seem literally and figuratively difficult to swallow. However, more scientific evidence suggests that certain food and diseases that contain certain types of live bacteria can be treated or even prevented. Europeans consume these kinds of advantageous microorganisms, called probiotics (from pro and biota,…


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Rapid Electrification of Automobiles Driving the Gate Driver IC Industry

The growing prevalence of digital electronic devices, adoption of progressive electronic vehicles and advanced virtual systems have paved the way for huge growth opportunities for the Gate Driver IC technology. New products are being implemented by emerging industry players and smaller semiconductor companies are being acquired to strengthen their market presence and deliver power modules of the next…


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3D Scanning is an Emerging and Realization Technology

3D Scanning has emerged as modern technology to analyze real-world objects to collect data on their appearance. Demands are growing and applications are also growing. 3D Scanning helps to understand how complex parts and shapes work and helps develop a better product. 3D scanners are an ace technology for maintaining a high degree of automation of quality assurance.…


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A Paradigm Shift to Eco-Friendly Packaging With Liquid Packaging Cartons

Cartons ensure longer product shelf-life, minimal wastage, and comfort, which remain some of the main reasons for sustained global sales of liquid packaging carton. Factors such as the recycling ability and environmental friendliness of liquid packaging cartons have been observed to attract beverage producers to adopt innovative packaging materials to introduce new packaging solutions on the global market place for…


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Bone Densitometer Machine: Explore DEXA or DXA System

Bone Densitometers: The Recognized Standard for Measuring Bone Material Density

It is anticipated that, by 2040, around 78 million (26%) US adults aged 18 and over will have doctor-diagnosed arthritis. The disease is however found more common among the geriatric population with increasing the risk of arthritis with age. Arthritis is much more prevalent in women than in men. Elderly patients have relatively weaker bones and are more likely to fall as a result of poorer…


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Network Management System: Improve Network Performance

All about Network Management Systems

Network Management System (NMS) are an application or  set of applications which allows network engineers to manage the independent components of the network within a broader network management framework. A network device (wireless as well as wired) is identified, configured, monitored, updated and troubleshooting in a company's network. A system control…


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