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The Power of Data and Analytics in Insurance Fraud Detection

The problem for cyber security in the life insurance sector is very severe, as is the case in other sectors such as banking, healthcare, etc. The insurance industry has a huge amount of client data and clients have a lot of confidence in the organizations with whom they do business.

What is insurance fraud detection?

The insurance industry is moving to a contemporary paradigm…


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How Has Electric Vehicle Become The Future Of Automobiles?

Electric vehicles will be excluded from the market dominance of combustion engines in the following decade or so. With falling prices and improving efficiency, they will become economically feasible for customers. Twenty years ago, people dreamed of quickly evolving new and interesting technologies. Artificial intelligence that surpasses the computer and even the computer capabilities of our brain, or something like an entirely clean, effective, energy-intensive vehicle. The development of a…


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Why does the medical sector rely on tea tree oil benefits?

Tea tree oil is being recognized as the most popular essential oils due to its wide range of uses and miraculous benefits that are as varied as curing an irritating blemish overnight or deep cleaning the sink of a bathroom. The chemicals in a tea tree oil are capable of killing bacteria and fungus, due to which they have been used for centuries as an antiseptic for burns or cuts. The oil can even reduce allergic skin reactions,…


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The importance of HR Analytics & exploring employee data

HR analytics is now a days a well-known solution popular among proactive organizations worldwide. HR Analytics makes it possible for organizations to measure and interpretate employee’s data for the betterment of employee performance, team relation, training and development thereby making the organization profitable. Though HR department is quite available in most of the organization to look after the employee engagement within…


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What is a Biosensor principle and use for analytical purposes

Biosensor is fundamentally an analytical device mainly utilized to connect a biological element to a physicochemical element. It was first introduced in 1950, by an American Biochemist, L.L. Clark to detect oxygen levels in blood.

Biosensor technology is advancing for wide acceptance across various industries as a familiar opportunistic medium of translating a biological data into an electronic indicator. The biosensor devices, in addition with processors play a key function in…


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Automatic labelling machine trends enhancing the packaging industry

Automatic labeling machine has substituted the need for various tasks to be handled by the labor force. The emerging automated machine enterprises have realized that labor expenditure has been greatly reduced. This can be predominantly attributed to the fact that the machinery can efficiently perform other labeling techniques except for the operating part. Labels play a major role in the life of a packaged product.…


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Ventricular assist devices used to support heart function and blood flow

Left ventricular hypertrophy is becoming common in people with high blood pressure. The risk of heart attack and stroke is increasing rapidly because of increased occurrence of left ventricular hypertrophy. The ratio of patients with ventricular diseases is rising alarmingly because of genetic abnormality, cardiomyopathy, structural heart diseases, ischemic heart diseases, heart failure, and many…


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Modern surgical equipment in operating room

Operating room is the most commonly used facility for performing surgical procedures. The facility is used for treating various physiological and pathological conditions in a highly spotlessly clean environment. Operating rooms in this day and age are fully maintained with technologically advanced equipment that helps surgeons by offering greater flexibility and comfort while conducting surgical procedures, and ensure efficient, error-free operations.…


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Application Transformation: Secure Your Digital Business

Application transformation market is growing with cloud and big data technologies, which has raised up the transformation process to the very next level. The enterprises attempt in achieving a competitive edge, which helps in achieving the application transformation process. This application needs to be updated constantly with new technologies and progress the return on investment (ROI), which involves an agile…


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In-Store Analytics for an enhanced shopping experience

The in-store analytics market is gaining immense popularity across the globe. From ordinary functionality to the market strategies, a complete structure can be transformed with the incorporation of In-store analytics. For example, smart carts with site beacons, store surrounded with internet and cameras that deliver the retailers with a broad view of their customers’ requirements, latest shopping styles, and purchasing…


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Smart Shoes Market Innovation towards a Healthy Life

The smart shoes market has surfaced with the integration of sports sensors and development of sports gadgets. Soft sensor networks are circuits made out of flexible sensors that are in-built into shoes, which further helps to measure the biomechanical data. The information gathered provides individual to keep a track of their movement and, in the best way, it prevents injuries. For example, Stridalyzer is an insole detecting the…


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Content Services Platforms with Unlimited Potential

Content Services is an emerging method to logically and efficiently capture the information, which is further delivered to the right department or the process of using digital channels (typically through the cloud). Content Services is based in the cloud, therefore, it ensures that the businesses are addressing the changing the compliance requirements along with remaining cost-effective and scalable. Content services are a set of services and micro services that are personified either as a…


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Payment Processing Solutions: The Top 5 Trends

Payment processing solutions market is highly vast and dynamic, as the developing countries focus on innovation and research & development. The developing countries are early adopters of technologies in different verticals. Out of various modes of payment, a credit card is the best mode of payment by consumers in both ways online and point-of-sale (POS) methods worldwide.…


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How Do Eco-Friendly Liquid Detergents Boost The Market Growth

The Liquid Detergent packaging has undergone significant format and design transformation over the years owing to product development to meet consumer expectations and lifestyle changes. According to industry research, the penetration of washing machines in the estimated household has increased significantly and is optimistically estimated to rise over the upcoming years. This ongoing change in housing conditions and…


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Digital Signage Market - A Trend Setter For The Emerging Industries

Digital Signage Market has created a buzz in recent times. This generally provides insights into the solutions provided by major players, consisting of professional services, integration solutions, and providers of hardware. This study consists of different end-user-based applications such as industrial, institutional, commercial, etc. It mainly features signage products like sign billboards, boards, kiosks, etc.…


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Procurement Analytics Rising Demand by Advance Data Analytics

Procurement analytics is a basic procedure of using quantitative methods to develop actionable insights and results from the obtained data. It captures and uses the acquired data to provide fact-based decision making and increase competitive advantage. It reports typically on the basis of past record and with estimates, using the predictive analytics totally based on historical data to predict what will happen in the…


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Voice Biometrics for Better Consumer Experience

Voice Biometrics Market has gained prominence due to the requirement of evidence safety methods based on technology and devices which prevents hampering of critical information. In case of the voice biometrics, the username and password is inadequate, as it can be hacked and used falsely. For the fraud detection, biometrics identification is considered the best technology.

As the identity theft is…


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Why is a Network Security Firewall Important for Your Enterprise?

A Network Security Firewall acts as a barrier to keep destructive forces away from computers on a network behind the firewall. A network firewall is similar to a physical firewall which prevents a fire from spreading from one area to the other. Firewalls protect against several security threats like denial of service attacks, unauthorized remote logins, and viruses and worms which are spread over a network.…


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How Ready to Drink Shakes boost protein shakes demand?

The Ready to Drink Shakes Market has been growing at a constant pace over the last few years. Even though not every product meets the expected requirements that athletes demand from their drinks. Several tests have been done to verify which has main consideration on the right composition.  These ready-to-drink shakes are considered with their unexpected biological worth and ideal availability. These shakes majorly…


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Role of Voice Assistant Applications in Changing Our Lives

Voice assistant application market organizes the website which is designed for sales and marketing support, instant responding to customer inquiries, precise navigation, customer ideas, and centralized knowledge management. Voice assistant application develops online communication, permits confined interaction with unprompted response times, working on customer retention, and understanding people’s normal language…


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