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How to Support a Risk-Based BCDR Program without Spending More

Emergency situations like natural disasters, data breaches, fraud, and the like arise, by definition, without warning, leaving you little to no time to prepare. So how do you build a BCDR plan that is flexible to handle any situation and is always up to date without huge investments?

The hallmark of a successful BCDR program is leveraging the information you already…


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Overcoming Failures in Risk Management: Is Wells Fargo Getting the Message?

It’s been a rough two years for Wells Fargo.

Ever since the existence of the bank’s massive cross-selling scandal came to light in 2016, Wells Fargo seemed to be trapped in a downward spiral of failure after failure in risk management. In 2016, we were the first to identify…


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Meaningful Metrics: Measuring Enterprise Risk Management Performance

To run an effective ERM program, you need the right metrics.…

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Chipotle’s Outbreak is Their Worst Risk Management Failure Yet: What Can They Do?

Since 2015, Chipotle has suffered multiple scandals of food-borne illness. The latest Chipotle outbreak has left more than 700 people ill. What does the Mexican grill have yet to learn?

In my last blog,…


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GDPR Readiness: How Do You Stack Up?

The GDPR is the strictest set of data protection rules any nation has published, featuring some of the most severe penalties connected to data privacy seen yet. Now that the compliance deadline has passed, we started to wonder about GDPR readiness. How are companies stacking up to the new regulation?…


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Do Insurance Companies Really Need Risk Management?

Risk management in the insurance business is a bit of a head scratcher. On the one hand, insurance companies are selling what many people consider to be a risk mitigation. On the other hand, insurance companies themselves face a variety of risks they need to mitigate.

Let’s briefly consider a misconception about insurance as it pertains to risk management. Too often,…


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MSU Creates New Office of Enterprise Risk Management in Response to Nassar Scandal

Michigan State University has employed a new Chief Compliance Officer in response to the Larry Nassar scandal. By creating an Office of Enterprise Risk Management within the university, MSU is getting on the right track.

Earlier this year, former MSU doctor and USA gymnastics coach Larry Nassar was charged with sexually assaulting 332 students. Shortly after this…


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Harley-Davidson Moves Manufacturing In Response to Trade War: Was it the Right Call?

Back in March, President Trump’s administration threatened to impose steep tariffs on imported goods from some of America’s biggest trading partners. In the following months, the administration set a 25% import tax on steel and 10% on aluminum.…


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Why Cybersecurity Risk Is a Top Priority: Facts and Figures

Chief risk officers and heads of operational risk responded to a survey held by and identified their top risk concerns. Their number one concern was IT disruption, while their second highest concern was data compromise. Why is cybersecurity risk on everyone’s mind?

For one thing, technology is an inescapable reality of every business. Even the smallest of mom and pop shops have an…


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Wells Fargo Ad Campaign Misses the Mark: Overcoming Failure with Better Risk Management

This week, Wells Fargo launched a new ad campaign called Re-Established. The goal is to gain back customer trust after their repeat failures in risk management. It won’t work.

I’ve talked a lot about the…


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The See-Through Economy: New Technology and Risk Management

Year over year, scandals like Wells Fargo, Equifax, Chipotle and so many others have dominated news headlines as they wreak havoc on consumers, investors, and awaken industry and government regulators. What is driving this trend?

Consumers have entrusted corporations with increasing involvement and influence in their lives through the decades. In 2014, for example, the Supreme Court ruled that corporations have some of the rights and responsibilities as natural persons. In other…


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Wells Fargo’s Failures in Risk Management Cost $1 Billion Settlement

Wells Fargo has suffered the consequences of repeat scandals since 2016. This week, the bank agreed to a $1 billion settlement with federal regulators who have cited their lack of effective risk management practices as the root cause of their woes.

This settlement with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and Office of the Comptroller of the Currency would be…


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Hudson's Bay Data Breach Confirms the Need for Enterprise Risk Management in the Retail Industry

On Sunday April 1, Retail group Hudson’s Bay disclosed that it was the victim of a security breach that compromised data on payment cards used at Saks Fifth Avenue and Lord & Taylor stores in North America.

As many as 5 million cards may have been compromised, which would make the breach one of the largest involving payment cards over the past…


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Orbitz Data Breach Signals Complacency: What You Didn’t Know About Cyber Breaches

Orbitz said hackers may have accessed 880,000 credit card numbers and possibly the names, dates of birth, phone numbers, and addresses of consumers who booked through the site in 2016 and 2017.

The Orbitz data breach pales in comparison to the…


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Under Armour Risk Management Failure: Data Breach Affects 150 Million MyFitnessPal App Users

On March 29, 2018, Under Armour announced that the data of over 150 million users of the MyFitnessPal diet and fitness app was exposed in February of this year.

User data included usernames, emails, and passwords. The company put a PR spin on the breach by disclosing that government-issued identifiers like Social…


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VW in Need of Risk Management Rehab After Multiple Emissions-Testing Scandals Emerge

According to reports uncovered earlier this year, Volkswagen conducted diesel-emissions testing on…

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ESG Investors Target Facebook for Repeat Failures in Risk Management

Facebook’s market capitalization dropped as much as $60 billion after reports emerged that Cambridge Analytica, the data consulting firm used by the Trump Campaign, was given the data of around 50 million Facebook users without their consent.

The Cambridge Analytica scandal is the latest in a series of risk management failures that have plagued the social networking company, which has been grappling with its role in the…


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2018 GRC Market Report Emphasizes New Risk Trends: Reputation, Regulations, and Innovation

The Forrester Wave™: Governance, Risk, and Compliance Platforms, Q1 2018 evaluates and ranks the 14 most significant GRC platforms available, and LogicManager has been named a Leader! But beyond measuring the current offering, strategy, and market presence of GRC providers, the report also dives into the current risk climate.

As the report states, “Managing risk is…


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Theranos Charged With Massive Fraud: Building Boards On Skill Over Appearance

The Securities and Exchange Commission charged Theranos Inc., its founder and CEO Elizabeth Holmes, and its former President Ramesh Balwani with raising more than $700 million from investors through an elaborate fraud in which they made false statements about the company’s technology, business, and financial performance. 

The way I look at it, the board was either in…


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Tiger Brands Scandal: Fifth Failure Incites Public Outrage

This month, Tiger Brands, the major food conglomerate in South Africa, is entangled in a major scandal. 950 have fallen ill and 180 people have died from listeriosis, which makes this the biggest food-borne illness outbreak in history.

In the unraveling of this scandal, I see a proof point for two growing trends:



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