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What’s the relation: Psychology and Life

The old and most current puzzle of humankind is awareness. The researchers and scholars have been working, considering and examining on it since the development of humanity however the more they look through the less they think about awareness.

Be that as it may, there is a great deal that they have found out about awareness and have spread their insight about it on the planet. Here we will endeavor to clarify the…


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Is Trademark Attorney a Sensible Career Choice?

You decided to get into law school. What next?


If you think that all lawyers lead a glamorous life as shown in the TV series, SUITS, let’s face it, things are often very different.


With some wise choices, the career trajectory of a lawyer can be extremely rewarding; especially, if you aspire to get into a multi-national…


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Busted: Solutions to the Ultimate Challenges faced by Entrepreneurs

In today’s competitive business world, no one can afford to make mistakes. Well, this is pretty common with the new and young entrepreneurs who lack expertise and skills required to stay in the market.

As a writer, I have observed that most of us lack on the initial stages of development in a business which is WHY most of the start-ups fail before time. To solve this problem and help your business grow I have concluded my advice for all the young minds.



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Does your Business require a Rebranding?

Entrepreneurs usually focus on branding business to increase the visibility and awareness with its customers. As the business grows, it becomes necessary to be consistent in your efforts and maintain a brand which survives every market condition.

The brand is an essence of the business and requires to be promoted in a way that it creates…


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Why Celebrities Trademark their Names?

Every actor has a shelf life; several stars that became superstars and reined the hearts of millions fade away into oblivion as time passes.

Stardom is temporary, and so is their career as an actor. The immense success they get and the wave of popularity they generate are used by brands and companies to pitch their products to the public.



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