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What should your risk function deliver in the 2020s?

Last week I wrote about why risk management has been failing in many organisations. The reason I gave was because risk functions often don’t deliver much value to the business served. The root…


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Why Risk Management is failing in organisations

While there continues to be man-made catastrophes and Royal Commissions into the operation of industries such as finance and aged care, one must conclude that risk management has failed in many organisations. The banks and insurance companies were not bereft of resources focussed on risk and compliance. Unfortunately, their efforts had limited impact. 

There are many reasons that risk management is not strong and prevalent across the business…


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Invaluable Advice

When is the last time you had someone look at you with their jaw dropped and their eyes wide? I hope it was recently. It could mean you just gave them invaluable advice.

Invaluable advice is hard to come by unless you do the hard-smart work. That is the work that others won’t or can’t do. The kind of work that is full of using your business acumen, your wonderful imagination and your scientific nous.

And you know something? I bet you a gazillion dollars the…


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Partnering to Make Risky Decisions

It is inherently difficult to make fantastic decisions all the time without outside assistance as we are all subject to deep-seated psychological biases — some genetic, some learned in our formative years and some a response to particular events in our lives. Therefore, forming a tight partnership between you and your advisers is…


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Designing Agile Decision Making vs Agile Organisations

Recently I read an article by McKinsey titled The Journey to an Agile Organisation. The article steps you through how to transform an organisation from a “… static, siloed, structural hierarchy…” to…


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Acumen + Data = Precision

Last week I wrote about leading the business savvy in learning organisations 2020s style where I explained that a great business acumen is enhanced with creative thinking (see figure below). This week I concentrate on the relationship between the business savvy leader and the scientific types in organisations. The techos, the…


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Leading the business savvy in a learning organisation

My recent blogs have been on leading learning organisations 2020s style (see figure below). This week I concentrate on the business savvy leaders in organisations. For example, the street smart, politically smart and strongly determined leaders that make things happen.

"Being business savvy is a terrific skill. A skill…


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Leading the scientists in a learning organisation

Last week I wrote about leading learning organisations 2020s style where I explained that a great business acumen is enhanced with scientific method and creative thinking (see figure below). This week I’m concentrating on the scientists in organisations. For example, the data guys over there in the corner. They don’t say much, they beaver…


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Leading a learning organisation 2020s style

The Fifth Discipline by Peter Senge published in 1990 exposed to the world Senge’s seminal work on the learning organisation. While Senge’s five disciplines of Systems Thinking, Personal Mastery, Mental Models (blinkers or blind spots), Shared Vision and Team Learning continue to be important, if not vital, components of the modern organisation, leading the modern learning organisation has necessarily…


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Data Pilots

No, not unmanned aircraft flying us around the world! A small project to assess the value of a bigger data project and to stimulate interest and eventually strong support for the project.

Why a pilot project before you go into a full blown project you know you will get benefit from? Because most big data projects take longer, cost a heck of lot more…


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Creating Appetite

Last week I listened to Creativity 101 on the ABC Podcast This Working Life. Widely acclaimed creativity and innovation guru Sir Ken Robinson was being interviewed. 

One of things that makes Sir Ken…


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In the past month or so with blogs on KPIsKRIs and …


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Experiencing Expertise

Last week I had the opportunity to participate in a masterclass with Paul Gow. Paul is a golf pro who is the golfing star (apologies to Andrew Daddo) of The Golf Show on Foxtel here in Australia. As a mid-handicap amateur golfer, I do my best year-on-year to improve my game. Some years are better than others. Yes, I have had 30-min lessons and each has made an immediate difference. However, a half-day masterclass was a whole different story. I experienced…


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Dealing with Measures that Don’t Matter (much)

I had two separate conversations last week about measures that don’t matter (much). One was with a client in the Not-for-Profit sector who needed to report “about a hundred” things to their regulator who are major funders of their programs.

The second was in my …


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Wisdom Transforms

Recently I have been blogging about Measures that Transform. Figure 1 outlines the journey you need to take to ensure you don’t have measures that hurt, that you move beyond measures that simply matter and that you have measures that transform. That is, you take a journey from motion to direction to transformation.…


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KRI Measures that Transform

I’m on holidays right now and wrote this in the Qantas Club last week. Earlier this year I wrote some blogs using stories from my holidays. I hope to come back with some more beauties for you.

Three of the stories were about risk appetite. One of the conversations I often have when discussing risk appetite is KRIs. Key Risk Indicators. They are early…


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My last two blogs were about risk appetite and they got me thinking about a conversation I had back in 2001. I was in a corporate role and I was deciding between setting myself up as a consultant or taking a different path in corporate. Being a risk guy at the time I applied for a job as a weather derivatives trader because the ad listed risk analytics as a…


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The Publican’s Risk Appetite

I was “up the coast” this summer. A term well understood for those who live in Sydney and covers anywhere from the Central Coast to the Queensland border. As with most holidays you get a good story or three. One of mine is the quintessential Aussie story as well as a wonderful depiction of why leaders in organisations need to know staff are operating within…


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The Market Decides

For my last blog of the year I thought I would provide you with a list of my top blogs for 2018. That is, the ones most liked on LinkedIn or to which I had the most personal response. I hope you enjoy them.


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Hi-Jacked or Hi-Impact

Are your back office and front office aligned? Are logistics aligned to sales, is procurement aligned to maintenance, is risk aligned to production? If not, there is a chance you have been hi-jacked by well-meaning technical specialists. So technical, so smart, that they have created too many technical requirements, surrounded by technical jargon, that it is…


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