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The Publican’s Risk Appetite

I was “up the coast” this summer. A term well understood for those who live in Sydney and covers anywhere from the Central Coast to the Queensland border. As with most holidays you get a good story or three. One of mine is the quintessential Aussie story as well as a wonderful depiction of why leaders in organisations need to know staff are operating within…


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The Market Decides

For my last blog of the year I thought I would provide you with a list of my top blogs for 2018. That is, the ones most liked on LinkedIn or to which I had the most personal response. I hope you enjoy them.


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Hi-Jacked or Hi-Impact

Are your back office and front office aligned? Are logistics aligned to sales, is procurement aligned to maintenance, is risk aligned to production? If not, there is a chance you have been hi-jacked by well-meaning technical specialists. So technical, so smart, that they have created too many technical requirements, surrounded by technical jargon, that it is…


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Objectives: Hands on Hearts

When I work with boards and executive teams I am often heard to say, “hold your hands on your hearts and swear you will meet your objectives for this year. “

Now normally I am asking this during a planning session or risk workshop not with 24 hours of the year left to play out. So it is a given that the level of uncertainty over a 12+ month period is…


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Recipes for Every Appetite

One of the things I am seen as an expert in is the field of risk. One of the hotly debated topics in risk is the value of a risk appetite statement. There are many reasons their value is debated, however, the real reason is because there are different recipes to produce risk appetite statements to suit the board and management’s personal appetite for risk. And…


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Measure what Matters

According to Michael Henderson, Corporate Anthropologist on Oscar Trimboli’s Deep Listening Podcast, people in the western world like threes because we…


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Start a Mental Revolution

Recently I came upon this title in a paper I was reviewing as a judge for the ASEAN Risk Awards featuring entries from across South-East Asia: “Deputy Manager Changes and Mental Revolution”. 

Boom! What a title. 

While it might be a quirk from the translation from Indonesian it struck home for me what you should aim for with your foray into the…


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Data by Design

This McKinsey article titled …


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Bedtime Data Stories

Bedtime data stories are telling stories about data with data.

Have you ever asked yourself, “Why bedtime stories?”. Maybe you grew up with them and you have kept up the tradition. Maybe you understand they are good for your child’s development, in particular their vocabulary, comprehension and the…


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Exponential S-Curves – what the?

Those of you that know your maths know that an S-Curve can have an exponential portion to its curve but it can’t BE an exponential curve. However, I recently came across a diagram showing a series of S-curves overlaying an exponential curve which to me portrayed something very different to seeing either in…


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Data Min(e)dset

There are data miners and then there is data mindset. The former are the people and/or their tools that do the digging through the numbers. The latter is about a whole lot more. 

Last week I blogged about how to help people believe the numbers. This week I am going a big step further talking about four different types of data mindsets and the implications for decision…


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Helping them believe the numbers

Decisions are all about emotion, however, numbers are so very important. At the end of the day if the bank balance is zero, no amount of emotion is going to change that. 

When it comes to numbers and decision making there are essentially three positions people take. …


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When numbers hurt most

One of the most soul-destroying events that can happen to a company is for a bean counter to be appointed as CEO with a vision that involves cost cutting and not much else. While I am one of the first to hold true to “In God we trust, all others bring data”, I have seen too many companies damaged from a CEO overly…


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Spending vs Investing

A strategy is of itself a hypothesis. Something that is proved true or false over time.  For more on this, read one of my most popular blogs here: A strategy is but a…


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Solving Quantifornication

Solving Quantifornication has the benefits of countering fake news, avoiding poor decisions based on a poor risk assessment and learning to pose the right questions.

Quantifornication is a term that I use to describe any of the following:

  • Twisting data, intentionally…

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From Trust to Trust with Data

We need data we can trust so that we can build trust using data. However, it is not as easy as it sounds. 

A study of over 1,400 marketing campaigns by the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising in the UK found that campaigns selling on emotion only were 32% effective. Worse…


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Leading through complexity

Too many business leaders lack an appreciation for numbers and of science in general. Whether it be data or the value of scientific processes such as hypotheses testing and experimentation.

What is also missing in many leaders is a vivid imagination. It is an absolute prerequisite to lead in this modern and complex world of ours.

The figure represents what it means to be a great leader in complex times.…


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They won’t care what you think unless…

In recent blogs I have been urging you to stand in the shoes of those you wish to influence. Recently I read a blog by futurist Gihan Perera that gave another reason to urge you on. In his blog There’s an ‘I’ in…


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Out of the mouths of Belgians

The expression ‘Out of the mouths of babes’ recognises children’s unique ability to cut through layers of adult rationalisation to express something fundamentally wise and true. Here I want to substitute Belgians for babes. 

Last week I…


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Powerful advice EMMAnating from Beauty and the Beast

It is a slightly cryptic clue. I love the way you just have to have a peak at my blog when I come up with an interesting enough title! I’ll give you a bit more of the clue. She played Belle in the movie Beauty and the Beast. Now to my point.

The quest for the secret to influence and…


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