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Key Account Management: Handling Large Global Accounts the Right Way

Large accounts make up a significant portion of business for most B2B companies. Therefore, losing an important customer can have detrimental effects on the organization. The significance of key accounts is urging top B2B companies to revisit their key account management approaches. Additionally, the increasing level of sophistication of the…


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Retail Strategy: Effective Management of IT Costs

The Retail industry is under constant pressure by low margins and ever-increasing rivalry. Weak consumer spending; saturated markets; increased consumers demands for service and lower prices; and intense competition has put significant strain on retail bottom lines and growth avenues. Thus, …


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Real Estate Essentials: Developing an Integrated Real Estate Strategy

Disruption is constantly changing the retail business environment.  In fact, it is adding complexities to it with every passing day.  Sweeping changes in consumers’ behaviors and the challenges to retail economic models are pushing the current retail models to undergo considerable transformation.  A number of organizations that possess a sizable…


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Have You Tried Using the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI) to Manage Conflict at Your Workplace?

A major reason for employees leaving their workplaces is conflict with their bosses. To succeed in today’s fiercely competitive market, organizations need to invest in developing their leadership, such that they further develop their teams by training them on the desired competencies and create a sense of engagement in them.

A big challenge for…


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Strategic Cost Reduction Primer: A Systematic Approach to Transforming Organizational Cost Bases

Cost Optimization Programs are hard to manage, sustain, and often tend to fall short of delivering the promised value. The failure could be attributed to many reasons—including lack of clearly delineated objectives, failure to account for the operational difficulties, internal resistance to change, trying to cut corners from everywhere, not paying…


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Lewin 3-Step Change Management Model: A Simple and Effective Method to Institute Change that Sticks

The rapidly evolving world necessitates organizations to change quickly to keep pace. Organizations that are able to manage change well flourish, whereas those that don’t risk disruption or closure. Change management varies greatly based on the nature of business and the people involved. It also depends on how well people understand the change process.

Various frameworks and models have been formulated to manage change. …


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Are You Familiar with Approaches Critical for Effective Communication with Virtual Teams?

The number of people working remotely has been increasing progressively across the globe. An employee benefits report narrates that around 60% companies in the US offer telecommuting opportunities. Telecommuting not only benefits people but also presents several advantages for organizations. Research has attributed an increase in savings of around $2000 per employee each year on real estate costs, enhanced productivity, and lower attrition rates to telecommuting. Employees…


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5 Behaviors Key to Making Innovation Part of the Organizational DNA

Inspiring breakthrough innovation in business models and solutions is becoming critical for organizations’ existence, as startups through their innovation have been consistently disrupting large organizations…


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Leadership 2.0: 6 Leadership Mindsets Demarcated

There isn’t one leadership approach that can guarantee success in every situation.

Leadership necessitates an assortment of methodologies that leaders can use based on the circumstances—ranging from being self-centric to helping the humanity. In order to …


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Scaled Agile Framework: An Overview of its Core Values, Principles, and Implementation

The pace of digital disruption is putting even large corporations at risk of closure. Startups are using disruption to their benefit by embracing robust approaches and creating unique business models.

This intense competition and disruption warrants organizations to keep evolving in order to thrive. They can do this by creating cutting-edge systems and software, adopting pragmatic methodologies, and embracing an organizational culture that motivates innovation,…


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Is Your Customer Strategy Really Robust?

In these challenging times, it’s no longer enough to target a few, select purchasers and develop products for that clientele. The key ingredient that most leaders overlook while serving their clients is a thoughtful and planned Customer Strategy.

A robust Customer Strategy entails speaking the language of the customers, knowing how to anticipate…


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Leadership 2.0: The Requisite Leadership Competencies and Potential for an Effective Leader

The use of behavioral competencies in appraising the skills and potential of leaders is a norm in organizations large and small. The competency models are omnipresent owing to several reasons—a shared vocabulary to convey the expectations from people, a basis for …


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The Influence Model for Change: Targeting the Individual’s Mindsets and Behaviors to Foster Real Change

Business Transformation initiatives are complex undertakings that aren’t easy to manage. In fact, data suggests most transformation efforts globally to have ended up in failure.

That’s predominantly because organizations find it challenging to make their people accept change. Most of the large-scale change initiatives are typically…


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Analyzing Key Personality & Psychological Characteristics of a Consistent Leader Utilizing Psychometric Testing

Appraising the potential of executives to reach the top is a tedious task for HR professionals as well as the top management. The characteristics and competence of leaders isn’t something etched in stone. It is a matter of great interest for organizations to identify the attributes that make their managers and senior managers successful.

To explore the key traits of successful leaders, a 2-stage leadership profiling study of over 1500 international managers was…


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Industry Analysis: How Should the Consultants Go About It?

To succeed in a market or industry, organizations need to objectively analyze the underlying forces, attractiveness, and other success factors. They often seek outsiders’ assistance to bring fresh perspective, insights, and recommendations. The external contractors commence the engagement by carrying out a detailed industry analysis.

The industry analysis facilitates in identifying potential opportunities, threats, and the current and future scenarios of the…


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Strategic Leadership Reexamined: The 10 Core Principles

One of the major necessities of this information age involves developing leadership that is capable of guiding organizations through challenging times. A vast majority of executives at most organizations are exceptional in handling routine operations; however, finding leaders proficient in transforming the ways of doing business and tackling…


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How to Utilize the 8 Pillars of Innovation to Avoid Disruption?

Almost every other day, startups emerge and disrupt established companies because of their innovative ideas and business models. This disruption is, primarily, due to the reluctance of big companies to implement a series of strategic and organizational practices required to organize and inspire creativity.

Large firms are, generally, better at implementation rather than …


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How to go about Conducting RACI Charting and Analysis like a Pro?

Functional areas in an organization are often marred with ambiguities--some process related and other role related. The Responsibility Assignment Matrix or RACI Charting is a simple technique to resolve these ambiguities. It works collaboratively to clearly identify functional areas and roles and responsibilities in order…


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Are You Familiar with the Key Elements of Business Model Innovation (BMI)?

Innovative technologies are sweeping away everything: organizations, work practices, offerings, hierarchies, and even business models. Those days are long past when business models used to stay static for years to no end. They are now under threat more so than anything else, since any technology-driven entrant can knock an established business model down in no time.

In order to stay in the game, organizations need to evolve their business models…


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