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Transforming Employee Engagement into a Competitive Advantage? Here's How

Organizations typically focus on Customer-centric Design in their Strategic Planning and overlook the critical driver of Performance,…


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Digital Transformation: 2 Distinct Models to Manage Key Talent

Traditional Talent Management practices fail to meet the high-potential talent requirements imperative to compete in the digital world today.  In fact, they disappoint the key talent available in the market.

A 2016 Digital Business research by MIT Sloan Management Review and Deloitte on…


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Having Problems Maintaining a Stable Talent Pipeline? Apply the 6 Pillars of Talent Management to Master the Art

Enterprises worldwide face problems selecting, staffing, developing, compensating, motivating, and sustaining their key talent.  Building a sustainable Talent pipeline is quite strenuous even for large multinationals.

Replicating best practices from somewhere and applying them alone isn’t sufficient for organizations to build a Talent pipeline and…


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Are You Able to Effectively Respond to VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) Challenges?

VUCA relates to threats that people and enterprises often encounter.  The acronym reflects the constant, dramatically-transforming, and unpredictable world.  The concept originated in 1987, based on the theories of Warren Bennis and Burt Nanus.  The term was first used by U.S. Army War College to describe the volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous…


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Strategic Goals Grid (SGG) - Another tool for Strategic Planning

One of the most popular Strategic Planning tool among executives is the SWOT analysis (or SWOT matrix).  However, sometimes assessing the organization’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats is not enough to set the direction for the planning process or…


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Are You Able to Differentiate Between General, Corporate, and Competitive Strategy?

Strategy and execution are the 2 critical elements that drive a business.  However, leaders often struggle even with defining—let alone devising and executing—an effective strategy.  Many of those who are responsible to deal with it fall short of describing how they typically employ it.  This…


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How to Employ Internet of Things (IoT) System to Fast-track Decision-Making in the Manufacturing Sector?

Manufacturing today entails immediate yet informed decision making.  However, with increasing levels of sophistication and production, senior leadership often has limited time to make optimum decisions pertaining to the number of…


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Digital Facilitation - Embrace the Future Work Environment

In the wake of global pandemics when meeting face to face is not possible, it’s about facilitating workshops digitally, designing a formal agenda, and utilizing digital tools to ensure a productive virtual meeting.  Digital Collaboration Platforms have been pivotal in the current scenario.

As a matter of fact, Digital Collaboration platforms have…


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Shareholder Value Traps: How to Evade Them and Focus on Value Creation for Your Organization

Changing industry ecosystems and competition today demand from the organizations to undergo strategic shifts.  The purpose of a company is undergoing Business Transformation from serving the interest of shareholders to serving all stakeholders that influence the…


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Learning Organizations - Making Supplier Networks A Valuable Source of Competitive Advantage For You

Large manufacturers are often reluctant to share knowledge with suppliers.  However, supplier networks are considered a great source of gaining competitive edge by Learning Organizations.

A Learning Organization is founded on innovation, free flow of ideas, and a…


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How To Handle A Downturn and Unlock Opportunities Out of It?

Financial crisis, adverse supply shock, technological disruption, or natural hazards and disasters significantly affect global businesses.  Recessions caused by these global incidents and problems have serious outcomes on commodity prices, stock markets, economies, and even countries.

A Downturn can be described as a contracted business cycle with a…


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Are You Satisfied With Cost-based Pricing? Try Target Costing An Alternative Yet More Effective Approach to Pricing Products

Cost-based Pricing is fast becoming a relic of the past and being substituted by the concept of Target Costing.  Target Costing is referred to as an organized process to determine the cost at which a proposed product must be developed so as to generate profits at the product’s anticipated…


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4 Imperatives of Transforming From A Product-based Business To Platform Business Model

Transformation from a product-based model to a platform model is a dream for many executives.  More and more product companies are now shifting into a platform model.  The drive behind such a shift is the huge success of platform companies—e.g., Amazon, Google,…


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Business Model Innovation: Creation of Scalable Business Models

Scalability is defined as possible meaningful changes in magnitude or capacity.  In business terms, it’s the capability of a system to enhance productivity upon resource augmentation.  Scalability provides an organization the capabilities to develop compelling value propositions—that are hard to imitate by the rivals—and achieve profitable growth even…


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How to Create a Next-Generation Learning Organization That Enables Digital Transformation?

Survival of a business in this digital age largely depends on its ability to timely embrace Digital Transformation.  Digital Transformation entails using Digital Technologies to streamline business processes, culture, and customer experiences.

In order to compete today—and in future—and to enable…


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Need Help Identifying Growing Markets and Pricing Your Products Right? Refer To Conjoint Analysis

Identifying what the market wants is a critical issue for most executives.  Likewise, the decision on how much to charge for a product is also crucial for planners.  This is where Market Research comes to rescue.

One of the Marketing Research methods that researchers most commonly employ…


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Utilizing Van Westendorp Price Sensitivity Meter (PSM) to Appreciate Consumers’ Willingness to Pay (WTP) for a Product

The decision for pricing a product or service isn’t as simple as it seems. It is a key consideration for executives. Pricing way above the rival products risks not attracting the required customers while charging way below the competitor products could be equally detrimental.

Manufacturers can utilize research to have a better understanding on what…


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Supply Chain Information Disclosure Strategy: 8 Key Steps

Supply Chain Management is getting more and more complex.  The pressure on the Supply Chain information to be made public is also increasing day by day.  With the popularity and widespread use of social media, it has become more and more difficult for organizations to hide information pertaining to…


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5 Core Pillars Essential to Evolve into the Next-Generation Learning Organization

Transformation of an organization into a Next-generation Learning Organization (NLO) is a challenging endeavor.  The main hurdles include convoluted hierarchies, bureaucratic red tape, delayed decision making, and complicated organizational systems and processes.

To develop a learning…


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Performance Management Maturity Model: 5 Key Stages Simplified

Performance evaluation serves as a health check on operations and individuals’ work.  The organizational maturity notion signifies the progress of an organization in terms of developing its people, processes, technology, and capability by implementing quality practices.  Organizations aiming to achieve the highest maturity levels in performance need to take…


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