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How to Secure the Promised Revenue Synergies After Signing a Merger Deal?

Stiff market competition, expansion into new territories, product portfolio extension, and gaining new capabilities are the prime reasons why more and more organizations are seriously looking into the prospects of—and carrying out—Mergers and Acquisitions. However, only a few M&As achieve their desired revenue objectives.

Revenue Synergies…


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How to Enable PMI? Here Are the 8 Critical Decision Levers to Analyze First

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) are unique and complex endeavors.  These initiatives demand tailored solutions keeping in view the varying environments, ways of doing business, culture of the two combining organizations, and internal and external forces…


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Considering M&A? Here Are 3 Critical Pre-merger Considerations

Takeovers can turnaround companies in a short period of time, but there is a significant degree of risk to be anticipated and mitigated prior to undertaking such transactions.  Lack of careful deliberation of the potential risks, insufficient planning, weak execution, and lack of focus on Post-merger Integration are the major reasons why many Merger & Acquisition deals fail to achieve their desired goals.

The course of an M&A transaction has to be…


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Are You Able to Tap Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Opportunities?

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an organization’s commitment to produce an overall positive impact on society.  CSR encompasses sustainability, social and economic impact, and business ethics.  It makes a company socially accountable of its operations, stakeholders, and the public.  Businesses…


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Nudge Theory: An Effective Way to Transform Negative Behaviors

Changing the behaviors of people is the foremost issue with every transformation initiative.

Nudge theory is a novel Change Management model that underscores the importance of understanding the way people think, act, and decide. The model assists in encouraging human imagination and decision making, and transforming negative…


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Aiming to Become a Customer-centric Organization, Then Where's the Customer Department?

Transforming a product-driven firm to a customer-driven enterprise is inevitable in order to stay ahead in today’s extremely competitive markets. The days of mass marketing, mass media communications, and little-to-none direct interface with customers are long gone. The emphasis, now, should be on maximizing customer relationships and becoming customer-driven organizations rather than merely selling products. The technological advancements of this age offer potent tools for…


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The 8 Most Critical Levers to Pull to Manage & Sustain Change

Most Transformation initiatives fail to achieve their anticipated objectives.

Change Management is all about engaging and rallying people — at all levels in the organization — to make the transition and sustain that change. It is critical to ensure that the entire workforce is eager and ready to embrace the required new behaviors. More often than not,…


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Do You Know How to Transform Your Organization into a Learning Organization?

In this era of rapid change only organizations that are evolving and continuously learning can flourish. Successful organizations discover how to tap their people’s commitment and capacity to learn at all levels.

A Learning Organization is a place where people continually expand their capacity to create the results they…


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The Secret Sauce to Success Amidst Disruption: Building a Customer-Centric Culture of Innovation

A large majority of organizations rarely focus on gathering and utilizing customer-centric knowledge. So much so that they even introduce a product without having vital insights on the customer and their unmet needs, and they are often clueless about them. Consequently, many product development initiatives fall flat as managers struggle to filter and evaluate ideas.

Most organizations, today, are developing initiatives around …


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The 5 Building Blocks to Creating a Learning Organization

Organizations need to persistently improve the way they do business to stay ahead of the curve. New ideas trigger organizational improvement and build the foundation of a Learning Organization.

Scholars have defined a Learning Organization in many different ways. Some suggest it as an organization skilled at…


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Optimizing Productivity by Leveraging the Organizational Health Index (OHI)

The typical approach to improving productivity focuses on assessing variance in quality, time, rate, service, or cost, around which management systems develop incrementally or revolutionary.

Organizational Health Index,…


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Product Strategy: How to Implement Smart Customization without Adding Complexity to the Business?

Customers, these days, demand ever-higher levels of personalized products and services to suit their needs. Their demand is grounded on technological disruption and access to up-to-date information. They believe that in an economy characterized by disruption and operational innovation—that makes customization possible—they have an excellent chance of…


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Smart Customization: A Mainstay of Successful Product Strategy

The advantages of Smart Customization are more visible in the manufacturing industry—owing to fairly speedy cash recoveries when factory costs are aligned to customer value. It is becoming an…


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Key Account Management: Handling Large Global Accounts the Right Way

Large accounts make up a significant portion of business for most B2B companies. Therefore, losing an important customer can have detrimental effects on the organization. The significance of key accounts is urging top B2B companies to revisit their key account management approaches. Additionally, the increasing level of sophistication of the…


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Retail Strategy: Effective Management of IT Costs

The Retail industry is under constant pressure by low margins and ever-increasing rivalry. Weak consumer spending; saturated markets; increased consumers demands for service and lower prices; and intense competition has put significant strain on retail bottom lines and growth avenues. Thus, …


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Real Estate Essentials: Developing an Integrated Real Estate Strategy

Disruption is constantly changing the retail business environment.  In fact, it is adding complexities to it with every passing day.  Sweeping changes in consumers’ behaviors and the challenges to retail economic models are pushing the current retail models to undergo considerable transformation.  A number of organizations that possess a sizable…


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Have You Tried Using the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI) to Manage Conflict at Your Workplace?

A major reason for employees leaving their workplaces is conflict with their bosses. To succeed in today’s fiercely competitive market, organizations need to invest in developing their leadership, such that they further develop their teams by training them on the desired competencies and create a sense of engagement in them.

A big challenge for…


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Strategic Cost Reduction Primer: A Systematic Approach to Transforming Organizational Cost Bases

Cost Optimization Programs are hard to manage, sustain, and often tend to fall short of delivering the promised value. The failure could be attributed to many reasons—including lack of clearly delineated objectives, failure to account for the operational difficulties, internal resistance to change, trying to cut corners from everywhere, not paying…


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Lewin 3-Step Change Management Model: A Simple and Effective Method to Institute Change that Sticks

The rapidly evolving world necessitates organizations to change quickly to keep pace. Organizations that are able to manage change well flourish, whereas those that don’t risk disruption or closure. Change management varies greatly based on the nature of business and the people involved. It also depends on how well people understand the change process.

Various frameworks and models have been formulated to manage change. …


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