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ISO 31000 for banks

A presentation on ISO 31000 for banks.

A presentation that looks at ISO 31000 in the banking domain. Why ISO 31000 is compatible with Basel, why ISO 31000 can value-add a Basel risk framework.

The presentation attached to this [ link ] will be delivered at the ISO 31000 conference in Paris on 21st and 22nd of May 2012.

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Managing a profitable balance sheet is more challenging than ever. With Basel III and the more immediate Dodd-Frank regulation on the horizon, a tool such as FTP is vital to ensure an effective centrally managed liquidity strategy. Post-crisis, whilst the economic situation is improving, allocating sufficient liquidity costs quickly and efficiently to the correct business-line is paramount.

Kent Westerbeck formed the Westerbeck Risk Management consulting company in 2007 after retiring from LaSall

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One of the most important measures of a firm's performance is its return on assets. This is such a critical metric for businesses, that whole schools of thought have been created around the metric to allow a business to easily control and smooth its working capital costs.

There are actually three recognised models that are at the heart of a cash management exercise and they are loosely referenced as Miller-Orr, The Baumol Model and Stone. They are of course very similar in nature and nothing is u

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Bureaucracy Banking

Banking today is viewed upon by the customers it is designed to serve as sick. 

Theoretically bankers have lost the plot it seems but I am not really sure they ever had the plot to begin with, why is that?

Banking needs to move beyond Global banking to Global-Local or Glocal banking. It needs to find the WHY we bank rather than HOW.

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It is a time of clichés for banks as they currently find themselves caught in a Catch-22, stuck between a rock and a hard place. In the UK, government initiatives such as ‘Project Merlin’ have been put in place to encourage banks to lend more freely. At the same time, new regulations or initiatives such as Basel III, Recovery and Resolution plans and leverage limits are coming to the fore, increasing the capital adequacy and liquidity requirements for banks around the world. So how do banks walk

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This guide offers an insight into the current hiring market in London, not only detailing salaries and benefits, but also the broader recruitment trends foreseen for the marketplace in 2012.

This salary and market report is indicative only. Please give your feedback in the feedback field below

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Cost cutting and better risk management remained high on the European financial services agenda at the recent World Economic Forum. Institutions worldwide are facing similar concerns, because of the ongoing instability in the current economic environment. Yet cost cutting initiatives and the move to further enhance risk management are often undertaken to the detriment of what customers today are looking for – innovation.


Regulation is intended to create transparency, but if not managed efficient

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In the wake of the financial crisis, banks are thinking more strategically than ever before about how to maximize value from their risk management programs. Risk Management has emerged as the clear choice for banks that want to gain a more advanced risk view and utilize the benefits of ERM to improve business performance in both the short and long term.Michael Fadil, SVP, Corporate Risk Management at SunTrust Bank is a speaker at the upcoming Enterprise Risk Management in the Banking Industry Co
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Black swans or to be precise, living with them is an interesting discussion that Nassim Taleb and Richard Herring have captured and published on the internet.
There are some valid and fascinating points from this chit-chat that I believe are worthy of embellishment and that is what I have taken to do here in this post.
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New proposed rules for Asset Backed Securities have been released by the US regulatory agencies for comment. These rules are aimed at addressing the way in which banks securitize their loan portfolios and are a response to one of the main causes for the credit crisis in 2008.

What lies ahead for banks and investors?

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26 January 2011

Paul Clarke from eFinancialCareers

Spending on risk management technology continues to be a priority for investment banks going into 2011. But, with salaries for IT professionals in this area already on the increase, firms are looking outside of the financial sector for expertise.

Yet more IT dollars will be gobbled up by risk management projects within investment banks this year, as they look to align their risk management with business strategy and investment operations. The up

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