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Compliance management system has become one of the most important and fundamental concern for all the organization specifically in financial institutions. With the help of compliance management tracking software, companies are able to track, save and identify data, risk, threat and fraud. This system ensures that the whole organization is synced with each other and having updates regarding all the happenings and information of the company where they are also able to respond with their best possi

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GRC strategies to be made in 2019

GRC refers to Governance, Risk and Compliance which means to ensure that proper policies and controls are implemented in your organization for the monitoring of risk and to setup a system for check and balance if new risk arises. While incorporating GRC with technology, it helps in implementing proper control, compliance management system, documentation and also helps in meeting the objective of an organization. It just not helps in mitigating risk but also to evaluate it and providing best poss

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Cyber security is one of the top needs that any business can have in today’s world of digitalization where everything is going online. Companies are maintaining their system with such hi-tech cyber security that it is hard to breach. Since it’s an online world and paperless environment, so cyber security is being prime concern that if anyone who attacks the system he can get into whole of the company’s information.

According to recent research report by World Economic Forum, "90 percent of compan

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Risk management is no longer a new term in a world of business. Though it has emerged over a past few decades, but it is something that every company and business is implementing nowadays for a more efficient results and for more business security. Managing risk is essential for all kinds of business. The difference is just that small businesses have quite a few limited resources to gauge their risk while on the other hand, large businesses can easily identify and calculate risks that can harm t

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Compliance management is a process which ensures that the employees in an organization are following the set of rules that are given to them and there’s no breach in it. It ensures that the policies and procedures are being followed in accordance to their setup. Here rules mean compliance strategies and benchmark, while process means what manages their compliance system.

Compliance management is mixture of functions like policy, procedure, documentation, internal auditing, third part audits, secu

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NAVEX Global

Are your employees likely to speak up? If so, are you effectively addressing their concerns? New research shows that many organizations don’t capture and address all employee reports of misconduct, fraud, harassment and more. 

Get expert advice for managing employee hotlines in NAVEX Global’s annual Ethics & Compliance Hotline Benchmark Report.


You'll see vital statistics on:

  • Case Closure Times
  • Harassment Reporting Trends
  • Anonymous Reporting Statistics
  • % of Reports Su
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Security is the concern that comes across the management of every company and every year companies pay huge amount on their cyber security. As year time is passing by, technologies are getting bigger and better and so the threat to them. Since it’s the world of online technology and where everything is computerized or automated, there cyber security threats are also getting bigger and serious every day. So, the people are specializing is protecting their systems and organizations cyber risk or t

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Dear Global Risk Community Member
Is your company ready for regulatory changes in 2019?
To prepare your company for the year, download our free eBook: Budgeting for Compliance in 2019. This eBook takes a look at regulatory changes to expect throughout 2019, and highlights how they will impact your business.
You will learn about:
  • Complexities of budgeting across multiple teams
  • Options for allocating budget towards compliance
  • Lessons learned in budgeting for compliance from experts
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Studies show that effective whistleblower programs contribute to business success and decrease litigation levels.


Is your program effective? Find out at this complimentary webinar  ==>


Employee Hotlines: What Is Your Data Telling You?

Thursday, April 4 // 60 minutes // 10 AM PT, 1 PM ET

REGISTER NOW: 8028288654?profile=original

We'll reveal best practices around case closure times; anonymous report rates; harassment and retaliation reporting trends; and

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 A Message From Our Partner


Ethics Beyond Compliance: Retaliation
Thursday, March 14

Join this free online class to hear leading whistleblower and retaliation experts discuss the implications of retaliation and how to proactively prevent it.

Learn more about these sessions and register:

  • Learning Session: Retaliation: Navigating the Federal Statutes
  • Discussion Panel: Practical Advice on Real-World Anti-Retaliation Strategies
  • Moderated Q&A: Direct Answers to Your Questions from Our Present
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In late September, Facebook announced that it had discovered a breach in its network that had exposed the personal data of nearly 50 million users to hackers.

The hackers exploited a feature in Facebook’s code to gain access to user accounts, potentially enabling them to take control of them. The breach was the largest in Facebook’s fourteen years of existence.

The fallout Facebook is facing from this breach is the latest example of the see-through economy at work. Since September 27, Facebook’s m

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The Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics (SCCE) held their annual Ethics and Compliance conference from September 20 to 24 in Las Vegas. This year, I was fortunate enough to be selected to hold a three-hour workshop on risk-based compliance: “Meeting Increased Customer Expectations, Not Just Regulatory Requirements.”


8028278069?profile=originalThe SCCE holds this conference to promote ethical and compliant practices in organizations and to equip ethics and compliance professionals with skills and tools necessary to

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8028274053?profile=originalWe’d like to congratulate the 25% of US-based companies that achieved GDPR compliance by the May 25th deadline, and to share a little guidance on how to stay compliant over time.

As we all know, the GDPR is a huge deal. In addition to the scope of this new regulation, there’s also the consequences of non-compliance, i.e. up to €20 million or 4% of annual global revenue, whichever is higher.

Aside from incurring steep fines and lofty litigation, the risk of non-compliance also includes losing your

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Next Generation Compliance Management Technology

Compliance management has always been a complicated task, but technology has helped make it easier. We are finally seeing the rise of Fintech (financial technology) and Regtech (Regulatory technology). These technologies are designed specifically for the financial industry and for dealing with regulations respectively. Compliance management comes under Fintech and is quickly becoming an essential technology for companies that want to innovate and succeed in today’s harsh and dynamic business env

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Compliance management systems are becoming a common sight in the financial sector, not just because of how well they perform, but also because of the excellent ROI on them. If your organization is worried about the costs of implementing a compliance management solution, here are 3 reasons they shouldn’t be.

Compliance related fines and damages are reduced

The most obvious and the most direct effect is on compliance-related fines. When regulatory bodies find a compliance issue and determine that th

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GDPR Readiness: How Do You Stack Up?

8028273687?profile=originalThe GDPR is the strictest set of data protection rules any nation has published, featuring some of the most severe penalties connected to data privacy seen yet. Now that the compliance deadline has passed, we started to wonder about GDPR readiness. How are companies stacking up to the new regulation?

We compiled a host of GDPR statistics to answer that exact question, alongside some quick facts about what this new regulation is asking of international companies. 92% of US-based multi-national com

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marcus evans will host the 3rd Edition Operational Risk Management and Organizational Transformation for Financial Institutions Conference on September 12-13, 2018 in New York, NY. This annual conference has been one of the most anticipated Operational Risk Management meetings in the industry. This year, we bring together Operational Risk Management & Enterprise Risk Management Professionals to discuss key fundamentals for achieving the utmost efficient operational risk culture. As an expert, in

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A Message From Our Partner:

Getting actionable insights and effectively responding to change are staples for any corporation, especially when looking to optimize potential outcomes. In order to do this, the heads of businesses must be able to visualize entity relationships and recognize patterns. By using entity relationship diagramming, you can deliver stories that are easily processed by the brain, rather than extensive data sheets that don’t provide any context. 

When data is organized as a v

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How to Use the COSO 2017 Framework Update

8028263290?profile=originalThis September, the Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission (COSO) published a much-anticipated update to their 2004 “Enterprise Risk Management—Integrated Framework,” a renowned and widely used risk management framework. The new release is formally called “Enterprise Risk Management—Integrating with Strategy and Performance.”

The COSO update comes to meet the rising expectations of risk management, according to Bob Hirth, COSO Chair: “The complexity of risk has changed,

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GDPR is coming. Are you ready?

On May25, 2018 the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) becomes enforceable. While it was created in the European Union (EU) it applies to the personal information of all individuals within the EU as well as all personal data exported outside of the EU.

Which means if you use the web to sell to individuals in the EU, you are thereby responsible for their submitted personal information. Which means you are covered by the regulation, also if you process similar data you are likewise covered.


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