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How to Buy ERM Software

The goal of every ERM program is to assess material risk down to where the risk activity takes place, which typically means extending to front line management, and aggregate this information to an objective, accurate, and holistic picture applicable for each stakeholder, including the board. However without ERM software, risk management programs cannot reach this level.

With the high cost of traditional licensing for ERM/GRC software, combined with the skepticism among senior management on what

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This white paper presents a low risk, high impact approach to gaining control of regulatory compliance. The procedures, tasks, and behaviors that bear upon compliance can be overwhelming. Yet organizations that can master these activities, operate more efficiently, compete more effectively, and build their brands. Learn how Governance, Risk, and Compliance technologies can help.


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5 Reasons Why You Need ERM Software

How do you manage the uncertainty of what has not happened yet?

ERM Heat MapThat’s where enterprise risk management software (ERM Software) also known as operational risk management software comes in. It tracks the emerging risks and changes to existing risks across the enterprise and connects these changes to the activities and business metrics that run the business. A change in risk at the business process level, demands a change in the operating procedures to prevent this risk from materializing or seize

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Governance, Risk & Compliance


It's not the things you are afraid of that will kill you” - Mark Twain.

I have fielded a number of calls this week from recruiters looking for someone to implement a GRC process for some company. Before I can ask about firm's board governance towards risk management and accountability, the questions turn to SQL, Java and, well you get the idea. If a firm does not set its overall risk tolerance, understand its risk profile and empower managers who take risk to manage the risk, software isn't goin

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With only 4 weeks left until the Life Sciences Internal Audit Conference, February 8-9, 2012 in Philadelphia, PA, don’t miss out on your opportunity to attend the event!

Join key speakers, including:
Andy Weintraub, Director, Group Internal Audit at AstraZeneca
David Bolton, Internal Audit Manager at Biomet, Inc.
Tami McLaine, Director, Audit at Baxter International
Katie McCormick, Senior Manager, Corporate Analysis & Control at Boston Scientific Corporation
Jeffrey Antoon, Director, Corporate

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It is inevitable for governance, risk and compliance (GRC) to converge. They are all about achieving the objectives of the organisation. For me, the greater debate is what role should an individual take as a leader in the convergence of the GRC space in an organisation?

It was no surprise that the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC) Survey , which assesses the need to align risk management and internal control guidelines internationally, found the need for an alignment is strong and t

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