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Regardless of the drama and conjecture within the debates there is one certainty already evident – local supervisors are carrying out spot checks on Systemically Important Financial Institutions (SIFIs), to ensure that their risk management policies and practices are comprehensive, documented and are being complied in practice. 

Can you Benefit from a Supervisory Spot Check? Download whitepaper to find out

It is common for departments or individuals to maintain a repository in isolation, feeling

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RMORSA Part 5: Risk Reporting & Communication

8028228084?profile=originalHaving standardized risk assessments and well documented mitigation and monitoring activities will equip your organization with a lot of risk intelligence. The question becomes, how do you report all of this information to your board and communicate it to your commissioner in a way that demonstrates the value of your ERM program? First, risk managers must be able to demonstrate how risks across the organization roll-up to impact the Board’s strategic objectives; and second, ERM functions must tr

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RMORSA Series 1: Risk Culture and Governance

8028225684?profile=originalThe National Association of Insurance Commissioners adoption of the Risk Management and Own Risk and Solvency Assessment Model Act (RMORSA) requires insurance organizations to take a broader approach to risk management. As US insurers begin to mobilize their efforts to comply with the regulation by the 2015 deadline, it’s important for insurers to take a step back, leverage their existing risk management operations, and develop their RMORSA efforts with a mind to the future.

The groundwork for RM

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With Health Insurance and Healthcare costs continuing to skyrocket and access to trained Doctors decreasing, something needs to change.  The current system is expensive, wasteful, and inefficient.  We are proposing a new Gatekeeper Model that will provide Employees greater access to Doctors at a fraction of the cost with far better outcomes.

The Traditional Gatekeeper Model for Healthcare?

What was the traditional Healthcare Gatekeeper Model?  The Alliance for Health Reform guidebook defines the g

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A Custom Combination of 24/7 Expert Medical Advice From Trained Emergency Professionals and Professional Strength Medical Supplies Providing cost-savings with a Verifiable ROI!

With Few Employee Benefit Strategies Contributing to Verifiable Cost-Savings Related to Health Insurance - Fully Insured or Self-Funded - This Is an Opportunity That Provides an ROI Calculator!

With years of experience in providing remote medical services, MedCallAssist is the perfect partner to help alleviate the stress &a

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Is your Business Model Sinking?

Employee Benefit and Insurance Brokers, Carriers, and Commissions were a perfect fit for many years! Last week we looked at an Overview of the “Future for Brokers under PPACA/Obamacare. As promised, this week, we will look at the first component of re-tooling that future: “SHIFTING INCOME GENERATION TOOLS.”

The keys for Broker survival and implementing a Fee Based Model is the ability to provde Employers a deliverable set of Strategies and Solutions for the challeng

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This Post is the first in a set of two Posts looking at PPACA - Sometimes referred to as Obamcare or ACA.  

1) This first Post is to provide background on PPACA with Links to valuable information to answer questions for Brokers, Employers and Carriers.

2) The second Post will provide a Workable, Efficient, and Cost-Effective Strategy for Brokers and Employers to deal with PPACA/Obamacare for the 2013 Plan Year and Beyond.  The time to get started is now!  This will be Posted on Friday after your T

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The days of slowly and reluctantly accepting change are over for Brokers and Carriers in the Health, Life, and Voluntary Benefit  Markets.  Forces that are out of their control have taken over! 

For decades the Health and Life (H&L) Insurance Markets - Including the Insurance Carriers, Brokers/Agents, and Service Providers - have reluctantly accepted change on an Evolutionary Basis. While competition was stiff, most parties were enjoying a stable and profitable marketplace utilizing the same

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How much have recent events affected our perception of risks? How much are insurance firms really using this to their advantage? 

Like so many people, I was riding on the tube this morning when a passing advert shocked me so much that I had to take a picture. People looked at me, a little bewildered and like my actions were odd. I am a risk manager and an econometrician. I like numbers and probabilities. These prices made little sense to me: this is because they arenonsense.

According to this adve

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What Was the IRS' Beef With Captives?

To learn more about captive insurance companies, please visit my webpage.


Starting in the mid-1970s, and continuing through the UPS case, the IRS fought captives tooth and nail.  Over the course of these cases, they advanced three different legal arguments against captive insurance: the economic family argument, the nexus of contracts and the assignment of income doctrine. 

However, it's important to ask this question regarding the IRS' legal battle: "what was it about captives that the IRS did

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