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4 Key Elements of the GAP-ACT MODEL


Exceptional Performance in the workplace is governed by two crucial factors: Individuals actions and their effects.

Superior Human Performance, according to the Handbook of Human Performance Technology, is founded on Behaviors and their outcomes.  Typically, our activities have consequences for other individuals, information, objects, and "systems" (e.g., workflows, processes, practices, etc.).

Keith Stanovich devised the GAP-ACT Model, a cognitive-behavioral therapy paradigm, to analyze human thi

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10954144260?profile=RESIZE_710xOrganizational Analysis is necessary for enhanced Productivity and revenue improvement.

Organizational Analysis may be conducted methodically using the Organizational Elements Model. It is a potent method for analyzing a firm’s existing state, comprehending the capabilities of its rivals, and identifying challenges.

The Organizational Elements Model provides a way to examine an organization holistically. The model makes it possible to assess an organization's structure, processes, culture, compete

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Managing Change in Crisis and Uncertainties

10950591680?profile=RESIZE_710xIn prosperous economic times, organizations enjoy a cordial and relaxed environment. The confidence range for error tolerance is rather big. There is no imminent need to change corporate procedures or business models due to external factors. Prior to making decisions, people like to take the time to carefully study and examine significant facts and situations.

Good times are characterized by:

  • A proactive and logically tranquil setting.
  • Executives of all ranks considering the larger picture. Both sh
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6 Rs of Behavioral Change

Business Transformation initiatives are typically undertaken to solve a pressing issue, bring about improved performance, or to serve customers better.  A critical element of the success of such initiatives entails transforming the existing behaviors of the employees across the organization.  However, this isn’t a straightforward task.

Attitudes and practices get reinforced in people by following established routines day in and day out.  Such practices become a part of an Organizational Culture o

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8916404456?profile=RESIZE_400xUnderstanding others has a lot to do with collaboration, performance management, and building effective teams.

Developed by Taibi Kahler in the 1970s, Process Communication Model (PCM) is a prominent psychometric tool for individual and team development.  The main utility of the PCM model is in understanding others’ personality types, discovering one’s own personality, and personifying others’ personality types to have better relationships.

PCM allows the executives to understand others’ needs, in

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Best in Class performance and risk management is not a random event and (as in team sport), it can not be measured and predicted ratio by ratio or silo by silo.

It requires a holistic index of risk and performance that can be correlated across the whole market and linked to the market Best In Class.  In regards to leading indicators and risk alerts, C-level strategy execution holistic indicators precede and are more insightful and actionable than quarterly-product deliveries or "beating quarterly

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