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Mark Weinberger, Global Chairman and CEO, EY



World Economic Forum

As you read this article, you’re one of over 3 billion people connected to the internet right now. That’s nearly half of the people on Earth. Some of these people are shopping, catching up with friends, or, like you, reading the World Economic Forum’s Agenda. Others are managing global supply chains, responding to customer service requests, or building an app that’s going to change the world. As a CEO, I know that

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Enrique Suarez Presenting:

Competition and Business Strategy in Historical Perspective

Harvard Business School Note


• Historical Background
• Academic Underpinnings
• The Rise of Strategy Consultants
• BCG and the Experience Curve
• From the Experience Curve to Portfolio Analysis
• Strategic Business Units (SBUs) and Portfolio Analysis

• Emerging Problems
• Unbundling Industry Attractiveness
• Unbundling Competitive Position
• Competitive Cost Analysis
• Customer Analysis
• Business System Redesign


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Research Proposal Recommendations


Where to Position Brazil to Maximize the Synergies with the other BRICS to Bring Peace, Dignity and Prosperity to the Region and to the World



Similarities and Differences Between the Two Most Important Analysis about the BRICS written by Pepe Escobar and Professor Michel Chossudovsky from Global Research, Canada


Enrique Suarez

Master of Education & International Development

Harvard University, Cambridge, USA


You can

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Quotes on Strategy


Enrique Suarez Presenting:


Quotations on corporate strategy, business strategy, strategic planning, portfolio management


See strategy  not as an act of war (Michael Porter's Five Forces) but as an act of customer bonding (Love)

Arnoldo Hax , Enrique Suarez

Execution is not the problem; aligning exection with strategy is!

Arnoldo Hax

Operational excellence is not strategy

Enrique Suarez

Processes are not strategy

Arnoldo Hax

It is important to consider a business at two levels; its strategy and its activ

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Communicating Policy Online


Enrique Suarez Presenting:

Communicating Policy Online



European Commission, EU Digital

14 April 2015

What does a policy look like? What are its component parts? These are questions we need to answer if we want to explain our policies consistently – so that people can easily recognise a policy when they see one, and reliably predict where to find specific bits of policy-related information.

We’ve talked to colleagues who work on Commission policies; we’ve looked at how govern

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The Dodd-Frank Act and Basel III are going to change the way banks raise, allocate and manage capital. Banks need to prepare for these changes now and develop effective strategies for achieving capital optimization and sustainable return on equity. The GFMI, a marcus evans, Capital Adequacy and Strategy Conference, September 12-14, 2012 in New York, NY, will help banks to understand what the legislation means for capital adequacy, as well as what they need to do to achieve the optimum level of c

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Strategy and Risk for the iPad

Designing an organisation’s Strategy & Risk Management framework does not have to be difficult. Strategy and Risk Consultancy, Manigent, have created an innovative new way for risk and compliance practitioners to quickly develop and document their strategy and risk model: Strategy and Risk Studio for iPad.

Strategy & Risk Studio is a one-of-a-kind application enabling consultants and practitioners to design and define an organisation’s enterprise performance management, enterprise risk management

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A study from the Chartered Institute of Internal Auditors revealed that weak risk management systems were  responsible for more than half of all the fines handed out by the FSA to financial services businesses, amounting £38.5m during 2011.

If one needed a strong signal that ineffective risk management and poor internal control systems were taken seriously by the regulator, this is it.

Weaknesses and failures in risk management often result from poor communication and misunderstandings, ineffectiv

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How much have recent events affected our perception of risks? How much are insurance firms really using this to their advantage? 

Like so many people, I was riding on the tube this morning when a passing advert shocked me so much that I had to take a picture. People looked at me, a little bewildered and like my actions were odd. I am a risk manager and an econometrician. I like numbers and probabilities. These prices made little sense to me: this is because they arenonsense.

According to this adve

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Andrew Smart, CEO and founder of Manigent, a Strategy and Risk Management consultancy, has recently developed a whitepaper on designing an operational risk appetite statement. This paper outlines a seven step process which enables organisations to deliver an operational risk appetite statement which will meets regulatory obligations while adding real business value. This paper was recently featured in new e-magazine, The Risk Universewhich is a new online publication developed by industry prof

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Manigent is pleased to announce a successful start to 2012, with two major project wins. One of the projects will be with an Investment Bank assisting them to meet the regulatory obligations from a number of regulators globally, including the FSA here in the UK. The second project is with a legal services regulator with the intention to build additional risk management at a transitional time for the industry, with the introduction of Outcomes-focused Regulation (OFR) and Alternative Business Str

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StratexSystems are pleased to announce the success of one of their key consultancy partners who have seen a 20-30% jump in project productivity through the use of StratexPoint as a project delivery tool. By delivering more for less, over a shorter time frame, the consultancy partner’s clients have seen considerable benefit, as have StratexSystem's consultancy partner, with extended project benefits.

The software solution, StratexPoint, is an integrated strategy execution and risk management solut

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Strategy and Risk Management webinars

StratexSystems is running a series of 4 'How to' webinars around strategy and risk management. These events will be a combination of theory, based on the Risk-Based Performance Management approach, and technology.

Details are available at

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2011 Job Search Strategies

Dear GlobalRisk Community member,

As we enter 2011, several requests were made from those of you seeking career changes, resume advice, and industry intelligence to assist you for the new year. We have contacted Ivy Exec, our career resource partner, who has kindly agreed to extend several exclusive offers to assist you in making 2011 a successful year.

If you are getting less than a 25% response rate to your resume, then your resume is blocking you from interviews for
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Bad weather or even natural calamities do not affect every city in the world nor every resident of the affected area. Accidents, an inevitable part of some environments, do not affect all your people or totally devalue all your assets. Terrorist do not consider everyone a viable target nor are their actions likely to impact everyone over the course of their lives. The facts remain that only a small percentage of events or incidents resulting in loss of value or productivity will affect your busi

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