In evolving nations, there is a huge demand for electricity and it continues to expand with time. In addition, the extension in infrastructural frameworks that are set up for secure and protected electrical dispersion is paving the way for low voltage circuit breakers. The focus towards sustainable energy creation techniques, for example, solar up-gradation and infrastructure advancement for safe energy distribution has been consistently expanding.

Also, the growing investment in the framework of the smart grid has been expanding altogether. These factors drive the demand for low voltage circuit breakers.


What is a Low Voltage Circuit Breaker?

Circuit breakers can be characterized as switching devices. Their essential function is to do separation of parts of an electrical dispersion framework during unusual conditions. Abnormal conditions typically result from flaws in a system that can lead to dangerous circumstances for both the individuals and the system itself. While offering security to the system, circuit breakers empower parts of the electrical dispersion to be isolated for operation and maintenance.

Kinds of Circuit Breaker 

Usually, there are three kinds of circuit breakers that are given below:

  1. Air Circuit Breaker (ACB): These circuit breakers are of big size. Their range is from 630A to above 630A. ACB can either be fixed or withdrawn. Generally, they have a mechanism of spring charging and useful components.
  2. Moulded Case Circuit Breaker (MCCB): They are generally considered as lower rating circuit breakers. Usually, the frame size of this kind of breaker is 100A and above. They have coordinated units and encircled by a molded case.
  3. Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB): They are considered as small single or three-phase circuit breakers from a few amps, up to 125A. They are used for small power and circuits.
  4. Low voltage circuit breakers: They are not just designed to open the circuit like a breaker or wire. Low voltage circuit breakers are the perfect option for 600 or less than 600 volts rated circuits.

Voltage Threshold and Primary use

So the first inquiry that strikes our mind is why are the low circuit breakers known so? The answer is truly simple. It is because of the fact they operate on low voltages than other circuit breakers. Their voltage limit for their classifications is 1000 volts.

The circuit breakers which operate at the voltage limit of fewer than 1000 volts are called low voltage circuit breakers. While high voltage circuit breakers work inverse to them and that too on exceptionally high voltage limits.

These kinds of circuit breakers are used for domestic purposes in homes and other such structures to prevent the huge current stream from harming the circuitry and causing fire or other dangerous outcomes. The activating signal for the opening and closing of the contacts of the breaker is completed by a trip that actuates the release element of the contacts and allows their opening and closing, dependent on the proportion of current moving through it. In low voltage circuit breakers, two kinds of trips are used which are the thermal-magnetic trip unit and the Electronic trip unit.

Low Voltage Circuit Breaker Functions:

They conduct current up to an ordinary measure of current is flowing through the circuit to the load attached to it. For sure, even at the smallest contact, current conduction occurs.

At the point when the breaker identifies a large amount that doesn't lie in its working range (which can be checked through the evaluations of the circuit breaker), the trip unit actuates the bimetallic strip and the contact breaks and at that point, a further stream of current is stopped. This is the fundamental function of the low voltage circuit breaker.

While performing the safety operation, it also provides such voltage protection to the circuit and holds the flow after the current retains its suitable value.


The upcoming decade is about the administration of energy and the establishment of a smart and intelligent electric system. Following this vision, leading industry pioneers are intending to build up their item portfolio that will be ideal for the smart infrastructure framework. This further makes progress toward a smart and intelligent structure in the coming decade is predicted to take a key role in the development of a new-age low voltage circuit breaker.

Also, the governments of various nations are taking initiatives to ensure higher power supply and multiply electrification to various far off places which are anticipated to create many opportunities for the demand of low voltage circuit breakers worldwide. In addition to these components, developing measures to decrease the fire hazards and faults of electrical supply are fuelling the demand and development of low voltage circuit breakers in the next few years.

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