Managing the Risks of Innovative Technologies

Globally applying the values of tech products…

The breakthrough in modern technology has positively impacted the lives of individuals, groups, organizations, and businesses. This is clear in the making of the newest, latest, and helpful tech products. It is more interesting that tech products have gone far and wide, thereby making it possible for every individual to benefit from. Nevertheless, as helpful as these tech products could be, they are not without special risks and challenges.

Perhaps, if you own or manage new tech products, it is important to investigate their potential risks. Understanding these potential risks will help you reduce or manage them with the aim of developing a response plan in the event of tech product challenges. Tech users are legally empowered under privacy to influence tech products management strategies.

Technology management is the only way to overcome these risks. It is the process of planning, designing, optimizing, operating and controlling technological products for human advantages by reducing risks. The usual tech risks are hardware and software failure, human error, spam, viruses, malicious attacks, and natural phenomena (fires, floods or cyclones).

This guide will put you through how to successfully market tech products and control potential risks:

How Can Innovative Tech Products be promoted?

Before getting to the stage of managing the risks of new tech products, the first thing is to know the marketing strategies. A marketing strategist, Jeffery Moore, captures the needed steps in his remarkable book - “Crossing the Chasm” (summary here).

Crossing the Chasm looks at the challenges of marketing innovative products at the elementary level. He identified a strategic framework for continued growth and expansion as the solution. And this is possible with the efforts of “tech enthusiasts”. They are creative people who are good at innovating tech products and should be supported.

He later identified another group “early adopters”. These are lovers of new technology. They are usually anxious about using new tech products with the aim of driving home their benefits. They will be encouraged to adopt innovative techs when the products address their needs.

The last chain is known as the ‘early majority’. This is one-third of the entire population and the major recipients that make up the large market for new tech products. Innovators should make sure they are put into consideration at all times.

How can Tech Products Risk be Managed?

Risk management in innovative tech products can be achieved via:

  1. Introduction of Tech Tools

Overcoming the risk of tech products require the creation of a risk-aware culture. It helps tech product users optimize capital, liquidity, and meet regulatory demands.

  1. Periodic Assessment

Users of innovative tech products are to check the tech products every time so as to ensure it is free from high-performance risk. Strike the right balance between short and long terms strategies.

  1. Optimizing Credit Risk Analysis

Effective management of tech products requires optimizing credit risk analysis. There is also a need for frequent implementation and accurate risk-weighted asset (RWA) reporting.

  1. Nature of Innovative Technologies

The adoption of new tech products can lead to weakness or strength of tech users. This is due to risk factors. Complex tech products should be treated by; assembling the right team, establishing clear goals, and providing the necessary resources that will make service delivery possible.

  1. Invest in specialized talent

Technology-risk management needs critical thinking in the areas of technology, business, and risk. Individuals with these skills may be rare to see but are much needed so as to use innovative tech products to the fullest. Only a skilled person with the above criteria can withstand tech risks and proffer strategic advice.


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