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Currently freelance political writer and researcher specialising in the fields of contingency, disaster & evacuation planning As an ex-British Diplomat & HM Consul in various embassies in a number of sensitive and conflict regions, I have had extensive strategic & hands-on experience of emergency, security, earthquake & evacuation planning – all disciplines well tested globally particularly during the Arab Spring of 2011. In addition, as well as regular, regional political reporting I was also responsible in these embassies for formulating and updating FCO Travel Advice & Major Incident Response plans & setting up ex-pat warden networks. Compilation of all planning modules entailed essential dialogue and liaison on a regular basis with other stakeholders and organisations such as NGO”s, DfID, ODA, Military, UN, OSCE (as election monitor in Kosovo and Iraq) & government sources both internal & external to keep planning up to date. I am the only British diplomat to have served in all the so called “Axis of Evil” countries as well as being the first accredited British diplomat to North Korea Another skill garnered was the planning, organisation & security for several overseas Royal, Ministerial, VVIP and Diplomatic visits & events specifically in Kosovo, Albania & Iraq. Further to above, I also have extensive experience of managing large UK embassy visa departments as well as serving in a number of embassies as Head of Corporate Services responsible for all HR, budgetary, manning, morale & discipline within the embassy. For all of the above, the need for precise planning & attention to detail was paramount. Failure or lack of adequate planning whatever the event or situation was never an option. The need to adapt to working in diverse, dangerous & multi-cultural environments was essential. I still maintain an extensive & wide range of international contacts in the Middle East and North Africa. KEY ACHIEVEMENTS Based in Algiers, participated in planning evacuation of British & non-represented EU Nationals from Libya, Tunisia & Egypt during the Arab Spring of 2011, deploying to these countries to oversee & supervise the process. In addition to assisting UK military in an evacuation of oil workers from the desert of Libya, planned & led a further small joint consular/military team overland 1000 kms from Algiers across the Sahara to central Libya to evacuate 72 British and other foreign oil workers to safety. Dealt with all consular matters in Egypt and Sudan from Cairo Embassy including contingency, evacuation & major incident planning as well as formulating Travel Advice. This included dealing with a major bomb explosion in Cairo in 2009. Responsible as lead logistics project officer with the setting up three new overseas embassies in Kosovo (1999), North Korea (2001) and Kazakhstan (2005) including infrastructure such as staffing, housing, contingency planning and acting as Consul in all 3 countries at that time. As HM Consul in Iran formulated all consular, evacuation and earthquake planning. Assisted in the release and repatriation of 15 Royal Naval personnel captured by the Iranians personally accompanying them back to UK in 2007. In 2005 was posted to Iraq serving in Basra/Baghdad/Erbil. Led on consular matters relating to Southern Iraq as well as acting as an election monitor for the first free Iraqi elections. Assisted in the release of 6 foreign oil workers kidnapped by terrorists in Basra in 2005. As well as acting as Consul in Albania and Kosovo responsible for all major contingency planning and travel advice, also set up countrywide warden networks as an early warning system for the dispersed ex-pat community. In 1998, co-planned and participated in the evacuation of British & EU Nationals from the country during a period of violent internal civil upheaval.

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