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  • Andrey Udovitskiy, mainly IT background - worked with Financial Services/Government organizations in software sales in IBM and Oracle. Now developing Russia & CIS market with Thomson Reuters Enterprise solutions.
  • Hi Everybody,


    This is a great idea! Thank you Boris.


    I enjoy working for TurboHercules, a Disaster Recovery (DR) System providing a cost effective “standby mainframe” that can assure a rapid return to normal operation in the event of a disaster or sustained outage.

    Feel free to contact me at carina@turbohercules.com or via SKYPE: TurboHercules (Paris, France) if you wish to find out more or partner with us and propose a unique solution to your clients. 

    Do you have legacy applications that might not last much longer? We can help!

    The TurboHercules’ (TH) solution provides you with the following: 


    1. one of the quickest recovery times: the solution is based on a Virtual Tape Library (VTL) guarantying the same capacity
    2. reliable: you can test the TH solution as many times as you with throughout the year for no additional charges
    3. cost-effective: make significant savings: OPEX budget + no travel expenses (remotely accessible DR solution)


    1. customizable/multi-platform: choose the server you prefer
    2. time-efficient: since your staff does not need to go on site for DR tests 
    3. flexible: use the server of your choice
    4. easy & quick to set-up: installation and customization below 5 working days
    5. GREEN: you wish to be more ‘ecological’?: less hardware and less cooling required

    Let's help each other through this great network:)

  • Hi everyone

    I own and run a consultancy dealing with financial services compliance and risk solutions in the UK and we have recently diversified into non-financial services public and private sector businesses. We major on strategy planning, board and senior level training and motivation, business continuity, succession planning, general management consulting areas where our skill sets are transferable and inter-changeable.

    We operate on an associate basis and are always interested on business opportunities, sharing information and providing advice where we can for others, consultancy assignments, exchanging knowledge, new ideas, and potential partnerships.

    If I can assist anybody please email me at lw@ceicompliance.co.uk

    Best wishes 

    Lord Werrell

  • Hi Boris,


    Excellent initiative! Only when we start to know each other do we really start to communitcate. 


    My background is 20+ years in ICT. I would refer people to visit my linkedin Profile (http://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=299304&trk=tab_pro).


    What I find of great interest and, want to bring "to the table" is the opportunity for Risk managers to link with the other communities out there. I.e. I've found that bringing Business Process Managers (my background) in contact with e.g. Risk managers and Compliance Managers helps all parties. So, if anybody of interest to get an introduction, please contact me.

  • I founded my market research firm Intelligent Management Trends to help advance enterprise risk analytics, reporting, and management across all industries. I firmly believe risk management should be at the core of all company strategic decision making. Great technology solutions are advancing the cause with an ability to handle huge data sets, conduct analytics, and add decision rules, but based on my surveys and others, organizational challenges still hold back potential benefits. I believe we need to highlight the best of the emerging software and business consulting practices that will build better corporate risk cultures.


    I have over 20 years of experience in analyzing and forecasting business consulting and information technology market trends with IDC, Kennedy Information, and IBM Market Insights. I am now working on updating a risk taxonomy that I will use in my ongoing research in risk management trends and in assessing the positioning of risk service and technology providers.


    The diversity of this group is a testament to the fact that risk management is not just for financial markets any more. I am looking to work with many of you to understand where your products and services support leading enterprise risk management trends. I am also looking for 5 to 10 individuals who could advise me on topics and content for my published reports. If you are interested in engaging in a dialogue on useful risk management research and reviewing my reports prior to publishing, please contact me. I look forward to insightful and fun conversations.

  • Hi All
    I am pursuing MBA from Faculty of Management Studies, Delhi University. I'll be done with MBA by march '11. I am candidate of FRM L2 May examination. I passed Level 1 in Nov. '10. I studied engineering in graduation. I am looking for job opportunities in the risk management field and guidance as how to go about making a career in Risk Management. Suggestions and guidance are solicited. Thanks in advance!  
  • Forensic Psychologist/Founder of Risk Mitigation Company Seeks Employment with Hedge Fund or Private Equity Firm

    Dear Fellow GlobalRisk Community Members:

    I recently joined the Global Risk Community and wish to introduce myself. I am a clinical, forensic, and police psychologist by training with a particular expertise in risk/threat assessment, management, and mitigation and have a law enforcement and national security background.  I previously worked for the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration and subsequently completed my dissertation research on sexual homicide with the FBI’s National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime, serving as a Visiting Scholar and working in residence at the FBI Academy, located in Quantico, Virginia.  I have been fortuitous in having the privilege to consult on several high profile criminal cases portrayed in the national and international media.  For the past eight (8) years I have worked as a psychological consultant, to include serving as a senior executive at a risk management, business advisory, and security services company with an Africa/Middle East focus and, presently, as the founder of my own psychological management advisory company offering risk mitigation, strategic planning, and executive team consultation services for businesses seeking to navigate, operate, grow, and excel within challenging emerging markets.  As a police psychologist, I conduct liability-based personnel screenings on behalf of public safety agencies and regularly consult with senior police executives.  In addition to the above responsibilities, I am also a founding board member of FURSA Africa, a nonprofit organization
    providing opportunities for girls and women in Africa through education and entrepreneurship.  "FURSA" is Swahili for opportunity.

    I have maintained a longstanding interest in the financial markets - to include partaking in an international investment banking training program in Switzerland in 2007 - and, through the aforementioned endeavors, perceive numerous opportunities and synergies where my psychological skills and background may complement and contribute to the hedge fund and private equity spaces.  As such, I am writing to express my sincere interest in offering my services, preferably through a direct hire position or, alternatively, as a consultant.  I am more than willing to relocate internationally and to travel as necessary.

    In particular, I feel that my clinical, forensic, and investigative skills would be useful with respect to formulating novel, behaviorally-based investment strategies; exploring opportunities in emerging markets; identifying foreign partners and assessing “goodness of fit”; assisting with due diligence (e.g., forensic behavioral assessment of co-investors and corporate principals, flagging indicators of fraud, etc.); and identifying and mitigating risks directly (i.e., with respect to a hedge fund or private equity company’s own investments and strategic planning) as well as indirectly (i.e., by mitigating risk in those companies already invested in or acquired).  Moreover, my psycholegal training – which involves conducting forensic assessments appropriately in light of established legal standards and criteria – would complement work in the compliance area.  

    In toto, my "value added" to an investment team would be that I understand people, being able to foster trustful relationships and generate communication strategies; am attuned to cultural differences and other factors that impact global business operations and impede market entry (e.g., political risk and other indigenous threats); and may assess potential risks and threats to businesses operating in emerging markets (e.g, theft of intellectual property, cybercrime, cyberespionage, and assessment of competitors), to include what behavioral factors are driving this behavior.  In assisting a hedge fund or private equity firm with their investment growth strategy, it would be my hope to identify and mitigate any potential areas where the company could fail; it is my belief that many companies today understandably focus on how they might succeed (“playing to win”), although the former (“playing not to lose”) is also critically important to consider. With respect to strategic planning and critical decision-making, I could serve as a "psychological sounding board" for team members and executives, identifying potential red flags and pitfalls (e.g., groupthink and tunnel vision) while also offering data-based and/or in vivo psychological impressions of potential co-investors, competitors, and partners.

    I wish to sincerely thank Boris Agranovich for kindly offering me the opportunity to introduce myself to the members of the GlobalRisk Community.  I look forward to hearing from fellow colleagues in the Community and to discussing our mutual interests. I would be grateful if you would kindly contact me privately with any questions or expressions of interest, and I will gladly furnish my c.v. upon request.  Best wishes for a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year.

    Very truly yours,
    Jonathan A. Dudek, Ph.D.

  • Dear All,


    First of all i must convey the best of the seasons greatings to all the members here.


    I am a Director of PLAN Enterprise(R) with a keen interest in Governance , RIsk and Compliance. I have been in various sernior roles including Financial Controller and Director of Resources before i started my own consultancy. Throughout my career working for various companies i have been active memeber of risk and audit committees and  now along with my colleagues i am taking pride in offering advice to clients on creating a robust governance, risk and compliance structure.

    We offer various solutions including Enterprise Risk Management Systems to help organisation to achive a robust enterprise wide risk management. We have seen a very silo approach to risk management and are encouraging clients to take on a more enterpise wide approach.

    We are based in UK but have offices in India and Saudi Arabia.


    I am interested in buidling a healthy and long lasting relationship based on trust and respect with organisations in need of our services, professionals to work jointly, and businesses to work in partnerships.

    Please don't hesitate to contact me at fayazmalik@planeneterprise.com

  • Hi everybody,
    My name is Real, I am from Montreal (Canada). I have an IT and Administration background. I joined softTarget company as Vice-president and Partner in October 2000. softTarget Inc. is a software solution provider for private and institutional wealth management firms. Solutions include compliance management, portfolio modeling, optimized portfolio rebalancing, reporting, workflow management, etc. I am mostly involved in the administration and sales & marketing part of the company. The reason why I joined this group is because our company help reduce risks for our targeted market and I am interested to know what the community is saying about risk and what are the main concerns.
  • David Linnard - my personal introduction to the Global Risk Community

    I graduated from Oxford with a degree in Geology and ended up after 20 years of E&P management as part of the Internal Audit leadership for the next 10 years of one of the major international oil and gas companies. Not the usual career route. The enduring theme however was "risk". In the E&P business where a single well can easily cost over $50m with a probability of success in finding oil or gas of perhaps 1 in 10, you quickly grasp the concept of risk. I moved in the audit role to bring my risk understanding into creating a value adding risk based internal audit group. In the process I worked on the corporation's overall system of internal control (a.k.a. risk management system) and its response to material corporate risk. Through this I became convinced of the importance of ensuring alignment of different stakeholder perspectives on the risks facing the company - from the shareholders, through the Board, to the CEO and Executive level and on down to the operational level and even out into regulatory agencies and society. The key learnings for me have been: 1.that no matter how well designed your ERM Framework is, its operational effectiveness can be completely undermined without the right tone from the top and corporate culture; 2. the 'company killer' risk events occur on wavelength that is many times greater than the normal performance cycle on which most executives are rewarded and often do not get adequate consideration and 3. the act of risk management has to occur at the point in the organization that business decisions are made even if those decisons are made within an internal framework that establishes risk taking boundary conditions.

    I formed RiskPerspective as a consulting/advisory after taking an early retirement in November 2009, hoping to be able to share many of my experiences and help companies better understand risk management. However for the past year I had the opportunity to consult with Pemex in Mexico on Strategy and so have taken a watching perspective of the risk management debate, but am now looking to step back into it and help people understand the difference between the result of good risk management and just being lucky !
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[Free COVID-19 Framework] What's the path to recovery look like?

We created a free presentation (attached), which discusses both global and organizational impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, along with critical actions organizations should take immediately. This presentation introduces a framework that helps regions and organizations navigate a path to recovery via 9 potential scenarios. These scenarios capture outcomes related to GDP impact, public health response, and economic policies. The presentation also breaks down 6 immediate and critical actions…

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If risk management is about decision making, are current risk management solutions irrelevant?

Now that the updated COSO and ISO risk management standards emphasize a connection to enterprise objectives and decision making, does this mean ERM and GRC solutions focused on risk registers and regulatory compliance are missing the true value of risk management?Will current risk management solutions evolve to integrate more decision support functionality or will standalone prescriptive analytics and other technology solutions take a more prominent role in enabling risk-informed…

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A question related to classification of instruments between trading and banking book.

We have an interesting question from one of our members.       "We usually perform OTC FX transactions with clients backed-to-back on the market (with Banks). Now we are going to perform a FX swap (i.e. Spot + forward) JPY/EUR for the Bank account for 1 week at the longest. The purpose is to get EUR place @ CB for LCR compliance purpose (no trading purposes). Bank's Management think that this should be considered as a trading position and therefore be classified within the Bank's trading book.…

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Plunging oil prices: curse or blessing in disguise?

The recent sudden crash of oil prices has had a major impact on the world economy, leading to many troubled faces in the international arena. The Russians fear the effects of yet another powerful hit on their economy, Venezuela seems to be considering default and the Americans are weary of the consequences for its young and emerging shale oil industry. And then you have the Middle East, where the smallest match is enough to ignite the largest fire. But are these worries really justified or…

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Introducing the Global Risk Series - Book 1 Risk Management How Tos

Dear GlobalRisk Community member, Our community’s mission is to foster business, networking and educational explorations among members. Learn from some of the top experts in the industry as they clearly explain how to approach the most important Risk management concepts. Check out their expert tips and use the link at the end of each article to navigate back to the website to leave your comment or ask a question. Some of the topics include: How do you Explain Risk Appetite?  How to Prepare a…

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