Introducing the Global Risk Series - Book 1 Risk Management How Tos

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members. Learn from some of the top experts in the industry as they clearly explain how to approach the most important Risk management concepts. Check out their expert tips and use the link at the end of each article to navigate back to the website to leave your comment or ask a question.

Some of the topics include:

How do you Explain Risk Appetite? 
How to Prepare a Risk Statement  
What is Risk Culture Building?  
Presenting Risk Management to the Board
Risk Leadership - Should a Board have a Risk Committee?

Best Practices for Keeping and Protecting Corporate Reputation

Preparing Annual Risk Management Strategy 

Creating a Risk-Focused Organization

and many more


Special thanks go to members who contributed to this report: Bryan Whitefield, Risk Culture Builder, Steven Minsky, Vincent Kroening, Sonia Jaspal, Peter Chisambara, Deon Binneman. 

Click here to download the book

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Thank you for this. 

Excellent initiative ! Thanks !

Just skimmed through the book.  Excellent idea and useful materials.  I like the "Crossing the road" to describe risk appetite.  Abstraction, increasingly is becoming a basic requisite for illuminating risk concepts. Thanks a lot.

Thanks very much, this is a great inisiative with excellent and usefull ideas. Can't wait for the next one.

What I really miss is positive impact of risk. Any risk has as well negative as well positive impact on what we are doing.

Might be it would be good idea further to develop these ideas in context of works as "Fear, Anger, and Risk" by Lerner(Carnegie Mellon University) & Keltner(University of California, Berkeley) as published and freely available at

A good, practical insight to the Risk Management. Thanks for sharing such knowledge.

wonderful wonderful wonderful sir jee.

Its like translating risk mgmt in a layman language...a better understanding now and be abled to make others understand better too..yup, 'crossing the road' concept, closing the gap of strategic and operational risk, and it aswered my question wether shall risk assesment be done at only strategic level or down right at front liners level...phewww now i know what need to be done more clearly..Thank You


This is a tremendously useful primer. I like that it doesn't gloss over the basics, but instead spells it all out regardless of the level. I've been studying this at a Masters level and there are little bits and pieces in this article that are much easier to understand and will assist me in relaying the information to others. Hopefully there will be more editions to come.

Hi, This is a very useful and enriching resource.

I just started and I think it will help me tremendously.

Thank you very much

Hi, This is a very useful and enriching resource.

I just started and I think it will help me tremendously.

Thank you very much

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