GRC Business continuity toolkit

Is your business need a Business Continuity Plan, but have never had the resources or expertise to create one? Do you already have a business continuity plan? Perhaps it's out of date and you're not sure it contains the right information? 

We in the GlobalRisk Community have just literally scratched the surface of what you can achieve. We analyzed dozens of best practices, policies and procedures of both leading financial institutuions and corporates and we created the GRC Business Continuity toolkit. 

GRC Business Continuity Tool Box empowers you to plan for any crisis.

Included in the tool kit:

* A Business Impact Analysis questionnaire. 11 pages
* BCP template. 20 pages
* BCRA questionnaire. 6 pages
* BIA for corporates. 4 pages
* BIA procedures. 8 pages
* BC Risk analysis template. 2 pages
* Crisis management plan. 10 pages
* Sample vulnerabilities chart. A complete scoring methodology
* Technology recovery assessment. 5 pages
* Technology recovery plan. 13 pages
* BC glossary. 13 pages


Zero Risk - 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

You have absolutely nothing to lose because this package comes with a full Money Back Guarantee.
If you don't like what you get and if you're not 100% satisfied, you can get every penny back. You've got a full 30-days to decide.

Meets compliance requirements SOX, ITIL, FFIEC, BS25999, ISO 17799/27001 and more
CLICK the link below to get the GRC ToolKit now (Accepting Paypal and all major credit cards)


Feedback and Testimonials of some of our members who have already bought the tool kit.

"Thanks for the very useful toolkit. It's very simple to use and user friendly. I didn't have to reinvent the wheel because all the needed information and activities were all in there. Very practical and helpful for any Risk Manager/Officer dealing with BCP. I believe it is a must have toolkit!"

Stella A. Attakpah, Director at Crimeconsult

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  • Thanks Boris, for the very useful toolkit. It's very simple to use and user freindly. I didn't have to reinvent the wheel because all the needed information and activities were all in there. Very practical and helpful for any Risk Manager/Officer dealing with BCP. I believe it is a must have toolkit!


    Thanks once again.

  • Hi Ozzys,

    Yes, I'm planning to sell it by an affiliate system such as Clickbank. I want first to investigate all options. Can you tell me more about your website and your bcp network and how are you planning to sell it? Have you done affiliate sales before?
  • Hi Boris;


    We have a website network for risk management and bcp. Do you plan to sell it by affiliate system?

  • Hi Stella,


    Thanks for your comments. Sure it is possible. I will send you the exact details to your e-mail address. I hope you will find it very useful tool for your business. 

  • Thanks Boris for this useful tool, and for sharing the info. Is it possible to pay via bank transfer from Europe?
  • This is a very good question.
    I think that this business continuity toolkit is of the highest quality and will assist you to meet your organizations administrative, operational and compliance requirements.
    In fact it is suitable for most industries including:

    * Banks and Credit Unions
    * Legal Practices
    * Local, State & Federal Government
    * Debt Collection
    * Call Centres
    * Schools & Education Facilities
    * Health Sector
    * IT&T Service Providers
    * Franchises
    * Consulting Practices
    * Media production
    * Industrial & Manufacturing
    * Professional Services
    * Non-Profit (contact us for special discounts)
    * Insurance Providers
    * Retail & More
  • How suitable is the toolkit for the public sector?
This reply was deleted.

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