• listen very carefully

  • Balance prudence with profit

  • know when and how to mitigate a risk, and how much. Also stay within budget while doing the impossible.

  • Be a good generalist, and get very involved and earn the trust of all your fellow company workers from line to supervision to senior management.  Learn, get involved, listen, prepare, take action, teamwork and then redo it all again.

  • Have all stakehkolders pose their most burning questions on program plan directly to one another in person to person forum.

    See if other stakeholders can provide answers, or if more questions arise. 

    Get all the questions out in the open: identify the key questions.

    Use these questions to inform the obstacles/risks.

    Build a safe environment for open exchange about ways to minimize/eliinate risk.

  • have to be knowledgeable about a broad range of subjects.

  • Speaking about biases (and IMHO, Risk Managers are subject to them too...), I suggest you google "Cognitive biases potentially affecting judgment of global risks".  This will point you to an interesting article, itself containing numerous links to other references.
    Ron Beraha said:

    Be analytic, informed and unbiased. Be willing to step forward when it's uncomfortable and a mentor when ever necessary. 

  • Teach them to see differently

  • Be analytic, informed and unbiased. Be willing to step forward when it's uncomfortable and a mentor when ever necessary. 

  • Didier Verstichel said:

    I don't think that this is the role of the Risk Manager.  That's the role of Management.

    Donna says: I think Risk Management proposes the framework, the CEO provides feedback or agress, and the Board approves. That way the entire set of risks can be included; clear thresholds set, and the metrics appropriate to the size and complexity of the risk type can be put in place.

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