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Q: Why do you need a secure Email @Americans Right to Privacy
• Free of advertising and unwanted SPAM!
• If you are using your Email for business; your important documents are only a click away from your competition which is reason enough to make sure you use a secure email service within your business or company to communicate.
• The emails and documents you send have value, and so does your right to privacy!
• Encryption! By contrast, "free" email services can be easily intercepted and read by just about anyone.
• We do not sell your information to third parties, let alone scan or analyze.
• Our servers are located in Switzerland, renown for their strict data protection laws where privacy is a respected right.

Q: Isn’t my ‘free" service secure and private enough?
Absolutely NOT! For many, email has taken over as the primary mode of communications; you send messages to anywhere in the world in an instant. But if you are using a “free” service, you send those emails openly for the world to see with ease. How is that? Because through sophisticated technology, they are able to scan, analyze and categorize your personal information and then sell it to third party advertisers. They are making billions every year by doing this.

Q: Will my Americans Right to Privacy Secure Email contents remain protected if it is sent to an unprotected receiving address?
Yes. While your Americans Right to Privacy Secure Email is protected, you can further protect the content through our DigitalSafe. This enhanced feature gives you another layer of protection that will secure all content sent to any unprotected address. You will have complete control over when and where the message is read. The unprotected Email receiver must click on a link, which will take them to a highly secure Swiss server, they will then enter a password given by you in order to read your message. You will also have the ability to set a time limit for the message to be read, allow or disallow the message to be copied and even restrict the receiver from forwarding the message. This gives you 100% guaranteed protection for your email content that is going to an unsecured email address.

Q: Is my Secure Email protected when receiving an Email message from an unsecured sender?
Yes, absolutely! The contents from an unsecured Email does not diminish in any way the ensured protection of your Secure Email.

Q: Does Americans Right to Privacy Secure Email delete my IP address from the header?
Yes! We do delete your IP address from the 'Received'-Header. While all unsecured Email providers show your IP address, we do not as it is our commitment to serve you with the utmost data protection.

Q: Is the NSA able to bypass basic Internet privacy safeguards?
While it is not proven that the NSA can bypass basic encryption, it is certain most if not all safeguards within the USA are at jeopardy due to legislation such as the Patriot Act and FISA where agencies can call upon US based companies to release customer information without warrant. But we must also remember that if they were able to bypass all internet safeguards themselves, they would not have the PRISM program. They would not need to depend on internet companies to collect emails, cell phone calls, search engine searches, etc. if they could do it themselves.

Meanwhile the mainstream media continues to report NSA abuses and thus creates fear and a sense of hopelessness leaving law abiding citizens at a crossroads believing their only answer is to give up and do nothing. Rest assured though that countries like Switzerland have strong data laws in place to protect their citizens and others around the world who desire to regain their online privacy. PrivacyAbroad and its partners are committed to protecting your online data and will continue to improve upon our innovative services to protect our law abiding customers from hackers and unwarranted searches alike.

Q: How many Email addresses will I receive?
One. However, if you order one Email from us you have the option of adding 5 additional alias Email names. These aliases will act as completely separate Emails but will all be delivered to the same mailbox.

Q: How many domain name choices can I select with Americans Right to Privacy secure Email?
You can select from our 3 domains or you can have us register or transfer your own domain name.

Q: Can I set up my new PrivacyAbroad Email on my iPad, iPhone or other tablet/smartphone?

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